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Goodman McGuffey LLP, founded in 1990, is a mid-sized civil and commercial litigation firm with offices in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Orlando and Sarasota, Florida; Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; and Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina. With substantial experience in a wide array of corporate and business litigation, our expertise includes commercial matters, products and tort liability, construction, insurance, class action, and employment disputes. We are currently active in several states throughout the Southeast. In addition to handling pending law suits, we also work with our clients through seminars, workshops, and on-site investigations to either troubleshoot potential problems before they happen or to prepare for the coming storm of litigation.Our firm recognizes that while litigation is our business, it is not the business of our clients. Therefore, we appreciate that expeditious and cost efficient action is as important as a favorable result in court. We have the experience and professional insight to know which cases need to be aggressively fought and which ones are better amicably resolved. In short, we like to tell our clients, ?we don?t start fights, we just finish them."

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