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Dean Cutler, New York resident, is a man of many different business ventures who funds a variety of hobbies with a variety of investment assets.
Dean Cutler, business professional, is currently the owner and president of four different businesses, all of which he started himself, and all of which provide him with a steady investment income.

The first of these businesses is what Dean himself describes as “a mega recycling center that purchases bottles and sells them back to the manufacturer.” Dean started this business with his son in 2013, the two of them developing the business together.

Dean also serves as president to two separate real estate holding firms. The first is named Cutler LLC Real Estate Holdings. The second is Globe 3rd Street Realty. Both provide Dean with an avenue to invest in real estate assets for his portfolio.

Lastly, Dean is also the president of what he refers to as a “state of the art” Laundromat. This particular Laundromat’s business is mainly commercial in nature, incorporating cleaning and returns services for large organizations, including hospitals, camps, and colleges.

Outside of his many businesses, Dean Cutler, also has a variety of hobbies. He is a major fan of the arts, particularly modern art. He belongs to both the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, as well as the organization Art for Learning. In addition, he collects many art pieces himself.

Dean also collects classic cars, with the high points of his collection being his 1957 Chevy Corvette, his 1959 Morris Miner Traveler, and his 1979 Volkswagen Bug convertible. In addition to the full car, Dean is also a license plate collector with a collection that includes plates from former United States presidents during their inauguration time.
Dean Cutler was born in New York in the year 1960, and has lived in the area ever since. He gained the level of wealth that he enjoys today through a history of many different business investments, including a long career in the family business that honed his skills as both a businessman and a business investor.

Dean Cutler’s Education History

After his high school graduation Dean moved to Amherst, MA. Here he went to college at a local university, where his studies focused on business.

After graduation, Dean moved back to New York. He got a job in the family business in Mt. Vernon in Westchester County, where he tempered his formal business education with many years of real world, hands on experience with the family company.

Dean Cutler’s Work History

Dean began his career history in earnest when he joined Global Auto Parts in 1982. Global was the Cutler family business that was at the time owned by Dean’s grandfather. The company, which operated out of Mt. Vernon in Westchester County, New York, was in charge of the wholesale distribution of auto parts to many different providers worldwide.

After some time, however, Dean’s grandfather passed away. Ownership of the business was then transferred over to Dean’s father. Once in charge of the family business, Dean’s father made Dean the new president of Global Auto Parts. Dean served proudly and competently in this capacity until 2007. In that year, Dean’s family owned company merged with Warren Distribution, another auto parts dealing company based out of Omaha, New England.

After the merger of Global Auto Parts, Dean Cutler turned his sights to other business endeavors. With the help of his own son, Dean opened his recycling center in 2013. This center was grand in scope and specialized in purchasing used glass and plastic bottles en masse in order to sell them back to their original manufacturers. In this way, Dean and his son helped to reduce the amount of waste being produced in their area in one of the most efficient ways possible while still pulling a profit from their successful joint business venture. Dean still operates his mega recycling center with his son to this day.

Shortly after the opening of this recycling center, Dean also began his Laundromat business. Dean’s Laundromat in particular, however, was set apart from the surrounding competition by a few different factors. First, Dean’s Laundromat boasted 24/7 service, meaning that it was open for business all day long for every day of the week. Dean Cutler decided that his Laundromat could also call itself state of the art, utilizing only the newest machines and management techniques for optimal commercial efficiency. Lastly, Dean’s Laundromat catered mainly to the commercial laundry needs of large organizations. This gave local colleges, camping grounds, and hospitals a much needed place to clean the massive amounts of laundry that they collected on a daily basis. Dean’s Laundromat also returned these loads to the organizations once they were clean, further enhancing the convenience factor. Today, Dean still owns and operates this Laundromat as the acting president.

Around this time, Dean also became the president of both of his real estate holding firm companies, Global 3rd Street Realty and Cutler LLC Real Estate Holdings. These final two businesses cemented Dean’s status as an investor in a variety of business avenues and company models, rounding out his varied investment portfolio to the point where Dean began to earn a passive income just from owning so many different successful companies and pieces of real estate.

Dean Cutler’s Philanthropy History

Dean Cutler amassed wealth and a passive investment portfolio that allow him plenty of time to pursue his hobbies and interests through a variety of organizations. While many of these organizations revolve around Dean’s pastimes as a collector of art, automobiles, and rare license plates, some of them are also primarily service organizations dedicated to philanthropic pursuits. Two of Dean’s organizational memberships in particular stand out – Art for Learning and the Humane Society.

Art for Learning LLC is an organization dedicated to bringing art appreciation to everyone regardless of age or location. They believe that art can enhance the joy that people feel in every aspect of their lives, and that an understanding of art enhances one’s understanding of their world overall. To this end, Art for Learning offers a variety of summer programs, art tours, and a series of lectures in order to spread art appreciation and an understanding of art history to children, teens, adults, and seniors across their area. Their programs include classes for children in such artistic endeavors as the use of watercolors to the importance of understanding the significance of contemporary artwork in society.

The Humane Society of the United States, meanwhile, is the single largest and most effective organization for the protection of animals and animal rights in the entire nation. Founded in 1954, the HSUS advances the causes of animal rights and protection in a variety of ways.

• They investigate cases of alleged animal cruelty such as animal hoarding and illegal fighting rings.
• Their animal rescue teams provide emergency responses to animal safety disasters.
• Their many animal health clinics, emergency shelters, animal sanctuaries, and wildlife rehabilitation centers help care for animals across a wide range of needs and situations.
• Their legal campaigns fight to reform industries such as food production and animal breeding facilities in order to be more conducive to better animal safety and wellbeing.
• And their advocacy departments push for better legislation to protect animals across many areas, including their rights, their safety, their health, and their natural environments.

All of this makes the Humane Society of the United States America’s biggest force for the healthy animal-human bond by fighting neglect, cruelty, and exploitation across all fronts.

Through organizations such as these, Dean Cutler is proud to give back some of the great success that he himself has experienced to better his community in general for all involved.
For Dean Cutler, establishing his wide variety of business and real estate assets, including his portfolio of high yield investments that contribute greatly to his wealth, is just the beginning. Now that Dean has amassed success and wealth on several fronts, he plans to enjoy it thoroughly.

One of Dean’s favorite and ongoing plans for the future involves the Hamptons. Dean currently owns and lives in a home in Manhattan in New York City, New York. However, he also owns another personal property in Quogue, New York, an area that is situated in the West Hamptons. Dean plans to spend his summers in his Hampton property, and has joined the West Hampton Bath and Tennis Club in order to further his enjoyment of his summer home.

Dean also plans to continue to amass his collection of modern art. His personal favorite artists are Calder, Larry Rivers, and Red Grooms, and he would love to add more of their work to his own personal collection. He also plans to make good use of his art museum memberships by checking out the newest museum collections and talent.

In addition to artwork, Dean Cutler is also still building on his collection of classic automobiles. His experience working with auto parts in the family business has given him a lasting appreciation for fine vehicles that he will continue to indulge. His memberships with the Antique Car Club of America, the Classic Car Club of America, and the Corvette Club of America should all prove useful on this front.

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