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Robert Saman is an accomplished corporate attorney with a unique business mindset.

20+ years of broad legal and corporate executive experience, including Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, in multi-national public companies, and as counsel with large multi-practice top-tiered law firms

Trusted legal, business and strategic advisor to public and private company boards and executive management teams

Board member and officer of multiple public companies’ domestic and international subsidiaries

Recognized for proven leadership, management, analytics, mediation and negotiation skills, and business oriented approach to solving legal problems in the most economically advantageous manner

Legal expertise in corporate and board governance; secretarial and treasury affairs; compliance and risk management; intellectual property protection; complex litigation management, including arbitration and mediation; human resources and employment matters; securities laws; public and private mergers & acquisitions, financings, and credit facilities; multifaceted commercial transactions and strategic partnerships; global expansion; and domestic and international entity structuring

Graduated from Stanford Law School, with distinction, and from the Haas Business School at the University of California at Berkeley, with highest honors

Complementary business career prior to law school as a financial analyst (4 years) and senior consultant / auditor with Ernst & Young LLP (3 years); Certified Public Accountant (inactive)
Robert Saman is an extraordinary corporate attorney who has a firm grasp on modern business practices. Having worked in the business world for seven years before becoming a lawyer, he is able to offer company heads incredible insight into a variety of legal issues.

Demonstrating a remarkable ability to negotiate

As an attorney, Robert Saman has proven himself as a master negotiator. He has the ability to look at any complex legal situation and decide the proper course of action to take in order to ensure that both parties are benefited in some way.

Negotiating like a lawyer

Although attorneys are required to negotiate through some very complicated legal matters, many of the same techniques that they employ are also applicable to everyday business. Before going into any business deal, it is always very important to decide exactly what terms you can and cannot accept. Doing so will help you to approach the situation with much more confidence. It will also prevent you from regretting a hastily made decision at a later time.

Remain upbeat and positive

Although it is always a good idea to present yourself as self-assured when trying to negotiate a business deal, you never want to come across as smug. When doing business with your counterpart, it will help to smile and remain friendly throughout the entire process.

Do research beforehand

Going blindly into a business deal will always prove disastrous. It is always a good idea to research the product or service that you are seeking and the person with whom you will do business.
Robert Saman is an incredibly accomplished attorney who has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, having worked in finance and accountingfor seven years before becoming a lawyer, Mr. Saman has an unusually firm grasp on the relationship between the law and business. Because of his highly unique professional background, Mr. Saman is exceptionally qualified to serve in a consulting role at a major corporation.

Mr. Saman invests in his education

Even when Mr. Saman was very young, he knew that he would need to apply himself to his schooling if he wanted to become successful later in life. After making excellent grades in high school, he enrolled at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. In December of 1987, Mr. Saman graduated from UC Berkeley with highest honors, earning a bachelor of science degree in business administration. His final grade point average was an impressive 4.1. While at Berkeley, Mr. Saman even made the dean’s list and was named a scholar by the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Joining the Beta Alpha Psi Honorary Accounting Society

While Robert Saman was completing his coursework at the University of California at Berkeley, Mr. Saman joined the Beta Alpha Psi Honorary Accounting Society. Belonging to this extraordinary fraternity gave him the chance to become acquainted with many other high achieving intellectuals in his field.

Continuing his education at Stanford Law School

After graduating with a bachelor of science degree in business administration from the University of California at Berkeley, Mr. Saman made the decision to apply to Stanford Law School. While making excellent grades at Stanford, Mr. Saman also applied himself to several other extracurricular activities. In fact, he served as an editor for the Stanford Journal of International Law. Saman also joined the Stanford Law and Technology Association and the Stanford Law and Business Society. In May of 1998, he completed his juris doctor and graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 (graduating with distinction).

Working with the East Palo Alto Community Law Project

While he was completing courses for his juris doctor at Stanford Law School, Robert Saman worked for the East Palo Alto Community Law Project. This amazing project offered necessary legal counseling to low-income families in the area. The time that Mr. Saman spent collaborating with the other volunteers at the East Palo Alto Community Law Project helped him to realize the importance of looking out for those who are less fortunate. Saman now understands that lawyers have the power to drastically improve the lives of those who are in need.

Working in business for seven years

Before Mr. Saman became an attorney, he worked in business for seven years. Mr. Saman’s unique background has given him a real edge over his colleagues. Most attorneys leave law school with only a general knowledge of legal proceedings. They must then learn how to apply the law to a specific area through experience. Mr. Saman, on the other hand, had a firm grasp on the relationship between the law and business, in particular, finance and accounting, well before he went to work as an attorney.

Mr. Saman receives CPA training

Before Mr. Saman became a lawyer, he was trained as a certified public accountant. His CPA instruction helped him to understand the complex laws of accounting and how to read and analyze financial statements. Because his business acumen was tailored to this particular area early in his career, Mr. Saman has proven himself as a real asset to several companies.

Mr. Saman has the utmost respect for the law

Mr. Saman has always believed in following the law to the letter. Whenever he litigates on a case, or negotiates a contract or settlement, he always argues in a way that is both morally responsible and beneficial to his client. Mr. Saman believes that all attorneys should try to achieve such a balance on every legal proceeding.

Mr. Saman’s devotion to this family

Although Robert Saman’s friends often describe him as a man who is driven to succeed in his career, he also understands the importance of family. In fact, there is nothing more precious to Mr. Saman than his wife and his two children. Whenever he is not working, he tries to spend as much time with his family as possible.

Robert Saman works on cases regarding intellectual property rights

Through the years, Mr. Saman has worked on a variety of legal cases regarding intellectual property rights. This type of law concerns branding, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and industrial design rights.

The importance of protecting intellectual property

Thankfully, the US government offers copyright protection to people or companies that have pioneered unique ideas or processes. Unfortunately, some dishonest individuals are perfectly willing to steal ideas that do not belong to them and pass them off as their own. As an experienced attorney who has worked on many cases involving the rights to intellectual property, Robert Saman understands how valuable intellectual property laws are.
Robert Saman intends to use the wealth of experience that he has accumulated in the corporate and legal world to advise company heads on a variety of issues regarding business and the law. Taking into account his professional background, he seems an obvious candidate to fulfill the position.

The importance of multiculturalism

Having grown up in Asia, Robert Saman began to understand the importance of learning about other cultures when he was very young. In light of this realization, he has always tried to incorporate a multicultural worldview into his daily workplace activities. Mr. Saman feels that by remaining sensitive to the thoughts and values of other cultures, he can help to foster a sense of tolerance and respect among his peers.

Multiculturalism and politics

Unfortunately, America is now at odds with several other major world powers. When examining these situations very closely, one cannot help but feel that this conflict is partially due to a lack of cultural understanding on both sides. In light of this realization, it becomes obvious that remaining tolerant of the thoughts and beliefs of others is paramount to the ushering in of world peace.

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  • University of California at Berkeley , United States

    B.S. Degree In Business Administration
    - 01/1987
  • Stanford Law School , United States

    Juris Doctor - Graduating with Distinction
Career History
  • HGST Legal Transition Team; Previously -- Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Secretary , United States , Santa Ana, CA
    01/2010 to 12/2099
  • Volunteer , United States

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