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LOLA is the first lifelong brand for a woman?s body. We?re dedicated to providing you with an ever-expanding portfolio of trusted products and candid information for you to make deliberate decisions about your reproductive health. From your first period to your last hot flash (and beyond!), we?ve got you covered. Founded and led by women, LOLA is on a mission to reshape the conversation around our reproductive health and set a higher standard for ingredient transparency in our personal care products. LOLA offers period and sexual wellness products made with premium ingredients like 100% organic cotton. Subscribe to get LOLA delivered on your schedule or choose products ? la carte. We even let you customize your assortment of tampons and pads. Because you know your body best. Mission: Our mission is to help women make informed, hassle-free decisions about how to care for their changing bodies. To that end, we are committed to being a reliable resource for women?s product and content needs in reproductive health and hygiene throughout their lives.

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