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ResMac is a privately held national mortgage lender. As a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac seller servicer and Ginnie Mae issuer, ResMac offers just about every residential mortgage product available in the market. ResMac is committed to delivering the highest level of quality mortgages to our investors. We are a mortgage technology company founded in 2008 during some of the most tumultuous times ever known to mortgage professionals, our mission statement is today as it was then: create a high quality, high performance mortgage platform that can better service the needs of originators and borrowers. ResMac, Inc. has evolved into one of the most dynamic business models in the industry, offering its originator base highly competitive products, pricing and service. As one of the industry's leading aggregators of mortgage assets, the ResMac platform is designed to attract the highest caliber professionals for the purpose of generating the highest quality production. Mission: Our mission is simply to be the best privately held mortgage company, through providing a positive customer experience by offering financing solutions that provide our clients with the best possible advice and solutions to their mortgage financing needs.

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