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Colleene Knorek-Swolsky is a Pilates instructor and exercise enthusiast operating out of Perrysburg, Ohio.
Colleene Knorek-Swolsky is an exercise aficionado with several years worth of experience. She is currently the President of the Movement Lab, a workout studio in Perrysburg, Ohio. Within the facility, she manages several different departments. The primary component is the Pilates Rehabilitation Studio, where she helps patients complete physical therapy through the art of Pilates.

Colleene Knorek-Swolsky is also President of the United States division of Casall, a Swedish exercise brand. Casall specializes in promoting exercise to the community. The company offers assistance to enthusiasts who are interested in getting in shape. Some features that are provided by Casall include:
- Electronic apps to help keep track of workout routines.
- A long line of workout clothing, designed to deliver comfort and style.
- Multiple training videos detailing workout routines that target specific body parts.
- A list of certified trainers along with their qualifications and experience.
- An exclusive line of sports bras designed by Casall for all types of training.
- A variety of weights and equipment along with tutorials on how to use them.

The significance of the Casall brand is that it tailors to a wide demographic. Exercise beginners and experts can find the right training and equipment to suit their needs. The certified trainers also work at a manageable pace for the client. It is their duty to make sure that their clients receive the maximum benefits from their exercise, but do not overwork themselves.

Ms. Knorek-Swolsky believes in helping people stay physically fit and healthy. That is why she has dedicated her life to the art of Pilates and fitness. Her passion for teaching physical fitness comes from her personal life.
Colleene Knorek-Swolsky was born to Michael and Margaret Knorek on June 3, 1969. After graduating from McAuley High School in 1986, she attended the University of Michigan. During her college years, she gained an interest in exercise and physical fitness. From 1994 to 1997, she was a member of the Pilates Guild at her school.

In 1994, Colleene Knorek-Swolsky received her certification through the Power Pilates Teacher Training Studio. These credentials helped her become a Power Pilates teacher at a Pilates studio in Sylvania, Ohio. She remained with the studio, Body Defined, for several years, eventually becoming President. In 2006, she left to pursue other exercise endeavors.

Colleene Knorek-Swolsky acquired a job as a Power Pilates instructor in New York between 2001 and 2008. Her experience at this studio was important to her growth due to the various backgrounds she was exposed to. Her hard work and commitment to the job led her to become nationally recognized as the “teacher for teachers.”

Colleene Knorek-Swolsky continued to study the art of exercise science. She fulfilled a three-month study under the tutelage of Mary Bowen. Ms. Bowen is renowned in the Northeast as a Pilates professional and psychoanalyst. Ms. Bowen’s helped Ms. Knorek-Swolsky complete two courses to develop a deeper understanding of Pilates.
- Passing the Torch – This personalized program teaches Pilates instructors the extensive history and background of the exercise. A typical course consists of one to three weeks of training under a master teacher. Although not mandatory, Passing the Torch is highly recommended for Pilates instructors.
- Psych Meets Movement – This program is based on the teachings of 20th century psychotherapist, Carl Jung. Students learn how Pilates affect one’s mental fitness as well as physical health.

Colleene Knore-Swolsky completed a course in 2012 at the Pilates Center of Austin. Mentors Wendy Arbuckle and Tom Myers taught her the concept of body-mapping and its role in Pilates. Body-mapping helps instructors construct their exercise techniques because it studies how the human body moves.

Currently, Colleene Knorek-Swolsky acts as President of the Movement Lab. When she is not working, she likes to stay active outdoors. Some of her favorite activities include kayaking, biking, and spending time with her two teenagers.


Casall is a Swedish workout trademark that sells its brand in over 18 countries around the world. The company offers a wide range of services like equipment, sportswear, and professional training. Casall places a special emphasis of its business on accommodating the female fitness enthusiast.

CEO Carl-Axel Surtevall was born in Norrkoping, Sweden. His family operated Fix Trikafabriker AB, a factory that produced children’s clothing in Scandinavia. His exposure to the fabric and apparel industry is what sparked interest in Mr. Surtevall at a young age. While in college, he focused his studies on lifestyle, wellness, and physical fitness. Right after he finished college, he started his own fitness equipment company.

The company had a strong start, building a large clientele base in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Casall created its first fitness center catered to women in 1982. It was during this time that Mr. Surtevall formulated a plan to create a line of women’s fitness clothing. This brand would allow for comfort and style for the female gym attendee. Casall’s first line of women’s workout apparel was launched in 1984. Special attention was focused on the female body form so as to create the perfect clothing.

Casall has since expanded its clothing line to men, increasing sales and expanding its market. The company mainly sells products through its online store, but it operates several physical stores in Sweden. Perrysburg, Ohio is home to one Casall retail store, operated by Pilates instructor Colleene Knorek-Swolsky.


Casall’s product manufacturing process adheres to four components: design, function, quality, and ethics. Each element of the process is created to ensure that the best products are created for fitness advocates.

Design – Clothing with the Casall brand is designed to help wearers feel great and look great. The products work to enhance the body’s image instead of obscuring it.

Function – Casall’s clothing allows for wearers to receive proper ventilation during their workouts. The clothes also reduce constriction, allowing the body to have full mobility.

Quality – All of Casall’s clothing is created to last. Unlike other brands, Casall will not show wear and tear after a few gym sessions.

Ethics – Casall upholds a strict code of ethics and morals in its business. The company works to leave a small negative impact on the environment while still ensuring the highest quality for its products.

Sports Bra Guide

Specializing in women’s fitness clothing, Casall has designed a line of sports bras. Each type of bra is designed for different levels of training and body types.

The Support Boxback Sports Bra is for lighter activities like running. It is recognized as the most feminine and aesthetic bra because of its heart-shaped neckline. It is also most suitable for smaller bust sizes.

The Adjustable Sports Bra is designed for larger bust sizes and low-intensity training like yoga. Customers have preferred the soft, comforting fit of this sports bra.

The Multisport Sports Bra is well-received by consumers because it allows for a wide range of movement. It is suitable for virtually any intensity level of training and most cup sizes.

The High-Performance Sports Bra is a customer favorite due to its versatility. Although it is designed for high-intensity sports like football and rugby, the high-performance sports bra accommodates a majority of cup sizes.

The Moulded Cross Back Sports Bra offers definition to a woman’s bust. Designed for mid-level activities like weight-training, this bra has adjustable straps on the back.

The Padded Sport Bra provides a special feature in its material that absorbs sweat. It also has adjustable straps on the back like the Moulded Cross Back Sports Bra.

Aside from running Casall’s United States store, Colleene Knorek-Swolsky has committed many years of her life to fitness and wellness. Her dedication to physical health has helped her become an accomplished Pilates teacher. She is always learning and implementing new methods to help improve her technique. Many clients owe their newfound fitness to the excellent instruction of Colleene Knorek-Swolsky.
Colleene Knorek-Swolsky believes that Casall’s success will continue far into the future. The company is working on introducing new, innovative equipment and apparel to its clientele. The world of sports apparel is seeing major advances in clothing development.

One model that scientists are currently researching is a one-piece exercise outfit, similar to a wetsuit. The outfit utilizes a fabric called “neoprene,” which absorbs moisture. The outfit is sealed air-tight to keep the wearer warm; however, it also has small holes for proper ventilation. The material stretches to encompass a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.

Other clothing features include small accessories to assist the wearer during workouts. One company is designing an outfit similar to the wetsuit but including a series of tubes inside of it. These tubes carry water through them, cooling the body down and preventing heat exhaustion. Another company has proposed the inclusion of pockets and holsters to the suit so it can water bottles and protein bars.

Casall’s specialty in women’s fitness apparel has led to several innovations already. Clients and fitness experts have shown high acclaim for the company’s exclusive sports bra line. Casall hopes to expand this clothing area by designing bras that accommodate more sizes and high-intensity activities. For the best results, Casall encourages feedback from its client base and then uses this information to improve their designs.

Companies like Casall will continue to develop more advanced sports apparel. Colleene Knorek-Swolsky hopes to see major improvements in gym-wear so that she can work out in comfort. When pushing the body to its physical limits, it needs as much support as it can get.

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