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Susan Boggia is a professional wedding planner catering to all her client’s needs and ensuring that their vision comes to life.
Susan Boggia is a wedding consultant and huge resource to her clients. She guides couples through the planning process of a wedding and has a high level of expertise. She pays attention to small details, and makes sure that the couple always gets what they want. She collaborates with vendors, and has several connections, helps to negotiate contracts and more. She does everything and leaves no stone unturned.

Boggia really enjoys seeing the bride’s reaction as she sees her vision come to life. Susan Boggia is compassionate and wants the bride to be as relaxed as possible. She has many tips for how to handle things beforehand, so that there are no mishaps come wedding day. She takes time to really talk to and gets to know the couples she works with, to create unique themes that are tailored to the bride and groom’s personality. A wedding planner extraordinaire, Boggia also provides help with fashion, beauty and accessories, ceremony and reception ideas, paper goods, and décor, as well as much more. Susan is very knowledgeable and looks into the fine details of every document that needs to be signed so that her brides are not taken advantage of. She generates ideas to make all facets of the evening as memorable as possible. There are many wedding planners that are hard to get ahold of. This is not so with Susan, she is always available whenever the couple needs. She’s not one to fall off the radar. She really makes sure that the bride is happy and enjoys the process. It’s easy to get stressed out during this, and Boggia leads with a savvy and outstretched hand, ready to foster to the couples’ every desire.
Susan Boggia knew she wanted to be a wedding consultant after a significant event in the life of her family. Her passion first came to her when she was chosen as a maid of honor in her sister’s wedding. She was excited and went above and beyond her duties as maid of honor and loved every moment of the process.

Susan took the honor very seriously, but still had fun with it. She wanted her sister to be proud of her, and really have a great time, trying to make it as stress-free as possible. Planning all this really satisfied her. She began finding pleasure in making sure that the bride and groom were happy on their big day. They deserved to be and she knew that. She left no stone unturned and this led to a very fun and successful wedding day for her sister and her brother-in-law. Because she knows that feeling personally, it shows in her dedication to her work and has fueled many business ideas. Client relationships are deeper because she is able to relate on a level that’s not just as an outsider. It’s that “been there-done that” mentality. She became inspired by everything about a bride’s special day from the first course to the last dance and everything in between. Usually, the bride takes over much of the wedding, but Susan helped her sister out tremendously and really liked doing it. Everyone in her family had a hunch that this might be something she could do for the rest of her life. If she could plan her own wedding as beautiful as she did hers, everything would be golden.

Then after her own wedding, her family and friends definitely knew that this was Susan Boggia’s calling. She had quite a talent for implementing design and creativity at her own venue and throughout her own event. It was elegant, pristine, and truly magnificent. It was very sophisticated and was what Susan wanted down to a tee. It was definitely something she had a knack for. She became even more inspired by everything about planning. She loved incorporating seasonal themes, planning techniques and loved the fashion, fabric and texture of everything from the gown to the centerpieces. She is known now for her extravagant centerpieces, as her attention to detail is unmatched to anyone else in the industry. She enjoyed learning about all the different elements of a wedding, from big ideas to small details. She attended weddings of all seasons and themes and this only expanded her knowledge and interest in doing this for a career.

With this idea in the back of her mind, Susan Boggia studied and graduated with a degree in Business and a minor in Art History. This helped her with her career in wedding coordination services in a big way. Both of these majors were great things to choose for Susan. Business helped her conquer the logistical and numerical side of wedding planning, and allowed the starting up of her company. She gained a lot of expertise and a strong background in the ways of a business venture. Art History allowed her to get in touch with her creative side and think outside the box. She really learned to appreciate the art and learn many wedding techniques. She uses her love of art and her art history studies to guide much of the decorations for clients’ weddings. She has a keen eye for knowing what looks right in a venue, and the attention to artistry. It fits in well with the themes of her weddings. She has done many themes, and each has incorporated a different décor. It is with this knowledge of art combined with her creative eye that she is able to match the décor to each bride’s unique theme.

Throughout her own wedding, Susan focused on what she wanted and specific planning. She made it a fun process and really paid attention and stayed true to her personality and what she likes. This now drives her wedding planning with her other clients. She wants her clients to lead with meaning and emotion. She is compassionate, understanding, and a calming force for her clients.

Susan Boggia is self-made and started from the ground up, led by her passion to help couples on their special day. After college, she started her own business in 2007 and successfully coordinated weddings ever since. She serves as an advisor, resource, and support system. Susan developed an impressive portfolio of weddings and themes. She’s all about themes. In fact, she asks her clients to outline their vision in a single word or two and this has helped her with some pretty important design details.

Susan has made this wedding plan a huge part of her life. Her clients and her need to make them happy drive her. This is their day, and she wants them to always remember it and not for the mishaps, either. With Susan, there will try her best to ensure no mishaps. She’s just that good at what she does. It’s through the exciting events of her family and friends that she is able to take this knowledge from her own experience, and really apply it to her wedding planning. Her tips are guided by her understanding of things that could happen on wedding days. These are things that brides would never think about, but Susan does. That’s what makes her so special and good at what she does. Her love of everything wedding even at a young age, and being a sister to the bride, really shows through in her wedding planning. She takes what has learned while being a bride to really showcase her talent and that talent is unparalleled. She knows weddings and her education really helped her with that. She didn’t settle and was dedicated enough to start up her own business. She followed her love and her favorite hobby, and it’s apparent. Susan Boggia wakes up every morning loving what she does and that’s great.
For as long as Susan Boggia can, she will continue her wedding consulting. She loves it so much and doesn’t see herself doing anything else. She leads with compassion, drive, and dedication. She wants to continue growing her industry and gaining clients. It is only through booking more and more brides, and word of mouth, that she will do this. All of Susan’s clients love what she does for them. Her extensive tips, attention to detail, and knowledge of the business really are unmatched. She started this business in 2007, and just wants to see it grow more and more. She wants to see as many brides as possible have a flawless celebration of their love. She wants them to remember this for years and years to come. Susan will continue to expand her knowledge of weddings and wedding details, as there’s always something new to learn. There’s always new techniques and through her attendance and research of many weddings, the opportunities are endless. Through her client’s vision and communicating with all different people, she can only grow and learn more and more with every wedding she goes to or plans. She has a keen eye, and wakes up every day loving what she does. Although there are unexpected things she has to deal with, she takes it all in stride to create a stress-free time for her clients. She makes it happen, regardless of anything. Susan is a true gem in the wedding industry, and her career as a wedding consultant has really only just begun. Susan Boggia will continue making couples happy for years to come.

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