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Aidan J. Cassidy is a city councilman for Fayetteville, North Carolina, with an extensive background as a public servant.
Aidan J. Cassidy is currently one of the serving councilmen for the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. After spending more than 20 years in the law enforcement field, he has decided to take his talents to another section of the public service industry. He is a core component of the city’s finance board, tasked with overseeing and managing the funding issues pertaining to Fayetteville’s numerous civic projects.

Fayetteville’s iconic downtown market house, which has become a staple of the community, came about thanks to the relentless efforts and ingenuity of Aidan. Using his extensive background in law enforcement, he also lends his talents to the council’s liaison with the Fayetteville Police Department, where he is responsible for addressing unique issues that affect the city.

As a city councilman, he can verify that his portfolio is full of important tasks and delegations, mostly revolving around annexation and development. Fayetteville recently participated in a movement in which it hoped to annex the adjacent town of Hope Mills. However, a multitude of questions and concerns have surrounded this initiative, and Aidan is doing the best that he can to quell any negative thoughts.

A majority of the issues that Aidan faces revolve around the ongoing development of the region. Rural needs counterbalanced against a growing urban area and wetlands preservation have become a sensitive political issue, and he is currently collaborating with the rest of the council, state authorities, and the EPA to direct growth in a positive way. This partnership will lead to the formulation of a solution that appeases as many people as possible.
Aidan J. Cassidy’s life is not just about work. He is an active member of the community, especially at his church, Highland Presbyterian. He is a dedicated member of the board of elders, which is tasked with overseeing all of the day-to-day operations of the church, its facilities, and its overall budget. He volunteers most of his free time to helping the church’s youth, assisting in molding them into successful adults who will lead purposeful lives. Aidan and his wife, Jean, have taught Sunday school for the past 10 years, and plan to continue this tradition well into the future.

When looking at Cassidy’s past life, many will see that he has spent most of his years crafting his persona into the successful man he is today. Like any prosperous citizen, his journey had to start somewhere. For Aidan, his began with his birth in the small town of Red Springs, which is located just outside of Fayetteville. He grew up working on his family farm raising tobacco, which would have a significant impact on his personal development.

Aidan J. Cassidy began his school career at North Carolina State University with the intention of acquiring his degree in agriculture so that he could return to his family farming business. However, he soon became interested in public policy, and he decided to change his major to accommodate this new preference. Upon his graduation, he was recruited by the Apex, North Carolina Police Department, starting his foray into the public servant industry.

As a rookie cop in a small suburban town, he was exposed to many issues surrounding development, urban expansion, and annexation. These facets would later have a significant influence on the future of his career, as proven by his current position on the city council.

Challenges are always welcomed by Aidan, and he continuously strives to expand his talents and abilities. He left the Apex Police Department to take a position with more responsibilities with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. He was posted to the western region of the state, operating as a law enforcement officer in a unique and fast-paced environment. Rural poverty and increasing levels of methamphetamines were just some of the concerns faced by the Highway Patrol, and Aidan J. Cassidy saw the opportunity to make an impact on the community. He volunteered to assist with the department’s drug task force, spearheading the movement to fight meth in the streets.

The exposure to the drug-heavy criminal underworld raised Aidan’s interest in using public policy to help fight social problems. It was around this time that he began attending city council and county commissioner meetings and conferences, where he was able to develop his knowledge regarding challenges and issues faced by the municipal governments across North Carolina. In addition to this, Aidan J. Cassidy began following local and state-level politicians’ careers in a different perspective. He scrutinized their performance, policy negotiations, and communication and interactions with other high-profile leaders.

Cassidy was soon offered a position with the Highway Patrol back in Fayetteville, closer to his family. Even though he was switching regions and communities, he was still an active member of the drug task force. This coalition involved complex cooperation between multiple law enforcement agencies including the Highway Patrol, the Fayetteville Police Department, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, North Carolina State Police, the State Bureau of Investigation, and the military police personnel and Criminal Investigation Division at Fort Bragg.

The agencies' cooperation led to a doubling of the amount of drugs intercepted by law enforcement over the next five years. Cassidy chaired the joint task force, and was instrumental in increasing interventions among drug users, offering clinical alternatives to arrests and prison time. Thanks to his work combating the drug problem, the governor of the state of North Carolina recognized his recognition,commending him for putting himself in harm’s way to ensure peace and civility in the community.
The future is unpredictable, but Aidan J. Cassidy hopes to continue his career in civic government. The unfortunate truth is that there are numerous problems in the community that are not fading, and they require the innovative and forward thinking that only few people such as Aidan possess. He does not plan to retire, but instead plans to run for a county commissioner seat so that he could have a greater influence on his community. While all of these positions are unpaid, Aidan finds them ultimately rewarding. It is not about making money; it is about serving the public.

Aidan J. Cassidy also intends to remain active with his church. As mentioned previously, he and his wife have held the position of Sunday school teachers for the past 10 years, and currently serve on various church committees. He is a strong believer in family values and believes that his work with the religious community will enhance the family notion in Fayetteville.

Aside from church and work, Aidan has plans to keep upholding his personal hobbies in the future. He is an avid reader who delves into every history book that crosses his path. His interests mainly lie in the stories revolving around North Carolina’s role in historical conflicts like the American Revolution or the Civil War.

Aidan’s passion for the past has allowed him to explore historic sites around the area, and he has spent many weekends learning more about the history of North Carolina. Next summer, he is attempting to take a tour of the old Civil War battlefields with his family, which he is looking forward to as the highlight of the season.

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