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George David Keaton is a holistic health coach and an expert in exercise, nutrition and psychology.
Combining his skill set and education into an integrative professional system, George David Keaton helps people of all ages live healthier lives. As the founder of Integrative Circle, he has guided hundreds of individuals towards major positive changes in their lifestyles.

Considered an expert on personal development as well as diet, nutrition and stress reduction, Keaton approaches his clients' issues from every angle. Too many individuals lump their problems together, believing that if they change one individual aspect of their habits, their entire life will be altered as a result. While a small change can lead to big alterations in some cases, he understands that healthier living more often comes about through a refined and multi-faceted approach.

All of his clients face different problems and are working towards different goals. Keaton helps them revolutionize their lives from the bottom up.

In his personal life, George David Keaton upholds his own health mantras, pursuing a variety of sports and hobbies. He plays soccer and tennis and can often be found swimming at the local YMCA. Talented on the guitar, banjo and mandolin, he identifies playing music with his friends as one of his favorite hobbies. He is known to frequently and vocally encourage friends and clients to take up yoga, believing in its ability to help reduce stress. As someone who spends their professional life helping others to find their path to healthier lives, Keaton is passionate about practicing what he preaches.
George David Keaton's role as a health and lifestyle coach began when he first discovered that his system was incompatible with gluten. This realization kicked off an interest in healthy eating and gluten-free alternatives that quickly developed into a passion as he learned to cook healthy dishes from all around the world.

His trouble digesting gluten had caused serious migraines and sapped him of energy, side effects which in turn took their toll on other aspects of his life. Once his diet changed, his energy increased, his headaches went away and his entire outlook on life changed entirely. It was a valuable lesson that stuck with him through his professional career. Diet, exercise and lifestyle are pieces of an interconnected system. He realized that anyone could improve these elements, and the entire health system, with dedication and guidance.

Starting out as a personal trainer, he gained experience in helping clients to reach their goals and reinvent themselves. He remained unsatisfied: he wanted a way to help clients attain more direct and meaningful personal change. This ambition led George David Keaton to his decision to become a holistic health coach. Holistic health coaches are trained to approach their clients from a wider perspective, evaluating the mental and spiritual aspects of their lives as much as the physical.

In 2009, he graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a certificate in Health Counseling. This certification allowed him access to educational resources at the Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation at Teacher's College of Columbia University. While many health pros may have been content with these skills and certifications, George David Keaton pursued lifelong learning. After completing his Health Counseling education, he moved on to a Graduate program in Integrative Nutrition Immersion. This program helped him to hone his capability to customize the diets and meal plans of his clients.

The Integrative Nutrition course also sparked his interest in formal psychology, which led to his most recent educational pursuit. Keaton began studying for his Masters in psychology. He aims to become a licensed clinical counselor. He continually strives to improve himself, his drive stemming from a passion to help others reach their full potential. By constantly educating himself about new subjects and fields, he expands his ability to approach every client uniquely, tailoring his services to their lives and situations.

Clients who have sought out George David Keaton's services have benefitted from far more than a prolific list of talents and skills. Holistic treatment and care is fundamentally multi-disciplinary. Even with his educational background, he knows that he can't personally offer everything his clients need. As a result, Keaton has established a wide range of professional associations over the years, a network of allies that he uses to better serve his clients. These professionals include acupuncturists, psychologists and massage experts, individuals who provide the services that he cannot offer himself. By coordinating with these health pros to create strategic action plans, he ensures that all of his clients receive the absolute best service.

George David Keaton is known for a particular courtesy he extends to clients: a free consultation. While such consultations may be the norm in other industries, a free interaction is practically unheard of in holistic care. These sessions are among the professional elements that set him apart. Free consultations can often run for hours, and they give the client and Keaton a chance to get to know one another personally. A free meeting gives him a chance to interview the client and learn about his or her health history, gaining the insight he needs to develop personalized treatment strategies. Once he has learned about his clients on a personal level, he can be much more efficient in motivating them to reach diet and fitness goals.

He educates every client individually about the ways in which food, exercise and psychological wellbeing interact. He empowers his clients, offering them tools that will help them to radically change their lives.

After the free consultation, George David Keaton's services remain just as personal throughout the coaching and treatment process. In addition to helping clients by setting his own goals for them, he is careful to perpetually incorporate the input and goals of his clients in training and coaching strategies. Many of his clients are asked to keep food journals and stay true to strict exercise routines. As they work towards positive changes, these clients often stay in close touch with Keaton through e-mails and phone consultations.

Midway through his treatments, Keaton often provides a second evaluation to fine-tune his strategies based on progress and the client's reactions to coaching. During his last set of sessions with a client, he makes sure that he or she has developed the personal fortitude and discipline necessary to keep their lifestyle changes permanently in place. He supplements these sessions with additional dietary and nutritional instruction as needed.
Over the years, he became so talented in coaching and teaching that he began to develop a side business providing workshops and motivational speaking. He has always enjoyed this work, as it gives him the opportunity to reach out to many individuals at once.

His workshops center on the development of active and mutually-beneficial work relationships. He is an expert when it comes to imparting teamwork skills. His stress and time management seminars have helped hundreds of listeners and dozens of workplaces to function in healthier ways. He has been the keynote speaker for many major and smaller events. Keaton appreciates any chance he gets to have a major, positive impact on the lives of listeners.

Ever since he first learned about his gluten sensitivity, he has demonstrated a passion for holistic health principles and a genuine devotion to helping others. In all of his personal and professional endeavors, he constantly strives to improve himself. He does everything he can to help others to do the same. Combining fitness, diet and psychological principles, George David Keaton has a proud history of helping hundreds of people not only attain but exceed their goals and expectations.
Having helped hundreds of clients reach their personal fitness and diet goals, George David Keaton plans to continue changing lives through his celebrated holistic coaching services.

He recognizes that a true holistic coach approaches clients with a multidisciplinary perspective. He will continue his educational pursuits in order to better serve his clients. Presently enrolled in a Masters program in psychology, he will use this degree to expand his unique holistic approach to clients' problems and goals.

Keaton has built up a large network of professional affiliations. He aims to continue expanding his list of references for clients who need services that he cannot personally provide. As he continues to improve himself and reach his personal goals, he will in turn grow better at helping others to do the same. As more and more people learn about his unique approach, demand for his services will only increase.

George has found immense satisfaction in public speaking and teaching workshops. As someone who has devoted his life to helping others, the opportunity to reach out to multiple individuals at once greatly appeals to him. His workshops are universally acclaimed, and they have helped hundreds learn how to handle the stresses that come with juggling personal and professional responsibilities. He will continue to present these talks and seminars in order to help even more individuals maximize their potential. In his personal life, George David Keaton hopes to continue to pursue his passions for music, cooking and personal fitness.

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