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Marco Robinson is a #1 Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Business leader, DJ, Model, Restauranteur, and Philanthropist.
If ever there was a man who might rightly be called a master of all trades, surely it is Marco Robinson. His list of achievements is seemingly endless, and each entry is wildly different from the one preceding it. Indeed, Robinson has achieved much in the fields of personal finance and wealth management; in the restaurant business; in writing, teaching, and coaching; in the music business; and beyond.

Robinson has contributed to people’s lives in a good many ways through his various independent ventures. These include providing delicious food through his restaurants, as well as hit music via his DJ career. More than anything else, though, he has made an impact by helping others to achieve financial freedom. This he has done by taking a wildly personal and idiosyncratic approach, through his seminars and speeches, through his webinars and online resources, and—of course—through his #1 bestselling books.

What makes his achievements even more impressive is that he has accomplished all of these things despite a challenging upbringing and a tough childhood. Not only did he have to overcome a broken home, but he also left school when he was a teenager: He simply did not fit into the education model being used. He has had to transcend his circumstances in order to succeed, which is what makes him such an inspiring figure to so many.

Robinson ultimately cares little about what others think. He works to support his own passions, follow his own dreams, and—when he can—make others’ lives better, plain and simple.
Marco Robinson is many things. He is a #1 international bestselling author, an award-winning entrepreneur, a renowned restaurant owner, a world record sales holder, an incredibly accomplished property investor, a successful DJ, a fitness guru and model, and a financial freedom life-stylist. More than anything else, he is someone who has achieved at a high level, and done it all on his terms: he is a truly self-made multi-millionaire, and he has succeeded solely by following his own dreams and passions at every step of the way.

What makes all of this even more amazing is that Marco Robinson started his journey to the top with nothing at all. He left school when he was just 16, with no academic qualifications whatsoever. He has long believed that anything is possible for those who know how to dream big and work hard to achieve their ideal life. He is living proof of this.

Now, Marco Robinson seeks not only to live out this philosophy in his own life—to truly lead by example—but also to educate, transform, and empower others. He has already changed countless lives through The Wealth Revolution Group, a company he founded six years ago now. He started the company with his own money, and it is now a multi-million dollar business. More to the point, it has helped countless others to become millionaires in their own right.

Another way in which he seeks to change lives is through his “giving back” platform, the FEME Foundation—which stands for Female Entrepreneurship Made Easy. This organization seeks to empower women across the world as they start up their own businesses with micro financing and with Robinson’s own expert mentoring and guidance. He tries to make the art of giving truly sexy through this organization, a real passion project for him.

Marco Robinson is an award-winning business starter, and the most prestigious of his awards came in 2009. This is when he won the covered Entrepreneur of the Year award for a unique business model, which supplied vacations worth $2,000 for only $50 to companies across the world. The business has helped countless companies—including major corporations—to experience record sales growth. He grew the company by a massive 1000 percent in under three years during the worst recession in history, and he provides work and business opportunities for thousands of people.

Even before he became Marco Robinson, self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, he was achieving at a high level. He enjoyed a long and successful sales and marketing career, heading a blue chip company with an annual turnover of more than $120 million in sales. During this period of his career, he broke sales record after sales record.

As a restaurateur, Robinson is perhaps best known for his NAKED Restaurant Group. This franchise brings a truly unique dining experience to the marketplace, and is set to expand its global presence in the years to come. He is passionate about making people’s lives better by providing them with delicious food.

Of course, he also makes lives better through the teachings he provides online, in person, and through his books. Marco Robinson is the groundbreaking author of the #1 international bestseller, Know When to Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich, which has topped charts across the planet and has been reprinted in a second edition, simply called Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich.

Moreover, he has made countless national radio and TV appearances and has spoken at a number of important conferences. He is in high demand on the speaking circuit and is often invited to talk on various platforms across the globe, including TV talk shows and newspapers.

Clearly, this is a man who has made something of himself—made something from nothing, in fact. He has done it solely on his own terms, according to his own rules, without allowing any societal restrictions to bind him. That’s what makes him such an inspiring figure to so many: Marco Robinson has done a lot, and he has done it all his way.
What does the future hold in store for Marco Robinson? The short answer is, more of the same. Marco will continue to inspire others by truly living out his own advice. Moreover, he will continue to explore his many passions, developing his myriad interests, and living out his dreams, totally unencumbered by societal restrictions or self-imposed limitations.

Robinson once found himself in need of a self-esteem boost, and as such he decided to devote himself to getting in shape, ultimately gaining six-pack abs and even securing some modeling jobs in the process. This certainly did have a positive impact on his self-esteem, not least because he did all of this while 45 years old. As a result of this, he is planning to open a new gymnasium under the Rockstars brand. The gym will offer a 24-hour experience and will be a place where individuals from all backgrounds can learn to seize the day and achieve their personal fitness goals. Robinson says the goal of this gym is to instill in others not just an appreciation for fitness, but also a high sense of possibility and of personal potential. Also notable about the gym: There will be live DJs all day and all night, and even an MMA training facility for those who wish to take up this sport.

Marco Robinson also plans to continue expanding his NAKED brand around the globe. The name itself has generated both buzz and controversy, and he looks forward to employing globally-renowned mixologists to develop signature cocktails, taking the brand even further.

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  • Buxton College , United States

    Self Taught Entrepreneur, Communication
    09/1986 - 05/1990
Career History
  • Project Director , United States , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , He was the head and started vacation superclub and was responsible for 2,000 staff.
    09/1997 to 09/2000
  • UK Sales Director , United States , Maassluis, The Netherlands , Marco was the head of all UK operations.
    10/1989 to 05/1997
  • #1 Best Selling Author , United States , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    to 12/2099
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