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Olga E. Colquhoun is a professional pet sitter who brings safety and comfort to animals and convenience to pet parents.
Working to create a healthy environment for animals, Olga E. Colquhoun provides clients with the professional pet sitting services they deserve. Making it possible for pet parents to leave their beloved animals back home, Colquhoun ensures that each pet she sits for has the best in comfort, exercise and play. With daily visits to the home, Colquhoun cleans litter boxes and cages and changes food and water bowls per the directions of the owners. Additionally, she will also water plants, bring in the mail and clean up any small messes pets have made.
The advantages of having Colquhoun as a professional pet sitter in the home benefit animals in the best of ways. Having Colquhoun in the home offers the following rewards:
• Reduced Stress in Pets: Surrounded by familiar sights and sounds, pets do not have to worry about strange animals or humans in a kennel situation.
• Exercise and Diet: Olga E. Colquhoun follows strict diet and exercise instructions from the pet parents and logs all activities in a journal for owners to review upon their return.
• No Car Sickness: At times, animals can experience trauma or sickness from long travel that can increase stress and loss of fur and appetite.
• Continued Health: Animals in a kennel can give each other illnesses and parasites. Having pets stay at home decreases this likelihood.
• Attention: Pet sitters have the time to give each pet personal attention and extended playtime to ensure the happiness of each pet.
Olga E. Colquhoun received her pet sitter’s certification through Pet Sitters International (PSI). The goal at PSI is to offer individuals who have passion for animals the opportunity to become their own boss in a field they greatly enjoy. With almost 20 years offering its services to pet parents and potential pet sitters, PSI wants only to educate people and provide assistance that creates healthy, happy pets and owners alike.
While studying with PSI, Colquhoun learned the basics in pet care from the amazing experts. Not only did she learn how to properly manage dogs and cats, she also learned how to tend birds, ferrets, horses, livestock, snakes and rabbits. This education has allowed Olga E. Colquhoun to engage with animals all across the state of Minnesota.
When it comes to health and nutrition, PSI gave Colquhoun the knowledge she would need to recognize changes in pet behavior and treat various pet diseases and conditions. Knowing the best in sanitation services and senior pet care, Colquhoun understands how to control parasites and provide first aid to animals that need it.
The additional training she received from PSI means that Colquhoun has experience in overnight sits if her clients request them, as well as daily grooming techniques that cause less stress on the animals. If clients have the unfortunate experience of losing a pet, Colquhoun also encourages clients to receive grief counseling in order to cope with the sorrow they have in their hearts.
Building strong relationships with customers is one of the most important elements to establishing a clientele. Olga E. Colquhoun gives her clients whatever they need to feel comfortable leaving her alone with their animals. She pays for her own background checks and has a detailed list of references and letters of recommendation from past clients.
Volunteer Work
Volunteering her services to shelters in her area allows Colquhoun the opportunity to save the lives of the animals around her. She has encouraged friends and family to adopt and foster animals from those shelters and has adopted two dogs herself. Her main goal is to offer pets a second chance to live a happier, healthier life without fear of pain or abandonment. Donating every free minute she has to a shelter makes the difference between an animal receiving euthanasia and walking out the door to a new home.
Between the three shelters at which Colquhoun spends her time, she finds value in being the first person the domestic animals interact with. She trusts that providing the animals with a gentle touch and a soft voice is the beginning of offering them a new life.
Though Olga E. Colquhoun is committed to pet sitting and volunteering at shelters, she is also experienced in handling nondomestic animals. Her work with farm animals did not start with the training at PSI, but with the work she did with her grandfather on a small Iowa farm. When farm animals come into the shelter, Colquhoun uses every opportunity to leverage the skills she learned at PSI in order to serve farmers in the area who might need her later.
Pigs, goats, cows and sheep all need various levels of care and Olga E. Colquhoun knows how to manage them all. Colquhoun usually spends the whole stay at the family home if she is responsible for tending the entire farm. Of course she cannot tend an entire farm alone, so if the clients require additional assistance Colquhoun can provide them with a list of names of other experienced individuals who can assist her.
Colquhoun acts as the lead while clients are gone and everything will run smoothly according to her strict schedule of events. In past situations, clients have given Colquhoun a trial run to see if her style of managing a farm meets their expectations.
When it comes to caring for horses, different breeds require varying levels of care. As a responsible care taker of animals, Olga E. Colquhoun goes out of her way to ensure that she stays current on basic horse maintenance for the breeds she tends to on a regular basis. Experience she has had from both the farms she works on and the animal shelters she volunteers at allows Colquhoun to put her knowledge into practice.
While clients are away, Colquhoun checks the pasture for poisonous plants and materials and also looks for any foreign objects that can cause injury to animals. Olga E. Colquhoun will also walk the perimeter of the fence to ensure proper safety for the horses as they graze. If anything seems out of place, Colquhoun has the experience to know how to make a quick fix to wire fencing and makes it a point to note where the issue occurred for when the clients return.
Grooming is also another area where Colquhoun has experience and offers this to clients as part of her service while they are away. Having helped tend horses since childhood has allowed Colquhoun to develop the best strategy for getting work done in a timely manner while on a farm and she knows that cleaning out stalls and laying proper bedding is vital to horse care.
Older horses do not eat as quickly as some of the younger ones. Colquhoun knows that sometimes older horses have issues with their teeth and digestive systems. She has the patience to cope with the extra care an elderly horse needs. If the older horse also has health concerns, Colquhoun has a bevy of experts available to her if she needs additional help while the owners are away. The veterinarian she works with at the volunteer shelter is experienced with horse health and has allowed Colquhoun to use him on an emergency call basis.
The work that Colquhoun has done with both farm animals and domestic animals is more than most people have experienced in a lifetime. This education allows her clients the ability to call Olga E. Colquhoun day or night for her support and she is always more than happy to comply.
Olga E. Colquhoun is ready to take on the task of either pet sitting or watching over a farm for an extended time period. While continuing to work and volunteer at the shelters fills most if not all of her day, Colquhoun looks forward to the days when people recognize the wonderful benefit that adopting and fostering an animal can offer. Not only will Colquhoun continue to pet sit and volunteer, she is moving forward with her desire to become a veterinarian.
The medical staff at the shelters Colquhoun volunteers with needs more help. Because of this, she has decided to take classes in becoming a veterinarian so animals can have the additional support they need on a medical basis. While wanting to have a strong foundation in the physical sciences will ensure her success later on, Colquhoun expects to stay in her area to continue providing support to the people with whom she has spent her life working. Her dedication to the animals of the community is the most important element in why she is choosing this path.
Already possessing the volunteer and clinical experience to make it in the field, Colquhoun believes the steps she has taken in her personal life have prepared her for the responsibilities she will hold in her professional career. Already holding true to the oath of veterinary medicine, Olga E. Colquhoun pushes forward with her heart wide open and the determination to make a difference.

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