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Sonia Ben-Yehuda is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in healthcare information technology.
Over the past 15 years, Sonia Ben-Yehuda has engaged in healthcare IT as both an investor and a full-time executive. She is the co-founder and President of MedCPU, a company that has offices in New York, Virginia, and Tel Aviv. MedCPU is a solutions platform that addresses the most critical challenges that hospitals face today within the healthcare industry. These solutions are generated in real time along with providing a narrative at the point of care.
Ben-Yehuda utilizes her strong business acumen combined with Dr. Ephrat medical expertise to provide leadership with strategic direction and critical insight. They both represent a distinguished level of experience in healthcare IT. MedCPU was created by physicians with firsthand experience, introducing clinical decision support technologies to healthcare.
MedCPU helps physicians for a number of reasons. The platform moves beyond the text and assembles a narrative structure using analysis of all the clinical data available. When using MedCPU, physicians are able to reduce the time it takes searching for information about the patient. The workflow for clinicians improves because the platform eliminates incomplete documentation. MedCPU works with virtually any EMR system and improves the delivery of high quality patient care through the use of innovative Advisor™ technologies.

Uniquely designed as a plug-and-play, fast-to-integrate application that rides on top of any existing hospital EMR, MedCPU’s technology automates the state-of-the-art best clinical practices available in medicine today and assures that they are delivered in real-time to any patient, anywhere.

The company understands how important bedside documentation can be, and they are working to make the process less burdensome for clinicians and patients alike. The key lies in creating a usable platform that allows clinicians to collect the appropriate data without changing their workflow. This will allow them to continue to deliver the best medicine at the point of care.

MedCPU has been awarded the prestigious honor of being selected as one of the eight companies that make up the inaugural class of the New York Digital Health Accelerator program. Participants in this program include Mount Sinai, United Health, Aetna, Janssen Maimonides Medical Center, NYU, HHC and more.
Sonia, with her colleagues at MedCPU, has helped to steer the company in the right direction by focusing on improving the quality of care that patients receive. As clinicians juggle large amounts of data, a clinical care error can cause life-threatening scenarios, additional costs, and may even lead to damaging lawsuits. She recognizes that clinical expertise is essential to quality care and she hopes that healthcare information technology can improve the process while reducing the ultimate cost. She is also currently a part of the Springboard Group, an organization that works to support women-owned high growth companies that are seeking equity capital for expansion.
After her parents emigrated from Poland, Ben-Yehuda was born in Israel. It was there that she began learning about entrepreneurship. Her father was a well-respected doctor in economics, and her mother supported him by taking care of the household.
Unfortunately, her father died when Sonia was eight years old, and her mother, Regina, was left to take care of the household and her young daughters. Despite the tough situation, her mother was determined to keep the family together, which led her to establish her own business. She began by buying a small truck and securing the first contract to deliver milk in a limited area. Soon enough, the company grew rapidly, delivering dairy products all over Israel.
In the beginning, Regina could not afford to pay for childcare while she ran her business, so she allowed Sonia to join her while she worked. This early business experience served as entrepreneurial training for Sonia, and soon she adopted her mother’s determination. The experience proved invaluable when she decided to start her own business later in life.
Later in her life, Sonia Ben-Yehuda decided to move to Washington with her children in the hopes of getting her construction management business off the ground. Sonia assembled a team of exceptional individuals who assisted her in growing and optimizing her construction management business. The dedicated team built their reputation in the industry by providing reliable and valuable work that kept clients more than satisfied.
With the success of the construction management endeavor under her belt, she was eager to take advantage of new opportunities. One of the first major opportunities occurred when Sonia noticed a boost in construction in Israel. The boost was attributed to new immigrants that had come from the former USSR. Sonia Ben-Yehuda was immediately drawn to this opportunity to expand her business and reinforce her ties with Israel. Ben-Yehuda joined forces with J.S. Alberici and established a Joint Venture to build thousands of apartments throughout Israel. Upon their agreement, they opened their offices in Tel Aviv.
With support from the U.S. government and J.S. Alberici, Sonia was able to secure funding of over $100 million to build the apartments throughout Israel. With this support, Sonia hired over 100 workers, including engineers, project managers and subcontractors. The project took 3 years to complete.
While she was enjoying the fruits of her success, she experienced another tragedy: her life partner was diagnosed with leukemia in 1995. For the next two years, Sonia Ben-Yehuda spent all of her time with him at the hospital.
For Sonia’s partner, no cost was spared – he received access to the best care and the most capable physicians. Sonia realized the importance of making such high-quality care available to all patients who sought it. As Sonia spent more and more of her time at the hospital, she gained a greater familiarity with medical proceedings. After all of that time at the hospital, she knew that she wanted to establish a company that was focused on saving lives through technology.
Sonia Ben-Yehuda joined Scientia Health Care as the executive vice president. In 2001, after Scientia made an investment in E&C Medical Intelligence, she was elected to the board of directors. Later, she would become the president of E&C, now known as Perigen. Under her direction, the company expanded its client base from two hospitals to over 40 over the course of four years.
With the mission of improving healthcare in mind, she surrounded herself with like-minded and driven individuals. At the end of 2007, Sonia established MedCPU with her partner, Dr. Ephrat.
Sonia recognized that clinicians were struggling to handle the large amounts of data that they needed to collect each day. Clinicians often spent precious time recording data, storing data and researching previous data. The MedCPU products made the documentation process more simple and cost-efficient for clinicians around the country.
Ben-Yehuda was able to apply her years of business experience in order to launch the company with Dr. Ephrat, whom she had previously worked with. Dr. Ephrat boasted over 18 years of experience within the healthcare industry, recognizing the challenges facing modern clinicians. This understanding allowed Dr. Ephrat to create innovative healthcare solutions through IT.
The MedCPU platform seamlessly captures the complete clinical picture so that clinicians can look at information in real-time. Because her life partner died at an early age, Sonia has worked hard within the healthcare industry to help improve the quality of care for patients who need it the most. The long days and nights that she spent in the hospital helped her develop a valuable perspective on the healthcare industry – now, her company is changing it for the better.
Clinicians recognize that MedCPU’s technology offers the best clinical practices available in medicine today. The company understands that clinicians are the supreme authority when it comes to treating patients and that they often spend too much time documenting their practices. Sonia Ben-Yehuda, with Dr. Ephrat, wanted to help create a company that could make the process more efficient and simple, creating more time for clinicians to focus on providing the treatment that patients deserve. With determination, Sonia and the team behind MedCPU have established a company that helps people every day.
It’s important to note that the healthcare industry has regulatory compliance and reporting guidelines that require clinicians to thoroughly document their patient’s condition. This tedious documentation creates additional burdens for clinicians as well as unprecedented amounts of data. MedCPU bridges the gap by allowing clinicians to use, share and report their data with ease.
Ben-Yehuda’s enthusiasm and commitment to excellence have helped her and her team steer this innovative company in the right direction. She exhibits excellence in the areas of healthcare IT, clinical decision support, meaningful use compliance, meaningful use reporting, healthcare analytics, and EMR integration.
Sonia Ben-Yehuda’s humble beginnings in Israel and her challenges have inspired her to maintain her principles while on the path to success. Sonia has consistently relied on her vision and determination coupled with the outstanding efforts of her dedicated professional partner and team members. Along with Dr. Ephrat, Sonia was able to recruit a team of qualified executives with extensive field experience. These professionals shared Sonia’s goal: to improve healthcare, help in preventing clinical mistakes, reduce costs and build a strong and successful firm.
In the future, she hopes to maintain MedCPU’s focus on measurably improving the quality of care in the healthcare industry. She consistently surrounds herself with dynamic professionals who share the same passion for exceptional care.
Although Sonia has established her business in America, she has always maintained deep-rooted ties to Israel. For at least one week each month, Sonia travels to Tel Aviv to work in person with the Israeli-based MedCPU team and to spend cherished time with family and friends. In her free time, both in New York and Tel Aviv, Sonia Ben-Yehuda enjoys jogging (often with her beloved dog, Buster), cycling and attending Broadway shows.

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