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Noah MinskoffMD
United States
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Noah Minskoff, MD is a physician with a background in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and an inventor with 5 issued patents and 9 patent applications for technologies in the field of smoking cessation and surgery, Dr. Minskoff is currently working as a consultant in Biotechnology and Consumer Facing Healthcare.

Noah Minskoff, MD is founder of several start-up companies that were recently acquired by a private equity firm he is currently enjoying working as a consultant to multiple companies involved in newly emerging and innovative life-science technologies. In Dr. Minskoff's current work he is fortunate to participate in a diverse range of projects from the early stages of pre-clinical development to more mature companies in the late stages of product and technology development who are bringing groundbreaking technologies to the health care marketplace. Dr. Noah Minskoff is bringing his expertise to companies involved in medical device innovation, nicotine replacement therapy, novel molecular and genetic diagnostic testing, and new therapeutic drug discovery.

Dr. Noah Minskoff, MD holds three Bachelor of Science degrees from Boise State University that he earned in only three years of undergraduate study. While at Boise State Dr. Minskoff worked in the research lab of Dr. Dale Russel, PhD to develop novel microsensors. Dr. Noah Minskoff attended the University of Utah School of Medicine and graduated with Honors in Internal medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery.

While at the University of Utah School of Medicine Dr. Minskoff founded the Translational Research and Venture Development Interest Group which quickly became one of the largest medical school interest groups in the School of Medicine. Through the interest group Dr. Minskoff founded and raised capital for the Bench to Bedside Medical Device Design and Development program. The Bench to Bedside Medical Device Concept and Design program provided a competitive opportunity for medical students, engineering students, and business students to develop a medical device concept or to develop a concept for a novel improvement of a current medical device. Dr. Noah Minskoff developed the program from concept through execution. Over 80 medical, bioengineering, and business students participated in the program, and 50 advisors from the School’s of Medicine, Engineering, Business, as well as private industry worked directly with the student teams. Dr. Noah Minskoff raised $250,000 in funding to provide support for the program we had 7 of a total of 14 student teams awarded $70,000 for continued development of their novel technology. In addition 14 provisional patents were filed by the University of Utah Technology Commercialization office from Intellectual Property generated from the students participating in the program. The program has continued to be one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind in the nation.

Dr. Noah Minskoff also cofounded the BioInnovate Program which is a graduate level track program int he University of Utah School of Engineering pairing physician and engineers together to develop and commercialize novel technology. The purpose of the BioInnovate program is to provide a unique opportunity for resident physicians, bioengineering graduate students, and medical students at the University of Utah to design and develop new medical devices and technology while earning an MS in Bioengineering in a single year. This new program, which started in July, 2011 aims to provide a comprehensive biomedical device design training program through the use of a multidisciplinary, hands-on teaching approach in classroom, clinical, and laboratory settings. Students from engineering, medicine, business, and law backgrounds are trained in clinical problem identification, medical device innovation, and commercial translation; all within the regulatory framework of the FDA. Students immerse themselves within clinical environments and learn to observe procedures, the utilization of medical devices, and interact with patients and clinicians to uncover unmet clinical needs. Students then translate these unmet needs into medical device concepts that are refined for commercial potential. More information at

Dr. Minskoff also completed a Fellowship in New technology and Business Development through the Pierre Lassonde Center for Innovation and the David Eccles School of Business. Dr. Minskoff worked in a highly dynamic and cross-functional environment learning skills associated with developing new medical technology and products. Focusing on the integration of student, faculty and university resources to design, develop, test, patent and prototype novel medical technology. Many of these new technologies were then developed into new companies with the purpose of commercializing the technology.

After Medical School Dr. Minskoff entered in the General Surgery Program at Stanford University, he took leave from residency to deal with pressing family medical issue.

Dr. Noah Minskoff is a serial entrepreneur and founded his first company while in Medical School. Having lost his mother to lung cancer Dr. Minskoff's early endeavors were focused on the field of Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Dr. Minskoff's interests in his companies and patents and pending patents were acquired in 2013 by a Venture Capitalist and Dr. Minskoff continues to consult, working to bring more effective solutions to help people safely and effectively quit smoking. Dr. Minskoff has also designed and patented a novel surgical device which is seed funded in the early stages development and the subject of a current NIH grant proposal.

Dr. Noah Minskoff is an avid volunteer and has donated his time extensively to help delivery low cost health care to the poor and underserved, to help those suffering from epilepsy, and working with at risk youth.

Dr. Noah Minskoff enjoys being in a highly dynamic, energetic, and demanding work environment. He has particular skill set that merges medicine, translational research, and product development and seeks opportunities to apply this skill set in bringing new, disruptive technologies and products to the medical and commercial markets. Dr. Noah Minskoff is looking forward to continued opportunities to work with Venture Capital, Private Equity Groups, and the companies they fund to bring innovative, and necessary new technologies to serve critical unmet needs in healthcare. As the technological landscape of healthcare rapidly evolves Dr. Noah Minskoff is excited to contribute to the development and commercialization of new diagnostic tests that leverage groundbreaking advances in genomics and personalized medicine and novel therapeutics such as biosimilar compounds and genetic therapies that restore normal function with limited toxicity.

Core Competencies
  • Medicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices
  • Health Care
  • Start-ups
  • Start Up Consulting
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Venture Capital
  • Smoking Cessation
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