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Vahe Hayrapetian is a sales professional in the mortgage home loan industry.
Vahe Hayrapetian is a top sales manager in the home loan and mortgage field. He is a very experienced, honest individual who is able to provide expert advice to those considering taking out a loan. His dedication to customer service is evident throughout the entire process. He does all that he can to make applying for a home loan a simple and easy experience, as purchasing a home can be stressful enough. His company uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest software to stay on top of changes in the real estate market. They strive to give clients great service. Customers can trust that they are being given the best advice possible from Hayrapetian and his sales team.
Vahe Hayrapetian also dedicates much of his life to servicing the community. When not working diligently, he is volunteering at a nonprofit organization that is very dear to his heart. This charity, called Focus on Children Now, seeks to provide impoverished children with items necessary for survival like food, clothing, education and toys. These items also help children feel less self conscious about their families’ economic statuses.
Additionally, Focus on Children Now works with the Humanitarian Aid Program to provide meals for children while they are at school. Hayrapetian understands that supplying just one meal throughout the day could change these children’s lives. This charity supplies a better relationship between children and school. This not only motivates kids to come back and learn each day, it also improves their mood while in the classroom.
Almost fifteen years ago, Vahe Hayrapetian began his career in the mortgage home loan industry. He started at GMAC Mortgage, working tirelessly for ten years to make a name for himself in the industry. Throughout his time with GMAC, Hayrapetian was awarded entry into both the Top Producer and Chairman’s Clubs. After gaining much beneficial knowledge and experience, Hayrapetian continued his career at Country Wide Home loans, now known as Bank of America Home loans. With his new position, Hayrapetian was given the opportunity to work closely with customers. There, he developed his wonderful customer service skills. He also began to take note of specific concerns that clients had during the loan process, allowing him to find ways to alleviate those concerns for others in the future.
His hard work and dedication helped Hayrapetian to learn the essentials of the business and grow as an experienced sales individual. For the past two years, he has been employed as a sales manager. His experiences at various mortgage companies have developed him into a more than capable sales manager. As a professional, his work history has been devoted to easing the loan process on both sides of the counter. Aware of the usual questions and troubles, Vahe Hayrapetian has been able to avoid issues and easily give customers the quality service that they deserve. His goal has always been to get customers into their dream homes quickly.
Hayrapetian has always had a compassion for helping others outside of his work life as well. His philanthropic side has been a major part of his life for years. To him, a want to help others has come naturally, which is clearly seen through both his job performance and charity work. Consequently, donating both his time and money has become a favorite pastime for Hayrapetian. Focus on Children Now has become a major focal point for Hayrapetian. He has donated frequently throughout his life.
Focus on Children Now has built a reputable name for itself by assisting needy children in a variety of ways. By fighting the affects of poverty, this charity has made substantial changes in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. Not only have they helped kids by supplying them with necessary items, they have also helped them fit in with friends at school. Not many other groups have considered the psychological effect that poverty has on children in social settings. However Focus on Children Now, with the help of contributors such as Vahe Hayrapetian, has sought to give unfortunate children a life free of all negative stigmas. They have accomplished this in a number of ways. First, the group has collected materials from generous individuals to appreciative kids. These materials have made a huge impact on a great number of people. For example, some of Focus on Children Now’s monthly collection items have included clothes, shoes, school supplies, children’s furniture and toys. Focus on Children Now also has worked with other charity groups to make a bigger difference. Occasionally, they’ve given their collections directly to organizations that help the needy. Some of these organizations have included soup kitchens and orphanages.
Additionally, Focus on Children Now implemented a few specific programs to aid children in becoming successful adults. These programs were known as the nutrition program and the education program. The nutrition program, described earlier, supplied children with food in school. It was implemented as a joint program from Focus on Children Now and the Humanitarian Aid program. For many of the children involved with the program, that meal was the first or only time they had eaten all day. The children who received meals were in grades K-12. They would be given the meal during lunch or at an after school care program, depending on their personal situation. Officials at the schools stated that students’ grades and attendance rates improved after the nutrition program began. Vahe Hayrapetian has always enjoyed making that big of a difference in people’s lives.
Similarly, the education program made quite a difference for many. Focus on Children Now teamed up with American University of Armenia to form Cisco Academy, a way to bring technology to underprivileged children. Students were able to use the Cisco Academy to obtain certified associate certifications in the information technology field. Without access to IT programs or the technology needed to take part in programs, some children would not have the opportunity to become successful. As we all know, technology has become a vital tool in all industries.
Focus on Children Now has also used this education program to help kids in other ways. They have created after school programs where children were able to gain an education in arts and foreign languages. This has been an exceptional service, as many schools in poverty stricken areas do not have the funds to aid children in this type of education. Typically when budgets have been cut, the arts programs are one of the firsts to be eliminated. Additionally, they’ve collected some gently used books and school supplies to be used in those programs.
Focus on Children Now has also been able to sponsor children in college tuition. In an interesting agreement, children that received sponsorship from Focus on Children Now were required to pay back that favor in community service and volunteerism. This paying back to the community happened both while the students were in college and after they graduated. Not only has this program brought education to underprivileged children, it also benefitted the surrounding community with various services. Vahe Hayrapetian has always been proud of the goals accomplished by Focus on Children Now.
Vahe Hayrapetian has always felt compelled to serve others, whether it is through charity or his real estate work. Throughout his life, he has been motivated by a drive to supply the best experience possible both in professional settings and at home. His philanthropic past speaks to Hayrapetian’s compassion. Additionally, his longtime partnership with Focus on Children Now could be seen as a testament to Vahe Hayrapetian’s loyalty.
Vahe Hayrapetian has bright plans for his future. Happy with his accomplishments thus far, he plans to continue pursuing current endeavors. His compassion for the less fortunate will continue to motivate him in his life’s work. After spending his work day providing assistance for potential homebuyers, he enjoys spending his free time in ways that will improve the world.
Hayrapetian plans to strive in the home loan and mortgage field. Each day he gains new knowledge and experience that will only help him in his future. By communicating his experiences with others, he will keep the loan application process as painless as possible. As well, the actions necessary for the sales department will become easier. As a sales manager, he aims to improve interaction and communication between client and sales team. He hopes to make home loan application a task that people do not need to stress over. Excellence in customer service will allow him to pursue his real estate goals at every level.
Vahe Hayrapetian will also continue in his charitable deeds. He is eager to share his success with the less fortunate. Charity work is never done as long as people remain in need, so Hayrapetian will not be ending his work with organizations like Focus on Children Now any time soon. He hopes to donate more time and money with each new year. He also hopes to continue targeting his donations towards impoverished children. He feels compelled to assist younger generations in obtaining a brighter future.

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