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Andis Harasani has enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in both business ownership and politics.
If anyone can be said to have enjoyed a diverse and successful career, surely it is Andis Harasani. Over the course of the last several decades, Harasani has spent time serving as a political official, and currently owns and operates his own highly successful business in the Brooklyn area. He has reached this position purely through hard work, determination, and a strong sense of ethics.

It is his political experience that will prove most compelling to some readers, yet the business acumen is every bit as essential to his character. A true citizen of the world, Andis has spent many years working internationally. In fact, Andis has accumulated much experience working in Albania, Kosovo, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia. More to the point, though, he spent seven years as a member of Albanian Parliament, eight years as a commercial banker, two years as a broker consultant, and three years as the CEO of the Albanian Power Corporation.

Today, he is known to business owners throughout New York as the chief executive behind Eagle HVAC, a company which specializes in providing superior heating and cooling services to businesses across the Brooklyn area.

Harasani also enjoys a number of pastimes outside of the office. An avid sports fan, he is devoted to physical fitness and is passionate about the game of soccer. Additionally, though he focuses on his business now, he also maintains a healthy interest in international politics.
It is difficult to imagine anyone having a more varied and impressive resume than Andis Harasani does. Here is an individual who has served nobly in the political realm, devoting a full seven years of his life to service in Albanian Parliament. That’s a grand achievement in and of itself, yet there is plenty more that Harasani has accomplished since that time; he has amassed years of experience in banking, financial advisory services, and management. As if that was not enough, he is currently the CEO and owner of a well-regarded HVAC company, which provides exemplary services to business owners throughout the Brooklyn area.

Of course, the achievements of Andis Harasani are predicated on a strong educational foundation. He received his MBA from McGill University in Canada, before which he earned a number of degrees in his native Albania. Those degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a diploma in law, both from Albania’s reputable Tirana University. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Associate Chartered Institute of Bankers program in London.

As previously noted, Harasani has a long and impressive career history. In 1998, he began work as a senior investment officer at the Albanian American Enterprise Fund. In 2001, he shifted paths to become a senior financial advisor for Deloitte Touche Central Europe; this work took him all across Central Europe.

After this, Andis Harasani assumed a position that foreshadowed some of his later work in the HVAC business, as well as his penchant for executive leadership. Specifically, he became the chief executive officer for the Albanian Power Corporation. He served in this position from 2003 through 2005.

Subsequently, Harasani began his service in political leadership. A proud member of the Albanian Socialist Alliance Party, he was a member of Parliament in his native country from 2005 through 2012. He served on the Commission of Economy and Finance, allowing him to leverage his ample experience in finance as well as his acumen for leadership.

Since his time in Parliament, Andis Harasani has relocated to the United States, where he enjoys both the challenges and the myriad rewards of business ownership. For approximately a year, he was a partner as well as the COO at Phoenix Network LLC, based in New York. In February of 2013 that he founded Eagle HVAC Inc.—a company for which Andis continues to serve as chief executive officer.

What exactly does this company do? As its name suggests, Eagle HVAC provides an array of heating and cooling systems and solutions. To call it just another air conditioning/heating company is doing it a disservice, however. In reality, Eagle HVAC is known as one of the most dedicated and reliable companies of its kind in the entire Brooklyn area. The company is especially well-known for providing reliable, cost-effective services for businesses in the area, providing all of their heating and cooling needs, including installation, servicing, and maintenance.

The business philosophy of Andis Harasani is somewhat unorthodox. He is passionate about providing his customers with heating and cooling solutions that work well—it is as simple as that. He endeavors to ensure that each client’s system runs as long and works as efficiently as possible. As such, it is little wonder that other business owners in the area hold him and his company in such high regard.

There are a number of services in which the company specializes; according to Andis Harasani, those areas include:

- Custom ductwork, designed to be beautiful and professional and to fit into any building or space.
- HVAC maintenance, ensuring the long-term health of any heating or cooling system.
- Commercial HVAC installation, for new or existing companies alike.

Clearly, Andis is someone with myriad interests, in addition to having a strong dedication to doing things right. This is what has made Andis so successful in so many different fields.
Predicting Andis Harasani’s future is especially formidable, simply because he is so multi-talented and has such a wealth of experience. As someone who has shown a knack for politics, banking, and business ownership, Harasani is someone who could conceivably do almost anything he sets his mind to.

Yet, he very much enjoys his current state in in life, and his biggest goal is to continue developing his current business, Eagle HVAC. He hopes to continue proving his mettle and earning the acclaim of business owners throughout Brooklyn—and in doing so, he endeavors to continue expanding his client base.

Additionally, he provides large and small business owners with reliable HVAC servicing, installation, and maintenance. He takes pride in making his clients’ units run as long and as efficiently as possible. In the future, he hopes to continue offering this high level of service.

In other words, we can summarize the Harasani’s future plans simply by saying that he hopes to keep doing what he is doing, and to continue improving—yet he has some more personal goals, as well. Simply put, he wants to become known and heralded as a true expert in his current field. Moreover, Andis Harasani hopes to continue developing a name for himself based on his extensive history in the fields of management, financial advisory services, banking, and political leadership.

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  • Chartered Institute of Bankers , United States

    ACIB, Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law
    01/1993 - 01/1994
  • Faculty of Economics in Tirana , United States , Tirana

    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Economics
    08/1988 - 05/1992
  • Faculty of Law in Tirana , United States , Tirana

    Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Commercial Law
    01/1988 - 01/1992
Career History
  • CEO, Founder , United States , White Plains, NY
    05/2013 to 12/2099
  • Partner and COO , United States , New York, NY

    not defined
    09/2012 to 04/2013
  • Owner & Founder , United States , New York, NY

    Owner & Founder
    06/2012 to 04/2013
  • Member of Parliament , United States , Tirana, Albania

    not defined
    09/2005 to 08/2012
  • Deloitte , United States

    not defined
    01/1999 to 01/2001
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