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Charlo Barbosa is the CEO of AdManage, one of the world’s premier PPC ad networks.
Those who work in online advertising are likely familiar with the name of Charlo Barbosa—and if they are not, they certainly know his work. Currently, Barbosa serves as the CEO of AdManage, an online PPC (pay-per-click) ad network that is virtually without peer. This may sound shocking, given that the most famous online ad network is the Google-owned and operated Adwords, but in truth, Barbosa’s company has much that sets it apart. In Barbosa’s own words, clients are able to “compile their own ads, followed by a season of bidding from partner websites.” By working with AdManage’s network of partners, clients can effectively leverage their ads to obtain maximum click-throughs.

This is not the full extent of what Charlo Barbosa is involved with. He is currently working on a new publishing project, called PPC Power. The publishing company will take the online ad platform that Barbosa has helped to pioneer, and white-label is. The platform will help clients to see only good clicks—not fraud clicks—and will prove more user-friendly than any other, comparable sites.

Barbosa’s involvement in the online marketing world goes on from there. He also works with Direct Technologies, Inc., a company he has helped to lead for four years now. The company is Vancouver-based, and is currently one of the top three cost—per-view ad networks in the world.

In all three of these projects, Barbosa is known for his progressive leadership style, as well as his passion for making online advertising as intuitive and as cost-effective as possible.
The online advertising space has flourished since the very dawn of the Internet—not just as a forum for commercial thriving, but also as a medium for true innovation; for years now, Charlo Barbosa has stood at the front of the pack, leading the industry forward and changing the way people think about advertising on the Internet. He has done so as a successful businessman, as a visionary, and as an innovator. He has done so as the leader of several successful companies. Through these combined efforts, Barbosa has more than made his mark on the world of online ads.

Where does one even begin to assess the career of a man like Charlo Barbosa? A good starting point is with a company called AdManage. Presently, Barbosa serves as the CEO of this company. You may or may not have a familiarity with AdManage, but certainly, you have a familiarity with companies like it; AdManage is an online advertising network, not dissimilar to some of the ad networks owned and operated by Google.

The network is known for many things, including the measures it has in place to ensure that advertisers are able to accurately track their ads and assess their effectiveness. More than anything, though, AdManage is heralded for its technological innovations. In the last year alone, the company has conducted some extensive overhauls of its primary business platform—and those overhauls are slowly shaping the way that other online ad companies consider their work.

What exactly is the AdManage team doing to improve its platform? According to Charlo Barbosa, the company is modifying the system in java, enabling it to handle even more campaigns than it can handle now. This increased flexibility will surely prove a boon to advertisers. “With this new platform, clients will be able to buy more segmented traffic types for their advertisements, which means that campaigns can be more precisely targeted than ever before,” says Barbosa.

More specifically, clients can use this new platform to purchase search, index, and domain traffic. Clients can also mix their ads and segment their viewers with more flexibility than ever before. What’s more, the new platform will ensure that AdManage users can use both image and text ads, whereas most comparable companies only offer text ads.

Currently, the finishing touches are being placed on this new platform, by a development team of 20 people. When complete, the new platform will enable AdManage to support more than 100,000 clients, with over 1 million unique keywords. All told, this is standard-setting in the world of online advertising.

All of this speaks to the zeal for innovation that Charlo Barbosa brings to all of his business endeavors—but AdManage is only the beginning. He is also involved with a new publishing project, called PPC Power. The company is going to take the platform, currently in the works from AdManage, and white-label it. There are only a couple of other companies with which PPC Power will compete, and as such, Barbosa believes this new endeavor will prove highly successful.

There are a couple of particular features that Barbosa is developing, for this new publishing platform. One is the heightened ability to weed out fraudulent clicks from good ones, which provides clients with more accurate and helpful information. On top of that, the platform will best all of its competition in terms of user-friendliness and ease of implementation.

The list of online ad innovations with which Charlo Barbosa is affiliated just goes on from there. He also works with Direct Technologies, Inc. Direct Technologies is one of the top three CPV (cost-per-view) ad companies in the world; based in Vancouver, the company specializes in direct advertising. Direct advertising refers to the use of pop-up ads and banners, used to drive traffic to a particular website.

This company has proven wildly successful thus far. In fact, it brings in about 10 to 20 new clients each and every day. The ultimate goal is to intertwine Barbosa’s new platform with this site, as well—representing three unique ways in which the new AdManage platform is shaping the future of online ads.

And the list of this man’s innovations just goes on from there. He is also the founder of a site called This is essentially an online yellow pages site—and while that may sound unremarkable at first blush, note that truly authoritative and influential yellow page directories are increasingly hard to come by. This directory is, in many ways, at the top of its field.

With all of those points made, about the professional life of Barbosa, we might also make mention of some of his humanitarian work. A devoted philanthropist, Barbosa has completed missionary work in locales such as the Philippines. His trip to this nation included the provision of clothing, food, toys, and hygiene products, given to needy kids and families in the area.

On top of that, Charlo Barbosa also supports many other find, difference-making foundations—including Green Peace and Doctors Without Burdens. He also supports local children’s hospitals.

As far as his hobbies and out-of-the-office activities go, Barbosa loves to travel. He goes on a trip at just about every chance he gets! His absolute favorite place to visit is Hawaii. He sometimes escapes there for weeks at a time!

Barbosa also loves to play golf, to cook, and to spend time with his daughter. An avid car fanatic, he once had the privilege of racing a couple of cars, with his wife, which he says ranks among the biggest rushes of his life!

A sports lover, Charlo Barbosa has visited several Olympic events and has participated in such outdoor activities as skydiving and rafting.

The bottom line is that there are innumerable ways in which Barbosa has transformed the online advertising space, through his passion and his innovation. To reduce him to the sum of his business interests would prove imprudent, however. He is also a devoted family many, a philanthropist, and someone who enjoys many different hobbies and passions. All of these components add up to make Charlo Barbosa the man he is.
The world of online advertising is constantly shifting, changing as often as the search engines themselves do—which means that, for industry leaders like Charlo Barbosa, there is no time to grow idle or complacent. Indeed, Barbosa is one of the true innovators in the online advertising space, and he has some pending projects that promise to further transform the industry landscape.

At the top of that list is an endeavor called PPC Power. A publishing company, the platform will soon debut amidst precious little competition—only two other companies in the field! The platform will revolutionize the online ad space in a couple of important ways. One is that it will allow for advertisers to more accurately and effectively differentiate between good clicks, and fraudulent ones. Perhaps more importantly, though, Barbosa’s new endeavor promises an ease of use that is unparalleled by either of its competitor platforms. On top of all that, the platform is designed to appeal to bloggers—a demographic that Barbosa believes is currently untapped.

There are other projects in the works for Barbosa—including further developments in the direct advertising company, Direct Technologies, Inc. The company has consistently brought in 10-20 new clients each and every day, nearly since its inception—and that growth promises to continue well into the coming months and years. Additionally, new, proprietary technologies are forthcoming, and will surely make Direct Technologies even more successful.

All told, the future of online advertising is impossible to predict—but it seems inevitable that Charlo Barbosa will play a major part in it!

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