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RogerJames Hamilton

United States
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Roger James Hamilton is Asia’s leading wealth consultant and a futurist entrepreneur, author, and educator.

Roger James Hamilton is an internationally renowned social entrepreneur and business expert. He has traveled and lived all over the world, being born in Hong Kong, educated in Scotland and England, and doing much of his most famous work while based out of Singapore. Today, Hamilton lives with his wife in Bali, a small island province of Indonesia.

Hamilton makes regular guest appearances on the United Kingdom’s business television network yourBusinessChannel, which helps organizations and entrepreneurs utilize online video content formats to better market themselves digitally.

Hamilton is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, founded by American motivational author and speaker Jack Canfield, and the Clinton Global Initiative, founded by former United States President Bill Clinton.

• The Transformational Leadership Council is a networked group of leaders from the professional and personal development fields, including authors, speakers, consultants, coaches, trainers, and other such individuals. Their approximately 120 members meet semi-annually in order to connect to and learn from one another, enhancing the effectiveness of their contributions to the world.

• The Clinton Global Initiative is an organization of non-partisan global leaders, primarily of governments and major corporations, that convene regularly in order to devise and initiate innovative new solutions to some of the most pressing issues occurring throughout the world.

Hamilton is also the author of several popular books on successful business strategies, including Wink and Grow Rich and Fast Forward Your Business. His most famous book, however, is Your Life, Your Legacy: An Entrepreneur Guide to Finding Your Flow, in which he discusses the details of his widely popular Wealth Dynamics system.

Roger James Hamilton’s life has taken him through many different, successful avenues. He has been an author, a publisher, a philanthropist, and a citizen of several different nations around the world. During this time, he has developed a wide following of entrepreneurs from across all corners of the world thanks to his innovative social entrepreneurship ideas and his groundbreaking work with entrepreneurial profiling and wealth consultation ideas.

Early Life

Roger James Hamilton was born in Hong Kong, China, on August 8, 1968. Here he attended the King George V School, or KGV (pronounced “K-G-Five”) as it was known colloquially. KGV is an independent, international secondary educational facility of the English Schools Foundation.

Hamilton attended KGV until he and his family moved to Papua New Guinea. Here Hamilton lived until he was 16, when he left to attend Loretto School, an independent boarding school academy in Edinburgh, Scotland. He continued his studies here before eventually joining the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. He graduated from here in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

This same year, at the age of 21, Roger Hamilton co-founded the London-based publishing company Footprints, an avant-garde company that specialized in the publication of pictorial maps. These maps grew in production until Footprints had covered 42 specific cities all throughout England. Hamilton and his partner eventually sold the company in 1994 to another national printing company.

The next year, in 1995, Hamilton joined Dell Inc. Along with two of the company’s senior principals, Hamilton succeeded in developing Hand Technologies, an early pioneer in the sale of telecommunications and one of the first of its kind to specialize in online sales communities. Hand Technologies largely focused on selling Microsoft, HP, and Apple products through their online community network.

By 1997, Hamilton had moved again, this time to Singapore. While living here, he launched the Free Market Media outlets, which succeeded in securing venture capital funding from 3i PLC, a venture capital firm. That same year, also in Singapore, Hamilton began publication of Expat Living Magazine – a publication which has since gone on to become the number one leading magazine amongst expatriates living in Singapore.

Out of all of his many entrepreneurial ventures and careers, however, Roger James Hamilton is most known throughout the world as the creator and founder of the innovative Wealth Dynamics system, which is a profiling system designed to be used by entrepreneurs. First crafted by Hamilton in 2003, Wealth Dynamics is a psychometric testing system based on the works of the famous analytical psychiatric therapist Carl Jung. Wealth Dynamics also links Jung’s work to the Chinese I Ching, which Jung became the first to publish outside of its native China in 1920.

Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics system builds on this philosophical foundation by adopting both the Chinese concept of creating flow through alternating the interlinking of opposites and the five traditional Chinese elements. Through the Wealth Dynamics system, all success strategies are divided into eight separate paths. Hamilton details these paths, and the Wealth Dynamics system overall, in his book Your Life, Your Legacy: An Entrepreneur Guide to Finding Your Flow.

The Wealth Dynamics system and their models of success have also been advocated by a number of other leading entrepreneurs and business success authors. Penny and Thomas Power vouched for Hamilton’s system in their book A Friend in Every City, as did John Williams in Screw Work Let’s Play and Bob Urichuck in Disciplined for Life. A total of 30 more entrepreneurs also published a collaborative book in 2010 on their successful implementation of Roger's Wealth Dynamics system with their own business. This book was entitled The Wealth Garden: Catching Butterflies without a Net.

This same year, 2010, also saw the Wealth Dynamics system being supplemented by the newly adapted Wealth Spectrum levels. These divided each profile from Wealth Dynamics into nine different levels. Hamilton also modified his Wealth Dynamics system into the Talent Dynamics system during this same year. The Talent Dynamics system is used popularly amongst many different corporations and various other organizations. These groups include examples ranging from the American food product corporation General Mills to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

Hamilton’s Philanthropy

Through his success as a social entrepreneur and world-renowned wealth consultant, he has also had many opportunities to support a variety of charitable causes and organizations. On his own, his philanthropy includes supporting the following organizations, among others:

• The Pachamama Alliance – This foundation encourages both individuals and businesses to commit to protecting the Amazon rainforests and the natives who depend upon them.

• The Plant A Tree Today Foundation – This ecological organization encourages people all over the world to take better care of their planet.

• The John Fawcett Foundation – This organization is dedicated to serving the underprivileged citizens of Indonesia and Bali.

Thanks to the popularity of his Wealth Dynamics system and its iterations, as well as the many social entrepreneurial organizations and philanthropic foundations that he is a part of, Roger James Hamilton has plenty of plans to keep himself busy in the near future and beyond.

On the business side of things, Hamilton will be continuing his appearances and dispensing his expert advice on the United Kingdom’s yourBusinessChannel. He also runs a variety of seminars and other events throughout the year, and his schedule on this front remains just as busy as ever as he attempts to spread his successful entrepreneurial teachings to businesses around the world. His next book, The Millionaire Masterplan, is also slated to hit store shelves in the fall of 2014 thanks to the publisher Hachette.

On the humanitarian side of things, Hamilton’s work with his many philanthropic organizations is far from over. Roger also hopes to raise a minimum of $1 billion in charity funds in order to help support the underprivileged citizens of Singapore.

Whatever he does, Hamilton has committed himself to making the world a better place. Whether that means inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to greater success or supporting charities and humanitarian organizations to perform greater acts of good throughout the world, Roger James Hamilton plans to keep himself busy for a long time still to come.

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