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For the first time, technology exists that enables brand marketers to deliver personalized advertising to individual consumers on whatever device they happen to be using ? a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop, or even a connected TV. Started in 2007, Jivox is a leading platform for personalized digital advertising and marketing. Recently, we introduced a powerful set of capabilities that will allow brand marketers to easily build and deliver highly targeted video ad campaigns ? customized to the individual ? through the ability to dynamically generate hundreds of thousands of potential creative variations. The company's flagship Jivox IQ? is the industry?s first platform designed to deliver dynamic ads at scale for programmatic media across all formats and screens. The Jivox IQ platform creates personalized digital ads in real time ? customized to the individual ? by dynamically generating thousands of creative and messaging variations at scale. Mission: At the crossroads of consumers demanding only relevant information and regulators imposing stringent privacy rules, we focus on helping global brands scale personalized messaging to individual consumers without compromising compliance. Our Vision: Enable the worlds largest brands to engage consumers in a personalized and relevant way using technology to do it at scale and cost effectively.

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