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Alex Salahshour is a well-regarded culinary professional who created Catering By Alex.
Alex Salahshour is a well-known culinary professional who founded Catering By Alex. His goal is to create the perfect culinary experience for each of the clients he serves. He treats elegant evening weddings and casual family get-togethers with equal respect, and is dedicated to serving crowd-pleasing meals that leave guests raving for weeks to come. His food complements each event perfectly, and leaves every guest feeling satisfied. Salahshour’s ability to tailor a menu according to the event that is taking place has propelled him to the top of his field, and has earned him many word of mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. Alex's dedication to his field has turned many first-time customers into regular patrons. It is not uncommon for him to cater several events for one family over the course of a few months.

Alex Salahshour is highly passionate about food, and uses only fresh ingredients when he prepares his cuisine. Though it might be easier for his team to rely on cheap store-bought items, he refuses to take any shortcuts as he prepares his meals. Alex never opts for ease over quality, instead going above and beyond in order to make sure his creations are up to par each time. He is dedicated to making each dish rich with flavor, and knows that using fresh ingredients is the best way to make sure that this is always the case. Unlike other catering companies, he prepares all of the food items for an event on the actual day of that gathering. This gives each meal an unbeatable fresh taste.
Alex Salahshour is a highly respected culinary professional and caterer who founded Catering by Alex. He truly grew up in the food business, as his father owned his own restaurant for many years. Salahshour fondly remembers how he would spend his weekends and summers at his father’s restaurant. He recalls being transfixed by the chef’s ability to take basic ingredients and transform them into a hearty meal. Because of his fascination with all things food, he would frequently follow the kitchen staff members around, constantly peppering them with questions about how they did their jobs successfully.

Due to his genuine passion for cooking, it was no surprise that Alex opted to attend the Culinary Institute of America. Upon receiving a thorough education, he went on to serve as a sous chef at a local restaurant. He absorbed all that he could in this role, and eventually earned himself a spot as an executive chef at a prestigious local eatery. In this position, he became well aware of how to prepare delicious food on a tight time deadline. He always kept safety procedures in mind, and eventually developed a diverse repertoire of cuisine that allowed him to prepare dishes that pleased a variety of diners.

Over time though, Salahshour realized just how tough the lifestyle of a chef can be. He found that he was missing his children’s bedtime and had to opt out of family functions in order to take his place in the kitchen at his restaurant. Though he still had a strong passion for preparing food, Alex found that he was craving a lifestyle change that allowed him to bond with his family. To make this happen without abandoning his passion for cooking, Salahshour decided to leave his position at the restaurant to become a personal chef.

While many personal chefs opt to work for celebrities or other powerful people, Alex Salahshour actually preferred to cook for fellow community members who were just like him. He loved being able to prepare a meal that wowed his clients, while still getting home to his family at a reasonable hour. Eventually, it became apparent that the demand from the community was there, and that an expansion of the business was necessary. Alex went from just serving as a personal chef to catering a range of events for his clients.

In order to separate his business from other catering companies in the area, Alex Salahshour recruited only the most talented and passionate culinary professionals. He wanted his team members to be 100 percent devoted to each job they took on in order to ensure total customer satisfaction. The people he hired came from the hotel and the restaurant where Salahshour used to work. He knew about their passion for the field, and believed whole-heartedly in their abilities to work as part of a catering team. Together, these individuals make sure that local events feature the freshest and most delicious food.

Unlike other catering companies, Alex Salahshour and his team of professionals only prepare their food on the actual day of the event. While it may be easier to prepare the food in advance and refrigerate it, he finds that this diminishes the quality of the meals significantly. Instead, he chooses to prepare each meal that day, leaving it tasting fresh and delectable for the clients he serves. He thinks nothing of sacrificing ease for quality.

Alex and his team have discovered that their services appeal to a wide range of clients. Whether it’s an informal graduation party or an elegant wedding, they are always able to prepare food that complements the occasion. Guests rave about the meals they enjoy at these events, and often ask the party’s host or hostess for information about the remarkable catering company they used for the day. He takes great pride in his company’s reputation, and values keeping it consistently strong as the years go on. To ensure that this is always the case, Alex Salahshour is careful in his hiring and also goes through a painstaking food preparation process to ensure that each item tastes exactly as it should.
In the future, Alex Salahshour looks forward to continuing to expand his business, bringing homemade, delicious food to new clients. He finds that his business continues to grow and develop with each event he takes on, and hopes to expand his repertoire to include new and unusual types of events, such as gender reveal parties for parents-to-be. He gets a thrill out of taking on new projects, and never wants to get too comfortable or settled in one niche. New events present a challenge that he finds most thrilling, and he wants to keep this experience going even as the business grows.

Alex Salahshour seeks to maintain the strong reputation that his company has worked tirelessly to earn over the years. He plans to do this by continuing to keep a strict hiring process in place. Instead of tasking just anyone with important jobs, Alex is focused on bringing only the best and most talented professionals on board. He knows that when his staff members are fully committed to and passionate about their jobs, the results are always positive.

In the future, Salahshour hopes to remain a fixture in the community, as he loves having the chance to serve his food at special events for his clients. Because of his commitment to excellence, he expects to continue to receive word of mouth recommendations from satisfied clients who want to share their positive experience with friends, family members, and co-workers. Alex Salahshour hopes these new customers will eventually turn into repeat business for his team, allowing the company to continue to expand, while serving more people.

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