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Karen Minogue is an innovative private consultant ready to work with companies in order to bring them to superior standards of excellence.
Working as director of consulting for Minogue International, Karen Minogue gives start-up companies and small businesses creative marketing tools and accounting functions to increase productivity and ensure efficiency throughout. Supervising these companies while they integrate her techniques, Karen works closely with these organizations to bolster them toward success in these times of economic hardship. Lending her services in a variety of areas, she oversees financial analysis projects for these companies and maintains financial records.
As a private consulting firm, Minogue International deeply examines how a company or business can function more efficiently and provides solutions to help it save more time and money in the future. Often, companies are not aware that they are spending unnecessarily and Minogue’s professional experience and expertise allow companies to have expert insight to better run their business. The goal for Minogue is to offer her services while still providing the customers of the business the same excellent resources as before.
Karen can provide the following services to companies:
• Financial management
• Complete analysis of all projects
• Reorganization of administrative properties
• Rearrangement of the company stock portfolio
• Organize company resources for increased efficiency

Karen as a private consultant ensures that any company will run smoothly and with less financial strain. Hard work is not ever an issue for Minogue because she knows without it nothing can succeed. Her passion for helping others and her knowledge of company management make her the only consultant to hire to put all worry and concern to rest.
Karen Minogue spent eight years working for Navigant Consulting. Between 2002 and 2010, Minogue acquired the knowledge she would need to build her own business from the ground up. When she advanced to director of administration and senior analyst, she worked closely with the CEO and was able to make important decisions in his absence. Working independently in order to achieve the maximum about of work, Minogue learned how to self-start projects and understood the dedication it took to be a leader.
Because decisions required her to think rapidly, Karen Minogue knows how to work under pressure and still meet deadlines in the process. Keeping a tight schedule is important for Minogue and she never allows an opportunity for assignments to become be left incomplete. Whether working from her desk computer at the office or standing in line at a store, every second of Minogue’s workday is spent maximizing productivity.
Navigant Consulting is a global services firm that is devoted to helping clients to create and protect their value. When faced with detrimental business risks and opportunities, Navigant steps in and offers solutions to the problems. Engaging with the senior level managers of the company allows Navigant’s professionals to combine technological understanding and insight to better produce changes within the company’s structure. Navigant offers services in the areas of economics, financial advice and business management. Addressing a company’s more pressing business concerns and needs makes Navigant one of the best firms when it comes to enacting effective change.
Karen spent her time at Navigant managing all bank accounts for the company and processing bi-monthly invoices for clients. Not only did Karen Minogue process counsel fees for foreign offices, she also managed administrative personnel and project contractors. In order to maintain and meet project schedules on time, Minogue oversaw all elements of projects and pushed the staff toward excellence. Because her mission was to help Navigant become the leading global consulting firm, Minogue stayed longer and worked harder to bolster the company to the top.
Excellent multitasking capabilities enabled her to increase her efficiency at all times. Because time wastefulness is not an option for her, she has learned to switch between various projects within the span of an hour. Committed to steadfast superiority and high expectations, Karen Minogue’s work at Navigant produced continuous development and professional rewards. Dedicating her entire day to ensuring that staff operated at the most efficient pace, Minogue proved herself to be the best professional for the job.
An occupation at Navigant giving advice and information solutions to people around the world has enabled Minogue to interact with political figures, high-profile clients and international leaders. This not only makes Karen Minogue a great conversationalist in all areas of her profession, it also shows her dedication to making the company successful in any capacity she can.
When Ibler International was acquired by Navigant in 2006, Minogue took that opportunity to increase her skills in other areas of the company. She was placed in charge of managing all of Ibler International’s accounts. While performing these extra tasks, Minogue continued to work the fast-paced environment of the consulting firm. Learning to anticipate the needs of office staff, Minogue researched, analyzed and drafted reports to maintain the highest level of office efficiency.
Her background in politics and public affairs has allowed Minogue to work closely with presidents and CEOs of lucrative companies. Fluent in reading, writing and conversational Spanish, Minogue worked as executive assistant to the chairman of the Terranova Corporation. Back in 2001, Karen Minogue traveled extensively with the chairman while still finding time to manage Terranova’s stock portfolio. Minogue handled interaction between the chairman and other professionals to ensure that proper lines of communication stayed open and clear.
Terranova is a real estate advisory firm dedicated to building client portfolios through real estate acquisition. Passionate in its commitment to deliver the best in client satisfaction, Terranova believes every request is important. Working with a sense of urgency in everything that they do, she spent her time at Terranova invested in making the company stand out from the competition. By giving stakeholders unwavering support for their decisions, Minogue and Terranova provided creative solutions to client problems.
While at Terranova, Karen Minogue had access to lines of credit for over 1.5 million dollars to help the company run smoothly. Placing client needs above the politics of the business allowed Minogue to help the company grow and profit with regard to its resources. Adopting new technologies to assist her team members advance in the changing market, she demanded excellence from everyone she worked with.
Through services including financing, dispositions, acquisitions and market research, Minogue was surrounded by the best in terms of real estate moguls in the field. She never passed up a chance to learn from the chairman and other individuals as to how she could better educate herself on the ins and outs of the market. Through persistence and determination, Minogue soon found herself handling professional correspondence and advising on upcoming turns in the real estate industry.
Working at the side of all these numerous business professionals in various industries has made it possible for her to strike out on her own and help her clients in the way she wants. Using everything she has learned over the years, Minogue has set herself up to meet the high expectations she has established for herself and her business. Her never-ending energy and professional achievements mean she will not rest until the companies she works with have achieved all the goals they have set.
Even when others become tired, Karen Minogue is up working to create successful business outcomes. Perfection is a key motivating factor for Minogue and she has shown no signs of believing that it is not attainable. Using what she has learned from past experiences, Karen has continued to make steady advances in creating success. In knowing multiple operating systems for computers and various skills in management and financial endeavors, companies have trusted Karen Minogue to provide the best solutions and she has never disappointed.
While continuing to provide excellent services to companies and businesses that need her assistance, Karen Minogue looks forward to helping people transition to a system that truly works. Her background, education and experience mean Minogue is the best consultant to trust when it comes to reorganizing financial plans or administrative processes. Travel has always excited Minogue and working with companies out of the country is next on her list of must-haves.
With new companies emerging every day, she believes that her expertise will be needed on a regular basis. It is difficult for new businesses to anticipate the shifts in the industry and without the proper methods in place, financial hemorrhaging will force the doors closed faster than the owners could anticipate. Having Karenin a company’s corner ensures that business functions properly and efficiently. Because she gives 100 percent to clients all of the time, success is never just an option—it is almost guaranteed.
Not only does Karen Minogue enjoy the work she does with the people she interacts with, she knows that without her help companies would continue suffering and struggling to make it in the business. Always ensuring that her clients come first, Karen goes out of her way to educate companies on new techniques and provide them with assistance any time of day. With an experienced staff at her side and the commitment to see a project through to the end, Karen Minogue knows that the sky is the limit for the services she can provide to businesses around the world.

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  • University of Miami , United States

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  • Financial management
  • Complete analysis of all projects
  • Reorganization of administrative properties
  • Rearrangement of the company stock portfolio
  • Organize company resources for increased efficiency
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