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Devoted wife and mother of two, Devorah Bitran is dedicated to her work and helping others through various humanitarian efforts.
Devorah Bitran is an accomplished professional who has made it her life’s work to help others in need. Currently, Bitran is a real estate developer and property manager in the greater Boston area and prides herself on excelling in her profession. It is through her work that she is able to feel a sense of self-accomplishment after working so hard to get to where she is today. While her current profession in the real estate industry is vastly different than the career path she started while still attending college, she is able to employ all of the knowledge and skills she has acquired during her life’s journey to excel in her current career.

When she is not fulfilling her professional aspirations, she is helping to better the world through several humanitarian efforts. She believes it is important for people to help those in need by providing humanitarian support in any way possible. The values and goals Devorah Bitran holds in high regard rubbed off on her family while she was raising her two children. Devorah makes certain to continue to instill these values and morals in her family so they do not lose sight of what is truly important in the world today.
Education: Shaping the Future

Education has a played an important role in the life of Devorah Bitran. Without her excellent education, she would not have made it to where she is today. Her education started back in the 1990s at Georgetown University. It was at this prestigious institution where Bitran earned her first degree in 1996 when she majored in French and also received a minor in government. This unique combination of subjects helped shape the rest of Bitran’s life by opening up many doors that other students never would have had access to.

During the spring of 1995, she studied abroad for a semester at Hebrew University in Jerusalem where she was able to experience another culture while receiving an excellent education. The experience was such a pleasurable one that Devorah Bitran went back to Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 1998 to 1999 to earn her graduate degree where she would take courses in international relations. Devorah really fell in love with the culture, people and sights of Israel when she first visited for her semester abroad in 1995. This love affair with Israel would help play an important role in Bitran’s life as her career path received a major boost when she was working, studying and volunteering in Israel.

Upon completing her graduate degree overseas at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Devorah Bitran decided she wanted to go to law school. This decision led her to The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where she earned a master of arts in law and diplomacy in May of 2001. The majority of Bitran’s studies at The Fletcher School of Law were focused on international business relations, international negotiation and conflict resolution. Her master of arts in law and diplomacy would become very helpful in allowing Devorah the opportunity to accomplish many of her own personal goals she set for herself during the course of her career.

Career: A Journey Overseas and Back Again

With the assistance of her many educational accomplishments, it was not hard for Devorah Bitran to gain employment throughout her life. In fact, Bitran’s career started while she was still earning her education when she landed a coveted internship with the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. This internship took place during 1994 and allowed her to use her knowledge of the French language to research assigned topics, write articles for the Embassy’s archives and respond to questions asked by people living in both France and the United States. Certainly, this impressive internship helped Bitran gain future employment as she had a good deal of responsibility for just an intern.

After completing the internship with the French Embassy, Bitran took another internship in 1995 with the United States Peace Corps. This internship lasted roughly a year between 1995 and 1996. Upon acceptance into the internship program, Bitran was assigned to the team of African region interns. While working in this capacity, Devorah Bitran regularly communicated with members of the Peace Corps stationed in Africa. In addition to communicating with members of the Peace Corps, she also regularly spoke with Embassy personnel located both Africa and the United States while gathering data for analysis about the turnover of Peace Corps volunteers located in Senegal.

Devorah Bitran's next exciting career endeavor took place in Israel right after she completed her graduate degree work. From 1996 to 1997, Bitran served as a Bronfman Scholarship volunteer for the New Israel Fund. Devorah was especially excited about this volunteer opportunity as it allowed her to return to Israel, a place she fell in love with while studying abroad twice. When she was a volunteer for the New Israel Fund, Devorah worked closely with the resource development coordinator at the Haifa Feminist Center to raise money for various initiatives. In addition to these fundraising efforts, Bitran taught English to Ethiopian students enrolled in a university preparatory program at Leo Baeck High School, worked as a camp counselor for Ethiopian children and taught English in Daburriya, an Arab village.

The experience she gained while volunteering with the New Israel Fund led Devorah to her next position at the Rothberg International School of Hebrew University. While at this institution, she worked as the coordinator of student affairs in the Office of Student Activities from 1998 to 1999. As a part of her work, Devorah was responsible for drafting and distributing all English-language materials for international students. This work often included producing weekly activity bulletins, information packets, field trip itineraries and semester activity brochures. In addition to creating these materials, Devorah also assisted the director in preparing the yearly budget while translating Hebrew materials to English.

After working at the Rothberg International School of Hebrew University, Bitran returned to the United States to earn her law degree. Once she obtained her master of arts in law and diplomacy, she took a position at Harvard University’s Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, where she started as a junior associate in 2001. After demonstrating her hard work and exceeding expectations, Bitran was promoted to program associate very quickly, a position she held until 2005. In 2005, Devorah was once again rewarded for her hard work and dedication as she was promoted to program manager.

Devorah Bitran’s main duties while at the Program on Humanitarian and Conflict Research were to manage a team of five full-time associates and up to 10 researchers. Devorah oversaw the work of these employees which included the development and implementation of several items, including conference, training programs, seminars, website research tools and more. Devorah also cultivated relationships with multiple donors and clients on an international level which often led to her dealing with people from Great Britain, Sweden and Switzerland.

While working as program manager, Bitran had several impressive accomplishments. The first was creating a project proposal that raised $50,000 for over 70 policymakers and practitioners. Another impressive accomplishment was when Devorah successfully coordinated a policy briefing regarding humanitarian topics that included 30 diplomats from the United Nations. Lastly, Devorah was the project manager for a major joint web initiative between the Program on Humanitarian and Conflict Research and the International Committee of the Red Cross. This work required her to communicate with her Red Cross counterparts in Geneva, Switzerland on a regular basis while ensuring the joint project was completed on time and under budget.

By being so close to the humanitarian field in both her academic and professional careers, she was able to see just how important humanitarian work is to the world. Without successful humanitarian efforts, many underrepresented, impoverished and underserved populations around the world would continue to struggle and suffer. Devorah Bitran hopes that more influential organizations such as the United Nations and Harvard University get involved in the humanitarian effort that is so desperately needed.
Looking toward the future, Devorah Bitran hopes to continue her successful property management career for years to come. Utilizing the management experience she gained during her previous work experience will help Bitran achieve her goal and continue to serve her tenants in the best way possible. By proactively working to provide her tenants with a pleasurable renting experience, Devorah will be able to ensure that she continues to have tenants that want to rent her properties. While having desirable real estate locations available to rent is a major component of success in the property management industry, providing excellent customer service is also extremely important if one wants to succeed as a property manager. If you do not meet the needs of your renters, they will be very likely to move out of your property and into one where their needs are met.

In addition to growing within her current profession, Devorah Bitran hopes to one day return to the world of humanitarian work while continuing to work on her loving relationship with her husband and two children.

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  • Tufts University , United States , Boston, MA

    M.A. in Law and Diplomacy
    08/1999 - 05/2001
  • Georgetown University , United States , Washington, D.C.

    Bachelor's in French
    05/1992 - 08/1996
Career History
  • Real Estate Developer , United States , Boston, MA

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    04/2005 to 12/2099
  • Junior Associate, Program Manager , United States

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    01/2001 to 01/2005
  • Coordinator of Student Affairs , United States

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    01/1998 to 01/1999
  • Assistant Director , United States
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