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Rachelle Laronde

United States
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Rachelle Laronde is a personal chef who owns and operates Organic Eats, a Detroit-based company that provides a variety of private chef services to clients.

Rachelle Laronde is a personal chef who founded Organic Eats, a company dedicated to providing healthy, delicious meals for a variety of clients. The company provides a number of different services, including providing chef-created dishes for client’s everyday meals, providing inspired dishes for parties and events, and hosting cooking classes and wine tastings. Additionally, the company creates customized menus for a number of clients, and has created menus featuring Ethiopian, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisines. The company also coordinates parties for clients, ranging from parties for small groups to those with more than 200 guests.

Rachelle Laronde is a talented, diverse chef who is able to create healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice flavor. Her dishes are always presented beautifully, and she and her team put emphasis on creating inspired, restaurant-quality meals. She is dedicated to customer service, always meeting with clients before the events to get a better idea of their vision for the event. She then works to create restaurant-worthy menus that put this vision into action. When working in someone’s home, she always treats the space with the utmost respect, leaving it spotless after every session. The company’s packages include a number of different services, including shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning. Her clients praise her for providing professional, friendly and flexible services that put an emphasis on customer service and healthy cooking.

Rachelle Laronde has an intricate, personal relationship with food. Although she has always loved to cook, in high school she struggled with her weight for years, battling an emotional attachment with food that left her overweight and unhappy. Laronde soon realized that the way she viewed food was unhealthy, and that she needed a lifestyle change. In her junior year of high school she began adding fresh, organic food to her dishes, and her passion for creating delicious, healthy meals was born.

After graduating high school, Rachelle Laronde decided to transfer her passion for healthy food into a career. She attended the Culinary Business Academy, an educational institution committed to teaching chefs how to use business tactics to become successful in their culinary endeavors. After graduating from the academy’s personal chef training program, Laronde set out to begin her culinary career, eventually opening Organic Eats, a personal chef service company that provides a myriad of services to a variety of clients.

When she founded Organic Eats, Rachelle Laronde wanted to create a personal chef service that would offer healthy, fresh alternatives to clients without compromising flavor or experience. Additionally, she wanted to create a company that would provide a number of different services to clients, and wanted to price these services in a way that would allow them to be utilized by a number of different individuals, not just those with money.

Personal Chef Services

When she began Organic Eats, Rachelle Laronde envisioned the company offering a number of personal chef services. A trained personal chef herself, Laronde originally began the company with these services in mind, outlining two packages which would afford clients a number of different services for a variety of price ranges.

The first package that Laronde created when she founded the company is the “Full-Service Package.” This package provides in-home, private chef services, including grocery shopping, preparation and clean up. Laronde designed this package for clients looking for a personal chef to attend to their daily needs. The package was designed to provide packaged side dishes and convenient meals for the client’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The second package that Laronde created when she founded Organic Eats is the “Partial Package.” This package was designed to provide professional, chef-created meals for dinner parties, couple dinners, small groups and large gatherings. Laronde designed this package specifically for clients looking to throw a variety of events, including bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, and more.

Cooking Classes

When she founded her company, Rachelle Laronde wanted to offer classes to help educate individuals on the importance of eating healthy. Because of her struggle with food as a young girl, Laronde understood the difficulty of eating healthy, and the misconceptions regarding healthy food and taste. To help teach clients that eating well could be delicious and nutritious, Laronde included cooking classes in the variety of services offered by Organic Eats. She designed the sessions to be for small groups, up to 10 people, for $50 a person, plus grocery expenses. Additionally, she designed the curriculum to cover all aspects of healthy eating, from what to buy in the grocery store, to the set-up and the creation of delicious, healthy meals.

Wine Tastings

Additionally, Laronde hired a professional wine representative when she founded Organic Eats, to provide clients with custom wine tasting services. She designed the wine tastings to include appetizers, snacks, or dinners to afford clients a fun and memorable evening.


When she founded Organic Eats, Rachelle Laronde wanted to create a company that would serve a variety of clients, not just wealthy individuals. As such, she created a pricing plan that would lend itself to this vision.

For every package, clients pay for the grocery expenses. With the full-service package, clients are able to choose if they want their entrees and sides delivered to their homes weekly, monthly, or on occasion; this greatly influences the price point. Additionally, for a cook date, cost depends widely on how many servings of one entrée the client wants. Typically, three servings for two entrees, along with side dishes, is approximately $280. Four servings of three entrees, along with side dishes, is approximately $320, and four servings of five entrees, along with side dishes, is approximately $355.

In addition to being passionate about food, Rachelle Laronde is also extremely passionate about photography and film. She attended her first photography class in her early twenties, after becoming interested in the trade from watching her sister, who is a professional wedding photographer. In the past, she has assisted her sister at a number of weddings and events, and enjoys taking photography classes in her spare time to learn more about photography techniques and editing programs. While taking one of these classes she became interested in documentary making, and actually created her own documentary on her explorations of vegetarian dishes, and how to create a healthy meal without sacrificing flavors.

Additionally, Laronde enjoys scrapbooking, an interest which developed out of her love for documentaries and photography. In the past, she has given many scrapbooks to family and friends as gifts commemorating special events like baby showers and weddings.

When Laronde founded Organic Eats she envisioned a company that would create healthy, high-quality meals for clients looking to eat better or host private events. She designed the company to include a number of different services, including providing food for a client’s weekly meals, providing meals for client’s hosting small or large get-togethers, and hosting cooking classes for those looking to learn about healthy eating. As she moved ahead with her career as a personal chef, Rachelle Laronde became a member of the United States Personal Chef Association, and received credentials as a Food Safety Manager for NSF International, a non-profit, independent and global health organization.

As she moves forward with her company, Rachelle Laronde plans to continue providing customers with inspired, healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice flavor. In the past, Laronde struggled with cooking healthy food. Her personal experience making the transition to fresh, organic cooking inspired her to teach others about the benefits of cooking and eating healthy. As she moves forward with Organic Eats, she plans to continue offering cooking classes and personal chef services that place emphasis on these benefits. Additionally, Laronde plans to continue providing customers with the friendly, flexible services that have helped her gain a loyal client base. Laronde designed her services to be affordable to almost anyone; moving forward, she hopes that she can expand her company and offer her services to those who may otherwise not be exposed to healthy cooking. Additionally, Laronde plans to stay on top of food trends to better serve her clients. She is also dedicated to continuing her education, often attending acclaimed culinary classes, and plans to continue attending these courses in able to expand her knowledge of food whenever she can. She also plans to encourage her staff to attend these classes, and to experiment with new ingredients and techniques, in order to best serve her clients.

Rachelle Laronde knows that eating healthy is difficult, and recognizes that obesity is an epidemic in America. As she moves forward with her fresh-food inspired company Organic Eats, she hopes to make an impact on the lives of her clients, inspiring them to eat healthier, and subsequently curb the obesity rate in America.

  • 05/1998 to 07/2000
    : Culinary Business Academy
    : Chef's Education
    : United States
    : Detroit
Career History
  • 08/2002 to 12/2099
    : Owner
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Detroit, MI
Core Competencies
  • Cuisine
  • Culinary Skills
  • Wine
  • Culinary Management
  • Cooking
  • Pre-opening
  • Food Preparation
  • Hygiene
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