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At Mack Weldon, we?re rethinking the clothes that guys wear every day?and how they shop for them. We?re doing it by engineering innovative fabrics, taking every last detail into consideration, and building a simple and seamless customer experience. While our signature underwear, socks, and t-shirts have been recognized by the likes of the New York Times, GQ, WWD, and Men?s Health, we?ve got a lot more work to do?and we?re looking for bright people to help us get it done. Mission:?What makes us special? * We give a shit! - We care. We?re slightly obsessive. We sweat every detail. We fight for what we think is best for Mack Weldon and our customers. * We put our money where our mouth is - We own our words. We own our actions. We own our mistakes. * We solve problems - You won?t find us waiting around for someone else to fix a problem, if we can get our hands on it first. * We won?t sacrifice the future for a quick win - We wait for the second marshmallow. * It?s all about the people! - Relationships over transactions.

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