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Mike Morsell

United States
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2020-01-29 15:30:42

Mike is a great leader that is time tested in dealing with the most difficult situations in business. When I worked with him in the past we dealt with an explosive situation that Mike handled with great care...whether it's crisis management or high-level customer support, Mike is your guy.


Mike Morsell is the Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy at forward-moving company

As the Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy at, Mike Morsell utilizes his proficiencies in business development, sales and marketing to help clients formulate the strongest brands online. A proven business leader, Morsell relies on his multifaceted skill set to deliver strong results and define innovative solutions geared toward creating impressive brands for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, high profile individuals and even government entities.

The Component of Sales

The definitions of the term “brand” are often complex and varied, as this buzzword can refer to so many different concepts—both tangible and intangible. However, the most important part of a brand is its ability to create a positive impact on the public—namely, consumers—and encourage them to invest in a product, service or person. In short, effective branding produces sales. Mike Morsell is able to prove accomplished as the Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy at because he has an extensive background in sales—in fact, it is how he began his career.

In 2003, Morsell became a sales professional specializing in the field of commercial real estate. Working in the region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mike Morsell was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of commercial real estate and the role it played in a thriving metropolitan and historic city. It was during this initial part of his career that Morsell learned the important role that connections and marketing play in forming a personal brand. For instance, Morsell achieved sales by simply marketing himself to landlords and tenants to acquire leads in property leasing or selling.

Although cold calling often carries a negative connotation, Morsell explains that this experience allowed him to effectively represent a service and hone his skills in pitching to potential clients. Understanding the importance of presentation in making commercial real estate sales, Mike Morsell is able to help his clients at achieve improved marketability through innovative branding strategies.

After spending three years in the commercial real estate business, Morsell progressed on to becoming a sales professional at Mobilease Modular Space, Inc. This transition allowed Morsell to not only understand how to apply his sales skills to a designated brand, but also to a particular product—specifically, mobile and modular properties. From 2006 to 2009, Morsell led as a sales professional in the Northeast region of the United States, where he served a varied set of clients. For example, he arranged rental, leasing, selling and purchasing agreements with customers in education, healthcare, commercial and industrial markets. Today, Morsell is able to utilize this expansive breadth of industry experience to aptly understand the unique needs of each client, as any party requiring branding can come from any line of work or market.

The Technological Aspect

In today’s expansive marketplace, consumers are not only used to shopping and researching in traditional ways, but have come to prove themselves to be heavy participants in the online world. As a result, the Internet has come to play a heavy role in the way consumers perceive products, companies and people. In other words, the Internet is vital to branding. For this reason, Mike Morsell is dedicated to making sure utilizes the best and most innovative tools to develop solid branding strategies for clients, especially in the online space. These resources include the proprietary Command Center that has created which is run by a team of top online brand management and SEO experts. With modern technological resources, Morsell’s team is able to expertly track, monitor and implement content that impacts a client’s brand.

Given the high degree of complexity and innovation that these branding tools represent, it is clear that they must gain guidance from a knowledgeable professional. Fortunately, Morsell’s technical experience has allowed him to carefully maneuver and implement high-tech resources to provide the best branding experience to clients.

Where did Mike Morsell gain his solid foundation in technology? In 2009, he joined a company known as eMoney Advisor, LLC—a noted company that provides comprehensive financial software to a wide variety of clients. By breaking into the financial services and tech market, Morsell was able to develop a wide range of skills that he applies today in his position as Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy at Specifically, he only devised sales strategies to show customers how useful eMoney Advisor financial planning software was in maintaining daily business operations. Not only did he navigate marketing and sales solutions, but Morsell also led implementation efforts to help a diverse set of clientele adopt and effectively use this resourceful piece of software.

The Importance of Team Management

Mike Morsell has proven throughout his career that he is adept at managing sales and defining new solutions to help potential clients see the value in a product or service. However, he explains that these skills are just a fragment of his responsibilities at Specifically, as the Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy, Morsell must exhibit a high understanding of management and teamwork.

At eMoney Advisor, LLC, Morsell was able to lead a comprehensive team of professionals to ensure that the financial planning software product was not only sold, but also implemented correctly. He learned that effective team management was critical to business development, as well as constant productivity. At, these factors remain incredibly vital as clients are assured that their branding campaigns utilize the most modern resources and are regularly monitored, updated and tracked by Morsell’s diverse team of ORM and SEO professionals.

While team management may only seem important to the in-house operations at, Morsell explains that business leadership is the key element to providing constant customer satisfaction. Throughout his career, Morsell has relied on his leadership ability and industry knowledge to ensure that his clients are afforded the best services and products.

Where does Morsell gain such insight?

Looking back at Morsell’s comprehensive career, it is clear that much of his expertise comes from firsthand experience. However, he notes that he is a keen follower of other business leaders. Mike Morsell explains that those who read books authored by business leaders are likely to pick up exceptional tips and tricks to become better leaders themselves.

One of the skills that Morsell relies on is that of business leadership. As a professional who has come to respect all kinds of business leaders, he has formulated his own unique approach to management that allows him to effectively navigate his team. He explains that team management is crucial to making sure all elements of a branding strategy are completed on time and are produced at a high quality that appropriately serves the unique needs of each client.

As a professional who is proficient in business development solutions, Mike Morsell directs the operations at to seek out and implement forward-moving practices and resources. As a result is able to grow, offer greater services to its clients and prove itself as the leader in the field of online brand management, as well as online brand management.

Although many companies and individuals may believe that branding is a concept that is only reserved for large names, Morsell explains that this idea impacts everyone—from small businesses to massive corporations. As part of his job as a brand strategist, Morsell remains dedicated to helping clients understand what a “brand” actually is and the reasons why it is important to improving sales, maintaining a positive image and achieving growth.

Looking back at Morsell’s comprehensive career, it is clear that much of his expertise comes from firsthand experience. However, he notes that he is a keen follower of other business leaders. Mike Morsell explains that those who read books authored by business leaders are likely to pick up exceptional tips and tricks to become better leaders themselves.

While provides solutions for removing negative listings on the Internet to improve brand, Mike Morsell explains that this company can do much more. Specifically, can not only maintain a brand, but also introduce unique content in a strategic fashion to build strong brands that are ripe for competition and improved success, whether in business, employability or general public perception.

  • 07/2010 to 05/2012
    : Saint Joseph's University - Erivan K. Haub School of Business
    : MBA, Management and International Business
    : United States
  • 08/1998 to 05/2002
    : University of Maryland College Park
    : BA, Communications
    : United States
    : College Park, Maryland
  • 08/1993 to 06/1997
    : La Salle College High School
    : United States
    : Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
Career History
  • 05/2013 to 12/2099
    : Senior Vice President of Client Strategy
    : United States
    : Philadelphia
    : is rated the industry's #1 Online Brand Management service by With our proprietary command center technology and team of ORM experts, is the preferred vendor of Brand management services. We protect online brands of Fortune 500 companies, Governments and their top officials, celebrities, professional athletes, and high profile individuals. We also represent small to medium sized businesses.
Core Competencies
  • Business Development
  • Sales Management
  • Strategy Partnerships
  • SaaS
  • Product Marketing
  • Management
  • Negotiation
  • CRM
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Enterprise Software
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