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Alexander Salahshour is a passionate chef and the owner of Catering By Alexander.
Alexander Salahshour is a professional chef who owns his own catering service, Catering By Alexander. Salahshour brings his experience and professionalism from years of experience in the food service industry to a more private platform. Alexander doesn’t just think that food should be nourishment, but a source of comfort and pleasure. The company handles a range of size and service including intimate dinner parties and full scale weddings. Most of Salahshour’s events are held in the most elegant hotels and his catering service tailors to every detail of their food and drinks to the occasion’s theme and overall feel of the event. The meals prepared by the service are made fresh on site for every occasion and focuses highly on detail, presentation and quality ingredients.

Before the day of the events, Alexander Salahshour and the staff of Catering By Alexander meet with their client to get a thorough picture of the vision they have for their party or get-together. Together, the client and staff create and plan an elaborate menu that is bound to get both parties excited to prepare for the event. This personal touch is what sets Catering By Alexander apart from most of the other catering companies in the area. Salahshour’s catering company has performed countless successful weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, retirement parties and other events.
Culinary professional and personal chef, Alexander Salahshour has performed numerous roles over the course of his lengthy career. Before his time as a successful culinary entrepreneur, Alexander worked as a five star restaurant chef, a hotel chef and a personal chef. Following his abundance of experience as a chef, Salahshour finally began his prestigious catering business in Houston, Texas
Alexander Salahshour’s first food preparation endeavor started in his home. Both of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Salashour were talented professional chefs. The family owned their own restaurant, so Alexander spent a large amount of his time during the summer and weekends helping the family business. A younger Salahshour performed every duty from dishwashing to finely slicing vegetables for the entrées.

Alexander claims that his favorite memory of working in the restaurant was watching his parents and other chefs creatively combine unrelated ingredients to prepare some of the eatery’s best dishes. Alexander was notorious for spending all of his free time as a child following the chefs around, soaking in every detail of every item of the eatery’s menu.

It was plain to see that Alexander Salahshour’s future interest was in the restaurant business, so after he graduated high school, he further his education in the culinary arts by graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. It was here that Alexander really began to bloom as a chef, he created incredible entrees, luscious desserts and every appetizer you could imagine. He also studied kitchen safety and food preparation to ensure that each meal was both decadent and carefully crafted. During his culinary education, Salahshour wasn’t just cooking at the Culinary Institute of America, he was also spending a lot of his time taking internships at local eateries in the area. Even though, he had practically been raised in a restaurant’s kitchen, this additional experience proved beneficial.

After Alexander Salahshour had graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, Alexander almost immediately found work as a chef in a well-respected Houston, Texas restaurant. Salahshour spend several years as the chef here until he was offered position of the executive chef at Houston’s own Marriot. Here, Alexander oversaw all food preparation for room service orders and meals for all banquets, weddings, conferences and another events. He strictly enforce that all food and safety protocols were obeyed and the kitchen was always fully stocked. Salashour admits that the job was an incredible amount of responsibility, but Alexander claims that he felt incredibly accomplished after every event.

Although Alexander Salahshour was overwhelmingly committed to his new fast-paced career of being the executive chef at the Houston Marriot, after a while Alexander thought it might be time for a change of pace. Alexander was a family man and began to crave a more normal schedule to better support his loving wife and kids. Salahshour had guilt about his shift ending at early hours in the morning and never being able to tuck his children into bed. It was through this desperation and a bit of discussion and analysis that Alexander Salahshour noticed a niche missing in his area. This is when Alexander decided to leave his position as the executive chef at the Houston and Marriot and start a business of his own. Alexander’s idea was to offer food preparation and chef services on a more private basis. So through his broad network of connections from his numerous years in the industry, he began to create a new career for himself.

Typically, personal chefs will actively cook for either celebrities or CEOs, but Alexander’s personal chef business model was different. He created the first, approachable and affordable catering business for those in the Houston area. This way, Alexander wouldn’t have to spend any of his time away from his family. Plus, he wanted to give back to the community, he wanted to shop, cook and clean for those who didn’t have to the time or energy. His customers included: New mothers, the elderly, the handicapped and the ill. It wasn’t long before Salahshour was overwhelmed with praise from customers and fans alike for his efforts of cooking luxurious and nutritious meals for those in need.

From this business model, Alexander Salahshour began to receive serious success. He was booked all over the city to prepare food for a spectrum of clients. Alexander began to come known as the private chef who was both convenient and versatile. He could comfort foods such as chicken Parmesan or pasta, and Alexander also promoted a healthy lifestyle that included several lean dishes. Acquiring his services were as simple as Salahshour showing up at your door with groceries and leaving your kitchen cleaner than before he showed up.

Once Alexander’s clients began to get a taste of how truly rich and decadent his food was, they began to ask for not-so-private services. Salahshour began cooking for larger parties and bigger occasions such as get-togethers and dinner parties. Once his larger opportunities began to evolve into a general demand, Alexander began to realize he was going to need help. It was then that he created his very own catering company entitled, “Catering By Alexander”. Once Alexander expanded into a full-pledged company, his popularity exploded and was overwhelmed with catering requests.

Catering By Alexander’s staff consists a team of hand-picked individuals that Alexander Salahshour met through his experience at the restaurant and Houston Marriot. Together, Alexander and his team prepare luxurious meals, bartend and help create a memorable experience for all of their clients. Salashour’s business caters every event from business dinners to graduation parties that come with a free cake lavishly decorated in the graduate’s school colors.
Alexander Salahshour’s unrelenting devotion to his craft and his company, Catering By Alexander, naturally continues to expand his business. The more people who have the opportunity to taste the food and experience the atmosphere of Catering By Alexander, the more people that request their services. The catering service continues to handle events of all sizes, from casual graduation parties to formal nighttime weddings. They also continue to tailor the food and presentation to complement the feel of the overall event. Even though, Catering By Alexander continues to expand, Alexander has claimed the future of his business will always be dictated by detail, presentation and quality ingredients. Alexander also mentions that his staff is continuing to grow, so Catering By Alexander can soon be in multiple places at one time.

Alexander Salahshour also continues to be a family man and plans to tuck his kids in for as long as they’ll let him. As Alexander’s children get older, he hopes to infuse their life with the culinary arts and give them the same experience he had when he was their age. Salahshour mentions that even if they don’t want to pursue a life in the culinary arts, he still thinks cooking and catering can teach them many valuable lessons about life.

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