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Bernie Stiroh is an HR outsourcing professional with more than 25 years of industry experience.
Bernie Stiroh has more than 25 years of experience in the field of human resource outsourcing, including holding a number of senior executive positions. This experience includes P&L responsibility at two different business units, both of which generated revenues of at least $250 million. In addition, he has a great deal of experience leading the delivery of services to client bases of all sizes, from an average of 15,000 ppts/client in one of his positions down to an average of 27 ppts/client segments in his most recent one.

Stiroh makes himself stand out in his field thanks to his range of work from large client businesses to smaller, more independent companies as well as his experience in P&L management. In addition, his results-oriented style and his veteran business experience in HR outsourcing make him unique as an industry professional. With these strengths and talents behind him, he has led his teams on to the delivery of superior quality services to their clients as well as the generation of excellent financial results.

Throughout his accomplished history in management, Bernie Stiroh has developed many different and impressive professional strengths and skills. For example, he is now an expert in such areas as back office operations, ongoing service delivery, and developing technology in both onshore and offshore models.

On top of all of this, Stiroh also has a wide range of leadership skills. He also has advanced expertise in such fields as customer relationship management, employee benefits, business process outsourcing, human resources, benefits administration, strategic planning, program management, outsourcing, vendor management, and analytics.
Bernie Stiroh first started out in his human resources outsourcing career in the same way that many successful professionals began: by obtaining a higher education. He enrolled at Princeton University after he graduated from high school. Here he obtained his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems.

Work Experience with Hewitt Associates

After his graduation from Princeton, Bernie Stiroh went straight to work for Hewitt Associates, which is today known as Aon Hewitt. This company is a leading provider of such services as human resource consulting, risk management, human resource outsourcing, insurance, and reinsurance brokerage. They also deliver services of the highest value to their clients all across the globe thanks to their team of 66,000 colleagues worldwide. With these assets, Aon Hewitt is able to deliver solutions to risk management and workforce productivity that are both innovative and effective.

One key advantage held by Aon Hewitt is their broad view of both risk and people, which Stiroh explains are two of the most important issues within today’s economy. Hewitt is also able to look at any change within one sector of the economy and anticipate what its impact will be on another sector. In addition, the company is able to keep a strong client focus.

Bernie Stiroh served the clients and professionals at Hewitt for two whole decades. During this time, he helped the company grow into the leading benefits outsourcing solution for Fortune 500 clients that it is today. Eight years into his tenure, he was made a partner at the organization. This was thanks in large part to his work in pioneering the company’s development of pension, 401k, and health and welfare administrative solutions including call centers, websites, and the underlying system of the company.

In his last position with Hewitt, Stiroh worked as their general manager for the northeast region, where he held P&L responsibility for approximately $250 million in revenue. Other responsibilities of his included ongoing service delivery, relationship management, and the development of technology for those clients on Hewitt’s proprietary platform.

On top of all of this, Bernie also held direct responsibility for approximately 600 employees throughout the northeast region. He was indirectly responsible for 300 more employees in the United States and 150 more employees in India. All throughout his time with Hewitt, Stiroh managed to consistently exceed his targets for both revenue and contribution margin, making him one of the most valued members of the company and a major player in their success.

Work Experience with Paychex

After leaving Hewitt Associates/Aon Hewitt, Bernie Stiroh went to work with the human resources, benefits, and payroll outsourcing company Paychex as the leader of their human resources outsourcing business unit. In this capacity he helped the company achieve the success that they are known for today as a leader in their industry. The company also has a commitment to success and an impressive record of achievement, both of which help them deliver excellent services to clients.

Paychex was founded with just $3,000 in capital by B. Thomas Golisano in 1971. Golisano had a plan to make payroll outsourcing easier and more affordable for the benefit of smaller businesses. Starting with just one employee, the company has since grown to more than 12,000 employees who serve over half a million small- to medium-sized businesses across the United States.

As the leader of Paychex’s HR outsourcing business unit, he had complete accountability for all client service delivery to approximately 26,000 clients as well as P&L responsibility for $300million in revenue. Additionally, he led a team of 750 employees in two different operational centers with human resource consultant field personnel in 45 locations in direct service of their clients.

Bernie Stiroh helped generate excellent financial results by turning the business into a metric-based organization, allowing teams to see their own results and improve them with innovative, proactive ownership. In the most recent year that Bernie spent with Paychex, the company’s client satisfaction rate was as high as 9.3 out of 10, while employee turnover dropped to just 9 percent.
Bernie Stiroh has been able to see that human resources outsourcing is growing as an industry and that this growth will only continue in the foreseeable future. With this in mind, he seeks to put his unique experience and expertise to use furthering this industry growth and success. In these endeavors, he says that he prefers smaller companies to larger ones because they have the greatest potential for market growth.

For his own professional goals, Stiroh plans to join a new small business in a senior executive position that is in the client services industry, preferably with a specialization in human resources outsourcing. Here his focus is on providing outsourcing services for corporations, although he is not himself in corporate human resources.

According to Stiroh, the growth of HR outsourcing owes much to the emergence of newer businesses that help to bring small- and medium-sized enterprises the business strength of outsourcing services. Technological advancements are also aiding in this HR industry growth. For example, the rise of cloud computing services and greater mobile device technology has enabled many smaller organizations to effectively leverage HR data despite not having the resources and budgets of their larger competitors.

Outside of his professional plans, Bernie Stiroh also has plans to continue in his philanthropic work. This mostly includes making charitable donations to his college, Princeton University, as a successful and accomplished alumnus. In addition, Stiroh plans to continue making regular contributions to his local basketball teams, in particular the team at his old high school.

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  • Princeton University , United States , Princeton, New Jersey

    BSE, MIS
    01/1984 - 01/1988
Career History
  • Senior Director, HR Solutions , United States , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Paychex Inc
    01/2009 to 01/2014
  • VP, General Manager , United States , New Jersey
    07/2007 to 10/2008
  • Director, Business Group Manager , United States , New Jersey
    07/2003 to 07/2007
  • Health Management Practice Leader , United States , Ney York
    07/1997 to 07/2003
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  • P&L Management
  • Outsourcing
  • CRM
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Benefits Administration
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