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Bernard Klepach is the founder of Duty Free Air & Ship Supply and is a progressive leader in the travel retail industry.
As the founder of Duty Free Air & Ship Supply (DFASS), Bernard Klepach continues to pursue exciting new opportunities and growth in the travel retail sector. Noting that the tourism industry is one that is growing exponentially—especially at a global level—Klepach and the DFASS team remain focused on expanding operations and opening new locations throughout the world.
Currently, the DFASS Group operates more than 75 stations found at international airports across the planet. This expansive reach makes DFASS one of the largest contenders in travel retail as its products and services are enjoyed by nearly 400 million airline passengers every year.
Under the direction of Klepach, Duty Free Air & Ship Supply has established a strong position in the duty free sector and has even introduced innovative concepts in the industry. With a strategic plan for expansion, this company currently employs 600 professionals in five continents.
While the travel industry continues to experience unique trends that align with changing global economic conditions, Bernard Klepach has proven a confident business leader who is able to develop lasting retail enterprises. Focusing on modern consumers, Klepach and the DFASS team continue to offer a wide range of luxury products at affordable prices.
Duty Free Air & Ship Supply is continually recognized for its exceptionally high level of customer service, allowing consumers to shop comfortably for quality products. In addition, this company is prized by its employees for offering a top-notch work environment that launches careers and creates new opportunities across the globe.
Bernard Klepach founded Duty Free Air & Ship Supply in 1987, entering a competitive industry with confidence and success. As a strategic entrepreneur, he built a leading brand in travel retail and has been able to tactically grow the business despite continual transitions in the global economy and travel industry.
Since launching this successful venture, Bernard Klepach has steadily grown this company to expand across five continents. Given the global importance of travel and tourism, he has developed unique strategies to ensure that Duty Free Air & Ship Supply is able to grow sustainably and deliver travelers an excellent shopping experience. No matter what part of the globe travelers find a DFASS location, they can expect to receive top-notch customer service and purchase a myriad of luxury goods at affordable costs.
In developing this brand, Klepach has helped to expand the concept of duty free shopping and what the travel retail industry could contribute to the economy. Today, it is estimated that most foreign travelers anticipate spending an average of $100 during each visit to an international airport. When looked at from a comprehensive perspective, he believes that there is enormous potential to stimulate global economies through duty free retail.
Consumers are continuously drawn to duty free for many reasons—Klepach and the DFASS team have remained focused on highlighting the unique qualities of this retail experience. For instance, DFASS helps consumers save considerable percentages on luxury goods—including cosmetics, perfume, clothing, accessories and jewelry. As a company that is dedicated to offering these products at affordable prices, DFASS works to give consumers an opportunity to own high-quality goods at a reasonable cost.
Although some travelers remain apprehensive of duty free shopping, Duty Free Air & Ship Supply has made the retail experience more accessible and convenient. For instance, Bernard Klepach is credited with introducing a series of catalogues on board several participating airlines.
These catalogues have proven a major innovation, as they allow travelers to conveniently browse available products and purchase them at duty free rates. This shopping option allows individuals to shop from the comfort of their own seat, without having to feel rushed at the airport while trying to catch a flight.
While catalogue shopping through Duty Free Air & Ship Supply has been a major draw to consumers over the years, he has also maintained a high importance on customer service. Individuals who shop in any of the global DFASS retail shops can expect to be treated courteously to gain the best deals in duty free commerce.
Bernard Klepach has explained that one of the reasons DFASS receives high customer satisfaction ratings is due to the company’s dedication to the employees. Simply put, by providing employees with a friendly work environment, staff members are confident in their ability to serve customers in a pleasant manner as well. This commitment to customer service has kept global consumers coming back to shop at Duty Free Air & Ship Supply locations whenever they are traveling abroad for business or pleasure.
Although having spent more than 25 years in the travel retail industry, he remains a progressive business leader who is constantly aiming to introduce new ideas and practices to the consumer public. Understanding the distinctive fluctuations of this unique industry, he is able to call upon his expertise to develop a company that is always progressive and in touch with the modern consumer.
Having created an internationally recognized brand through Duty Free Air & Ship Supply, he has expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors over the years. Applying his unique business expertise, he has grown to pursue new opportunities in the real estate world. Despite real estate market challenges across the world, he has shown how viable this industry is for creating wealth and stimulating the economy.
Similar to the projected growth of the tourism industry—and travel retail sector—Bernard Klepach is confident that real estate investment opportunities will continue to increase and produce wealth in 2014 and beyond.
Already having established an expansive global reach at Duty Free Air & Ship Supply, Bernard Klepach aims to grow this travel retail leader in upcoming years, as well as introduce new innovations in the market. He remains encouraged by current estimates regarding the tourism and travel retail industries, noting that now is a critical time to explore new opportunities in the market.
Particularly, he believes that DFASS will continue to experience growth and prosperity as global economies recover and consumers grow more inclined to travel and invest in leisure activities. In addition, as airlines continue to improve and make major transitions, he notes that more individuals will explore the possibilities of international travel.
Anticipating growth in travel retail and tourism, Klepach and the DFASS team are currently focused on expanding locations and achieving a greater global reach. For example, this duty free retail brand has recently announced projects to expand in United Kingdom airports. Specifically, DFASS locations will be opening in Virgin Atlantic terminals—allowing this retail brand to grow alongside one of the most popular names in airline travel.
In addition to UK expansion, DFASS has also announced plans to open new locations in Latin America and China. With Latin American counties experiencing newfound commercial independence, Bernard Klepach explains that there is great opportunity to explore business growth in this region’s tourism industry. In China, travel rates have continued to increase under greater economic prosperity—this is a trend that has also created favorable conditions for DFASS to open locations in this expansive country.

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