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Listingbook allows you to search just like an agent and provides you access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, public records, recent and past sales, community and school information, taxes, loan calculator, shopping and recreation, and much more. With the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information including MLS data and public records, searching is on your terms and made easy with custom mapping tools and property features. If you are selling your home, you'll see sales trends from your neighborhood, competitive listings sent daily to your inbox, performance statistics, and updates. Your listing will have its own web site and complete, accurate and updated data will help you avoid misleading estimates of your home's value. Mission: Provide the best online residential real estate resource in order to enable: Brokers and Agents - the optimize their productivity, earn more money, and increase client satisfaction and loyalty; Clients - to make informed buying and selling decisions, while making the process easier and more enjoyable; and Advertisers - to have the most effective advertising and marketing channel on the Internet, targeting the real estate audience, while being a great place to work and fairly rewarding stakeholders.

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