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David Wallack

United States
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David Wallack, a Minnesota based yoga instructor, owns two studios and specializes in yoga, meditation and Reiki.

David Wallack opened his first yoga studio in 2006. Called Harmony Bliss, the studio proudly features natural bamboo flooring to elevate practitioners’ comfort. Wallack maintains a chemical- and pollutant-free atmosphere inside the studio. Participants are asked to refrain from wearing heavy perfume or other chemicals while practicing in order to allow all individuals to embrace a natural experience.

David feels incredibly blessed to enjoy Harmony’s current success. Since its opening, he has seen more than five thousand unique students pass through its doors.

He admits that this success is quite a change from his earlier days running the studio, when he was working seven days a week and sleeping in the studio lobby! Since those humble beginnings, David has come a long way. He opened a second branch of his practice, Harmony Wellness, in 2009. This expanded piece of his vision allows him to offer aromatherapy, massage, Reiki and even a sensory deprivation tank.

Men and women come from miles away to partake in sensory deprivation with David Wallack. Minnesota doesn't have many of these tanks, so he is proud to be able to serve a unique need held by his clientele.
What exactly is a sensory deprivation tank?The tanks were designed and implemented in the mid-20th century to allow users to meditate without any external distractions. Wallack’s sensory deprivation unit is a five-hundred-pound behemoth filled with water and Epsom salts. Users can choose either a single or double-person tank to submerge themselves in, and then take advantage of the stillness, darkness, and quiet to achieve unprecedented levels of meditation.

Although David Wallack lives in Minnesota, it wasn’t where he was raised. David grew up in Maryland with his two brothers. Encouraged by their father, Jeffrey, all three boys were athletic and competitive. As a child, Wallack and his brother Ryan were avid tennis players. He was particularly successful in the sport, enjoying victories on the regional and state circuits.

David Wallack, Minnesota yoga instructor, enjoys reminiscing about his childhood and how it led to his current position. The Wallack family was tight-knit while the boys were growing up. When he was just 16, the family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to allow his father to pursue a promotion as the president of a tool company.

While many teenagers would have felt unsettled by a drastic life change in the midst of their high school career, David didn’t let it throw him off stride. He continued playing tennis, eventually finding himself in the number-one spot on the boys’ team at North Mecklenburg High School. Never one to limit himself, he also enjoyed participating in the school’s drama and choral activities.

The rest of the family prospered in North Carolina as well. David’s mother, Doreen, worked as a realtor for Coldwell Banker. David’s older brother and tennis companion, Ryan, found financial success as a sales associate at a Lexus Dealership in Charlotte. Exhibiting a family trait of continuous self-improvement, Ryan has recently returned to university to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business.

Family was always important to David. He often spent summers with a beloved aunt in Arizona, even choosing to spend several months after graduation hiking through the arid red rock desert with her. He loved that lifestyle and seriously considered moving to Arizona after graduating from college. However, since he was already enrolled at the University of North Carolina, it was back to the East Coast for another four years.

Wallack began his collegiate career as a music performance major. His high school adventures in music and drama had contributed to a deep love of performing. David played the upright bass in a local jazz band and actually recorded a short jazz album during his freshman year. But while David loved music, his athletic side refused to be ignored, and he increasingly began to feel that he had chosen an incomplete path for himself. He switched his major in sophomore year, and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Exercise Science.

It was while he was looking for new ways to satisfy his athleticism that Wallack first stumbled upon yoga. After graduation, he found himself working for a call center to make ends meet – the long hours behind a desk frustrated his always-active form. One day, he wandered into a local yoga studio – and, in some ways, Wallack never left. Knowing immediately that this new activity was something he wanted to pursue, he leapt at the chance to fulfill an old ambition and moved to Arizona to complete a yoga teacher training course. Located in Sedona, the course required 200 hours of practice and training over 30 days. The course leaders encouraged David and other students to temporarily abandon their cell phones, televisions, radios and other forms of electronic media. For one month, Wallack was able to abandon the outside world and focus solely on strengthening his practice.

Wallack loved the red rock landscape of Arizona, but after completing his teacher training, he was ready to move to a new location in order to bring yoga to where it was needed most. While he admits that the choice was dismissed by some, according to David Wallack seemed to fit the bill. The city did not previously have a large yoga scene, so Wallack felt certain that his studio would be well-attended. He knew that yoga could bring untold relief to countless city residents during long, overbearing Minnesota winters.

Of course, David Wallack was never satisfied to simply rest on his current knowledge. He was always striving to better himself. Between teaching classes and managing the affairs of his studio, Harmony Bliss, he found time to study additional health and wellness management techniques. He received Reiki and aromatherapy certifications in 2007, and now offers courses and certifications to his own clients.

According to Wallack, all Minnesota residents need Reiki. Developed in Japan in 1922, Reiki is a form of energy transfer that promotes self-healing and personal balance. The word “reiki” is actually a composite of two Japanese words: “Rei,” which means "Higher Power," and “Ki,” which is "life force energy.” So “reiki” refers to the spiritually guided energy of life.

David Wallack is a Minnesota licensed Reiki practitioner, explains that if an individual’s life force is low, it can lead to sickness, anxiety and depression. In practice, Reiki involves the use of a variety of hand-positions to realign one’s life force. Those who undergo such therapy treatments explain that the process often feels like a warm glow is emanating over their body, leading to increased peace, security and happiness. According to David Wallack, Minnesota residents and men and women who live in similarly cold and cloudy locations often gain the most benefits from life-force therapies like Reiki.

Aromatherapy offers similar benefits. This method of alternative medicine relies on aromatic essential oils to alter our minds, moods or health. Wallack is quick to admit that alternative therapies such as Reiki and aromatherapy are not viable replacements for the proper treatment of serious medical conditions.

However, Wallack explains, for everyday stress, fatigue or unhappiness, natural remedies can provide significant relief. For instance, lemon oil can be incredibly effective at relieving stress, while peppermint oil can boost a mood and relieve mild depression. Sage can provide improvements to short term memory. For patients who wish to achieve the benefits of these techniques, David Wallack, Minnesota aromatherapist, provides the appropriate oil either topically through massage or by using an aerial diffuser.

When he looks back at his humble beginnings, David Wallack can hardly believe how far he’s come. From his early ambitions of becoming a jazz musician to his first days as a yoga teacher to the incredible success he enjoys now, David knows he has been blessed in his journey. He firmly believes that part of that success can be attributed to his willingness to work hard continually expand his knowledge. Just as he patiently acquired new certifications in Reiki and aromatherapy, in the future he hopes to gain new specialty certifications – perhaps in aerial yoga or sports massage. Ultimately, David Wallack looks forward to continuing to strive to best serve the community he practices in.

For David Wallack, Minnesota has been nothing but welcoming, so he strives to give back to the city whenever he can. One of the chief ways in which he accomplishes this promise is by leading meditation clinics throughout the cities, including in nursing homes and public schools.
He cannot speak highly enough of the benefits gained from meditation: it allows practitioners to calm their worries and truly focus on the task at hand. Notes Wallack, meditation needn't consist of a man or woman sitting Indian-style in a darkened room. Rather, meditation can happen anytime and anywhere when the mediator chooses to take a few deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time. When he leads clinics, Wallack encourages students to practice meditation at home, in the car, in a restaurant – wherever they can. It is with these efforts, as well as through his yoga and alternative therapy sessions, that David Wallack hopes to improve his city and his community in the future.

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    : Yoga Instructor
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