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A.W. Pickel, III, is a high-flying businessman with a soft spot for his family.
A.W. Pickel, III is the current President and CEO of the LeaderOne Financial Corporation, a company that he also founded. He decided to start this unique mortgage company because he saw firsthand that few other similar businesses were providing their clients with the kind of caring, quality service that they deserve. LeaderOne Financial can help individuals to purchase the new home of their dreams or to refinance their current residence.

Mr. Pickel and his team of mortgage experts truly understand the process of buying a home. These individuals are well-versed in some of the most intricate details of finance and in the current housing market. At LeaderOne Financial, clients can expect a friendly and knowledge staff, as well as first-rate mortgage advice

The difference at LeaderOne Financial

At LeaderOne Financial, customers will always receive fair and honest treatment. The skillful associates at this world class mortgage company are prepared to offer clients a variety of financing options at a reasonable price. LeaderOne Financial agents will thoroughly inform all homebuyers of the costs of taking out a mortgage and about the best ways to proceed.

Mr. Pickel also has a very interesting personal life. He has a variety of hobbies and interests and enjoys living life to fullest. He maintains a strong bond with his wife and family and is also committed to community service.
Businessman A.W. Pickel, III came into this world in the charming community of Xenia, Illinois. He devoted himself to his studies early-on and graduated four years later from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Mr. Pickel will never forget his time at the University of Illinois because he met his wife Diane there.

Businessman A.W. Pickel came into this world in the charming community of Xenia, Illinois. He devoted himself to his studies early-on and graduated four years later from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Mr. Pickel will never forget his time at the University of Illinois because he met his wife Diane there.

Meeting the love of his life

A.W. Pickel, III and his wife Diane did not always know that they would eventually marry. The two were very close friends from the start; but, it took a while for Cupid to strike. Believe it or not, A.W. used to seek dating advice from Diane when he was still a single man. One day, however, Mr. Pickel began to understand the obvious—that he and Diane were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple has enjoyed every moment of their marriage and will continue to grow closer every day.

A long distance romance

A.W. and Diane both belonged to a missions organization called the Navigators while they were attending the University of Illinois. Their involvement with this group unfortunately kept them apart for a while, as they were each staffed at different universities. They would often go for quite some time without seeing each other; and they had to rely mainly on calls and letters to stay in touch. Although they certainly missed each other during those days, neither of them would have traded their time with the Navigators for the world. Having the chance to help others and share their faith was truly an unforgettable experience.

Mr. Pickel, devoted father and grandfather

A.W. Pickel, III is the father of four beautiful daughters, who are all grown up now. His girls have provided him with a total of three new grandchildren. Their ages range from six-months-old to two-years-old. A.W. and his wife Diane are both thrilled to have such adorable grandchildren in their lives. They spent as much as they can of their free time babysitting and laughing at all the funny things that their little ones do. The Pickels value their family time more than anything else on earth.

Mr. Pickel gets his pilot’s license

A.W. has always had an interest in planes. From the time he was a young man, he has dreamed of flying. In recent years, he has finally had the opportunity to live out his dream as an adult. A.W. is the proud owner of his own airplane, which seats up to four people. Having received his pilot’s license some time ago, he even flies himself to and from work. Flying an airplane is a very freeing experience for Mr. Pickel. When he is thousands of feet above the ground, he feels completely at peace and all his troubles seem to instantly disappear. His wife Diane has even come to look forward to their flights together. They have had many romantic adventures through the years.

A.W. and Rotary International

A.W. Pickel, III, III is a devoted member of Rotary International and has even served as President of his local chapter, of which he is a charter member. Rotary clubs all across the United States have offered help and assistance to many needy individuals since the early 1900s. Rotarians around the world since 1995 have focused on eradicating polio from the planet and today Polio is only found in three countries around the globe. Club members are focused on providing humanitarian services and fostering beneficial relationships between business and charitable organizations. Mr. Pickel remains dedicated to public service. He considers it an honor to have the chance to make such an impact on his community.

Another of Mr. Pickel’s most beloved charities is the Angel Flight program. This agenda provides long distance plane rides for individuals who are in need of medical treatment. Whenever A.W. gets a call about someone needing medical transport, he just hops in his four-seater airplane and takes to the sky. Although Mr. Pickel is a flying fanatic, and he never feels inconvenienced when it is time to soar above the clouds, he takes great comfort in knowing that his volunteering with the Angel Flight program makes such a difference in the lives of so many.

Joining the United States Civil Air Patrol

Not only is A.W. Pickel, III an expert pilot, he is also a major in the United States Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary unit of the United States Air Force. Like most men who volunteer for the benefit of their country, A.W. is very proud of his service. There is no greater sense of honor than knowing that one has invested in the security and protection of all Americans.

C.S. Lewis and Mr. Pickel’s faith

The renowned, Irish-born C.S. Lewis is one of A.W.’s favorite authors. Lewis is famed not only for his works of fiction, but also for his furthering the fields of theology and Christian apologetics. As a public intellectual, C.S. Lewis sought to inform the world about the truth behind religion and about the many benefits of living a Christian lifestyle.

In his book Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis explores the ways that one could make a “case for Christianity.” He argues that all human beings are equipped with an inherent sense of morality that is universally present, despite a person’s upbringing or culture. Lewis believed that, in accordance with biblical scripture, the God of Christianity has written these ethical laws and sensibilities on the hearts of all men and women.

Another of Mr. Pickel’s favorite writers is the author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy J.R.R. Tolkien. A.W. has always enjoyed the fantasy literature genre. Reading one of Tolkien’s books helps him to stretch his imagination. He finds that the experience of pondering an enchanted land with a whole set of otherworldly characters also helps him to relax at the end of a long workday.

A great wine connoisseur

A.W. also has a real passion for the fruit of the vine. Although he has a taste for many different varieties, he is most fond of red wines. He and Diane love to invite their friends over to their home to share a great bottle Cabernet Sauvignon and to have hours of pleasant conversation. The simple pleasure of sharing a lovely evening with those whom he is closest to is one of A.W. Pickel, III’s greatest joys.
A.W. Pickel, III is sure to continue his excellent work at LeaderOne Financial. He has built this amazing mortgage company from the ground up and has lead it to great success over the years. LeaderOne Financial will strive to maintain its stellar reputation and will always provide clients with the kind of financing advice that they deserve. By furthering its outstanding customer service policy and staying one step ahead of the competition, this remarkable company is sure to remain an industry giant for years to come.

The future of the housing market

Although the financial crisis of several years ago had a terrible impact on the housing market, things are beginning to look up, fortunately. For the first time in several years, homebuyers and real estate investors are slowly starting to make purchases again. As the housing fever continues to catch, mortgage companies like LeaderOne Financial are sure to come up with new strategies to meet the needs of their clients.

In the coming years, Mr. Pickel is sure to busy himself with a variety of activities. He will always find new opportunities to volunteer for community service projects and to help the needy. Although he has already traveled all around the globe, he will probably find some new, exciting destinations to fly off to in his plane in the near future. Even on days when A.W. Pickel and his wife Diane choose to stay at home, they both have their grandchildren to keep them busy!

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