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Victor Surma is a Certified Personal Trainer assisting clients achieve healthier lifestyles in the Venice Beach area of Southern California.
Today, Victor Surma is a Certified Personal Trainer located in Venice, California who is concentrated on fighting current rising trends in obesity. As a personal trainer working against the national obesity crisis, Victor focuses on helping his clients not only lose weight, but also adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles. According to him it can prove rather difficult for a person to make the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle and move away from obesity, the hard work is incredibly rewarding in the end—it may even save an individual’s life.
In order to motivate individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles, Victor notes that education is key. He explains that the more people learn about their bodies—and how the fitness and diet they engaged in impacts health—the more likely they will take on new challenges for an improved wellbeing. For instance, he notes that one of his greatest challenges is convincing overweight clients to stay focused on their goals and to not give up their efforts. To keep his clients motivated, Victor reminds them that being obese is not just an aesthetic matter; it is a health problem that can lead to issues regarding the heart, muscles, bones, blood pressure and many other parts of the body.
While losing weight is a challenge for many individuals, Victor Surma explains that it is important for all people striving for better health to remain positive. As such, he explains that it is essential to make working out and eating healthy as fun as possible.
Many may wonder why Victor Surma is so passionate about helping other lose weight and attain their fitness goals. The answer is simple—he wants to help individuals experience the same health improvement that he did. He explains that throughout his youth he had faced adversity due to being overweight and had even found himself facing a wide array of health issues as a result. Specifically, Victor was noted to be on the cusp of becoming diabetic as a result of his obesity.
Fortunately, that diagnosis gave Victor Surma the motivation to move forward and take a new grip on his life. As such, he entered a rigorous fitness routine and altered his diet; he soon found himself with a 100 pound weight loss. Seeing the amazing results that he could achieve through his own hard work and determination, he knew that he wanted to gain the education and certification to become a professional personal trainer.
In 1999, Victor Surma completed a program to become a Certified Personal Trainer, providing him with the credibility to represent and improve the lives of many diverse clients. While becoming a fitness industry professional is not a common career decision for most Americans, Mr. Surma notes that this move offered him more potential to improve the world than any corporate job could provide. Today, he continues to share the values that inspired him to enter this unique professional field by helping his clients appreciate how fitness and improved diet can improve their lives.
A Focus on the Outdoors
As previously noted, Victor Surma is one Certified Personal Trainer who is adamant about teaching people how to have fun while exercising. He believes that if an individual is able to enjoy the actual act of working out then they will continue to follow through with intense fitness plans.
For Victor, this is an important aspect of fitness, as many people who engage in a regular fitness program—such as by attending the gym on a routine schedule—will eventually hit a “plateau.” A plateau is essentially a point when an individual continues to follow an intense fitness regimen, but fails to see any noticeable results. As an individual who has struggled with plateaus in the past, he notes that this occurrence can lead many to become uninspired, causing them to stop their fitness routine and possibly reenter unhealthy lifestyles.
So how can a person avoid hitting a plateau? For Surma, the solution is staying focused on a varied workout; not only following plans that train and strengthen different areas of the body, but also taking on activities that are interesting and exciting. Some may follow this approach by mixing their yoga practices with regular cardio; others look to the outdoors when it comes to finding a solution.
As a resident of Southern California, Surma not only has access to the many activities offered by the ocean, but also that of the city, desert and mountains. Throughout his years as an avid fitness buff, he has found that the natural environment is full of opportunities to get an exhilarating, high-impact, low-cost workout.
One of Surma’s most favorite outdoor sports is that of surfing, an activity that he explains is incomparable to any other experience out there. While he has not been able to incorporate surfing into his personal training regimens, Victor always encourages individuals to take up this incredibly exciting sport. He explains that with the right instruction and balanced level of patience, anyone can enjoy surfing.
The health benefits of surfing are diverse—not only does it combine the full-body workout required of swimming, but it also necessitates balance, agility and endurance for the surfer to stay on the board and tackle the waves. Additionally, Surma notes that many find surfing to be a great way to meditate and get in touch with nature. According to Victor Surma, this emotional and mental experience is what outdoor recreation is all about—allowing your mind and your body to unite with your surroundings.
On land, Surma is an avid rock climber—another high-intensity full-body workout. For him, rock climbing is incredibly satisfying as it is definitely a sport of strategy. Those who are familiar with the sport know that rock climbing requires intensive strategy while simultaneously paying respect to the demands of the physical body. By uniting these demands, climbers can rise higher and higher, illustrating their ability to take on new challenges with success. While rock climbing and surfing are entirely different activities, Victor notes that both have the same goal in mind—to use the body as a vessel to achieve of sense of tranquility, whether that means catching a wave or reaching the top of a mountain.
While these two activities are outdoor sports that require a great deal of practice, time and equipment, Surma notes that there are many other things that people can do to experience fitness in nature. For instance, he is a major proponent of hiking, as it is a nature-based activity that is appropriate for people of all levels. While hiking is a sport that required extensive endurance, the beauty of nature is often a great distraction that can help people attain their fitness goals.
In Venice Beach, Surma witnesses all kinds of outdoor activities that continuously inspire him to remain active as a fitness professional. For instance, his home is close to the famed Muscle Beach, where astounding weightlifters show off their abilities and strength to surrounding crowds. Beach volleyball also remains a favorite pastime for beach residents, as it is a great way to gain exercise and enjoy the natural ocean breeze.
Although Venice Beach has changed throughout the years, Surma explains that the history and the culture is still uniquely present today, especially in the sports atmosphere. For instance, Victor explains that the surf culture once propagated in the 1960s is still incredibly popular, although it has evolved a great deal since it became popular. As a Certified Personal Trainer in Venice, Victor Surma is proud to participate in a history of fitness that continues to grow and change each day.
Having inspired so many people to take on healthier lifestyles over the course of the past decade, Victor Surma is content in his place as a Certified Personal Trainer. However, he notes that while he will most likely always remain a personal trainer, the opportunities to take on new fitness challenges will always be present.
Throughout his work as a personal trainer who is focused on raising awareness about obesity, Victor hopes that more individuals throughout America will make the decision to adopt healthier diets and engage in regular fitness. He remains encouraged by all those organizations and individuals who continue to spread the message of health, raising awareness about ways to stay active and eat nutritionally.
Surma is most inspired by the current efforts designed to encourage children to eat healthy while at school and engage in more athletic activities. As an individual who suffered from childhood obesity, he explains that it is highly critical to reinforce messages of healthy among today’s youth. He states that the more we encourage young Americans to adopt healthy behaviors today, the more likely it will be that our nation will have a brighter future.
In terms of his personal goals, Victor remains passionate about taking on new challenges in outdoor recreation—specifically that of rock climbing. While Victor Surma has already achieved a great deal as a climber, he hopes to travel to new challenging inclines throughout the world as a way to not only prove his physical abilities but to experience unfamiliar places.

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