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Vanessa Kachadurian

United States
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Vanessa Kachadurian is a medical sales professional of Armenian decent who loves dance and fine art.

Vanessa Kachadurian is a medical professional who has excelled in sales. She uses her business acumen to sell medical supplies and services to doctors, physician’s clinics and hospitals. Currently, she works as an account executive for a laboratory company in California. Her current sales job requires her to perform two tasks: servicing existing accounts and expanding the company’s reach by attracting new clients. Her sales pitches focus on anatomical pathology, molecular laboratory studies and histology.

Her current company is one of California’s fastest-growing laboratory services companies. It has built a reputation on innovative techniques and a fast turnaround. It offers a range of biopsy and clinical laboratory services and is known for its accuracy in diagnoses and reporting. Because the company uses Web-based technology to share information, patient results are delivered efficiently to providers.

Outside of her work as a dedicated and talented sales professional, Vanessa Kachadurian is passionate about serving others and about the fine arts. She currently serves on the board of a large private school in Fresno and helped the institution develop its preschool program. Education is everything, and this belief was passed down through her family.

An Armenian-American, Kachadurian celebrates culture and enjoys exposing people to a variety of cultures – especially her own. One way she promotes culture is through dance and music traditions. To that end, she serves on the board of The Lively Arts Foundation in Fresno. The foundation actively brings world-class musicians, dancers and other dramatic arts groups to Central California. Additionally, Lively Arts Foundation puts on an annual performance of The Nutcracker in December and invites members of the community to audition and participate.

Vanessa Kachadurian is an Armenian-American who has spent her adult life living and working in California. The state is home to one of the largest Armenian-American communities in the country. For the majority of her career, Kachadurian has served on the sales teams of companies specializing in medical products and services.

A career in sales wasn’t part of her plan when she enrolled at National University in San Diego. Vanessa Kachadurian graduated cum laude and earned her degree in global international studies. Vanessa had hoped to use her heritage and passion for culture as a path into a career, but found herself in sales instead.

National University

National University is the second largest private non-profit university in California and the 12th largest nationwide. It was founded in 1971 and consists of five schools and one college. Diversity is important at National University and as a display of its commitment to maintaining and serving a diverse student body, the university regularly graduates more minority students with master’s degrees than any other college or university in California. The university also ranks in the top 10 universities in granting master’s degrees to women.

In 2001, National University became the flagship institution for the National University system. Today that system includes John F. Kennedy University, the City University of Seattle, National University International and several pre-college programs. Students can graduate with one of 100 undergraduate or graduate degrees, but the university also offers certificate and credential programs to meet students’ needs.

Employment History

Since 2000, Vanessa Kachadurian has worked for medical companies selling products and services to health care professionals and hospitals. Besides the company she is currently working for, she has served on the sales forces of five companies in the California market.

Cardinal Health offers pharmaceutical and medical solutions for hospitals, retail pharmacies, physical offices, surgery centers and other medical facilities. The company delivers products to these offices and has launched several of its own items. In its medical segment, Cardinal Health specializes in surgical and procedural kits that assemble single-use surgical products and apparel for specific procedures. Cardinal Health is a multinational company that provides the best resources, knowledge, products and services to allow providers to focus on their patients.

As a member of the sales team from 2000 until 2004, Vanessa Kachadurian sold diabetes devices and worked as a hospital representative. She worked primarily with group purchasing organizations and hospitals and became a handheld surgical unit specialist. Kachadurian also represented her region on the Representative Advisory Board Council and was an injectable specialist for the CDC and Valley Women’s Prison.

In 2004, Vanessa took a position as a regional trainer and urology sales specialist with a pharmaceutical company. The company specializes in the development, marketing and acquisition of branded pharmaceuticals serving niche purposes. Products offered treat a range of conditions including asthma, alcoholism, depression and organ transplantation. It developed products for diabetes treatment, Lou Gehrig’s disease, sleep disorders and headaches.

Vanessa Kachadurian sold products that treated a range of urology needs, including overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, urinary frequency and vaginal infections. She helped introduce new products to the market and sold them to urologists throughout her region. She also worked to develop key opinion leaders as speakers for dinner programs with local medical associations. She built relationships with UCSF’s teaching hospital and Kaiser.

In 2006, Kachadurian switched companies and specialties and began selling dermatology products for a therapeutics firm. She found success there quickly and was inducted in to the President’s Club in 2007. During her two years as a sales associate with the firm, Vanessa Kachadurian launched four products, reintroduced a product and grew the market and sales volume for four existing products. She also reached out to new physicians and conventions to expand the company's territorial market.

Kachadurian also served as a regional managed care point person for the company and sold dispensing programs to dermatologists, pediatrics practitioners, clinics, UCSF and Kaiser.

The therapeutics company is headquartered in New Jersey, but has offices across the nation, and develops and commercializes pharmaceutical products for the field of dermatology. Notable products include an ointment for infants and children with diaper dermatitis. It was acquired by a larger laboratory company in 2008.

In 2008, Kachadurian moved on to another company as a technical sales specialist. She promoted diagnostic tests to physician-based offices, hospitals and independent laboratories. In her two-year stint with the company, she achieved the highest number of new account sales and laboratory contracts. She also worked with medical affairs, training and marketing departments within the bioscience firm to ensure top-notch customer service.

This company develops innovative drugs including a fibromyalgia drug. The drug received approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 2009, and the company receives a royalty of all sales. In 2011, a large pharmaceutical company acquired the bioscience firm as a part of its strategic growth plan. It acquires late-stage pharmaceutical companies with royalties on products ant other valuable intellectual property and makes them liquid.

Vanessa Kachadurian returned to selling diabetic products in 2010 when she took a position as a diabetes sales representative to hospitals. Her sales calls focused on endocrinologists, primary care physicians and allergists. Kachadurian worked with the company for slightly more than two years to develop promotions of existing g products and helped launch a DPP-4 inhibitor drug for the treatment of type two diabetes.

This most recent large firm is an international company headquartered in Germany. The organization is one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide and focuses on human prescriptions and consumer health care, biopharmaceuticals and animal health products. Innovation is an essential driving force behind the company and all sales representatives are also required to get creative in their pitches to other companies.

Personal History

Kachadurian took dance lessons as a child and the experience greatly shaped her life. She developed an appreciation for fine arts and the cultural expressions provided through dance. Her early experiences as a dancer propelled her to support fine arts organizations later in life.

As a member of the Armenian-American community, culture is incredibly important to Vanessa. To learn more about her own cultural heritage, she traveled to Armenia and Russia and thoroughly enjoyed the trips. She also has traveled to Spain and enjoys exploring other countries when she has the opportunity. While in Spain, Vanessa Kachadurian visited the Picasso museum and found an appreciation for his work.

Vanessa Kachadurian knows that in the world of medical technology things change quickly. She hopes to continue to serve both the companies she works for and their clients by maintaining a thorough understanding of the latest technologies and services available. As the laboratory company she works for continues to grow, she plans to grow her role there as well. By helping the company establish new relationships with clinics, doctors and hospitals in California and other Western states, she hopes to solidify her status as a qualified and exceptional sales woman.

Vanessa plans to continue her volunteer work with the Lively Arts Foundation and is producing the show “Mystic India” for the organization. The show is a world-traveling performance of Indian dance, song and culture. Kachadurian is helping the troupe put on their show in Fresno. In addition to her volunteer work in the dramatic arts, Vanessa Kachadurian is continuing her work with Bridge of Health, a non-profit seeking to help children in Armenia battle cancer diagnoses.

To help children, she is serving on the board of a private school in Fresno and plans to continue developing programs that better the students and their families. She believes that education is the most important gift a community can give its children and she is committed to helping the children living near her succeed.

Traveling is another aspect of the future that Vanessa looks forward to. She hopes to continue exploring in Europe and learning about other cultures. A trip to Spain sparked an interest in Pablo Picasso and now she hopes to visit the other Picasso museums in Spain, France and Germany.

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