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Scott Sacane

United States
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As a molecular biologist, Scott Sacane is a dedicated scientist, entrepreneur and traveler.

When he’s not skiing, fly fishing, or travelling, Scott Sacane is volunteering in the community or working in the biotech industry. He studied molecular biology in school and has joined up with several biotech startups where he can apply his targeted scientific experience and business practice knowledge. Biotechnologies are more often than not applied to the realm of medicine and pharmaceuticals. The field also has a home in agriculture, gene therapy, and other areas of science.

Though he is from the east coast, Scott Sacane went out to Colorado for school before moving to Boston to pursue a career in biotechnology. Science finds a home in almost any region in the world; however, becoming a good scientist is not the easiest task. Scientists and researchers involved with startups, for example, need to practice good business skills and science in order to succeed. The best business-scientists are patient, well-read, and honest. In science, when almost every field links to one another, it is vital to communicate research and findings as clearly as possible. Communication is essential in both the scientific and corporate fields. As such, Sacane has become an expert in both and knows how crucial it is.

He is also an active contributor to his community. He believes that everyone has a part to play in order to build a more responsible and civil world. By contributing time and capital, even a little of both, people can make a difference. He actively contributes to Make-a-Wish Foundation and other charities, as well, when he is not busy with his professional endeavors.

Raised in Wall Township, New Jersey, Scott Sacane headed out west for an education after high school. He went to the University of Colorado where he studied molecular biology, a booming field in the science and technology arena. The field has applications in almost every realm of science, including gene therapy, medicine, nanotechnology, and others. Molecular biologists are also accomplished mathematicians, physicists, and chemists.

The University of Colorado consists of several institutions throughout the state, including two in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. It currently harbors more than 29,000 undergraduate and graduate students combined and has 150 different fields of study. Scott Sacane chose molecular biology, a subject that is applicable to many different realms of science. Molecular biologists focus on proteins, genes, and cells on an individual level. He did not go into teaching or academic research like many molecular biologists do; instead, he went into the booming biotech industry. Biotech research combines several different specializations to develop new technologies and research the marriage between biology and technology.

After college he went out to Boston, Massachusetts, and joined a startup. Business startups, whether they develop biotechnologies or walk dogs, have the odds stacked against them from the get-go. They require planning, entrepreneurial spirit, luck, and hard work from everyone involved.

His experience as a scientist makes him a worthy asset in any startup. Biologists look at individual units of a whole system; cells make up organelles, those organs, and so on until an entire system operates in unison with itself. Scientists, due to qualities like curiosity, precision, honesty, and patience, are able to utilize their skills in business to streamline and understand complex corporate problems. Mathematicians, for example, look at things logically. Biologists do the same; however, biologists have physical entities to deal with as well.

Travelling with Scott Sacane

Scott has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia on fly fishing and skiing trips. As a practical man, he believes in efficiency when going on trips. He has developed methods for ensuring that every trip is worth the investment of both money and time.

Planning out a trip is an endeavor many people would rather avoid. However, proper planning helps facilitate travel arrangements and reduces the chance of holdups and other problems. Paperwork is a necessity; travelers like Scott Sacane make sure to gather all of their paperwork in at least two different places for added security. Paperwork includes copies of passports, hotel information, flight numbers and departure times, maps, emergency phone numbers, insurance information, and even medical information. Nothing is worse for trips than getting lost or stuck somewhere because of lost documents.

Packing is also a process that takes patience and serious introspection. Over-packing means hauling heavy luggage from place to place without leaving enough room for souvenirs, while under-packing runs the risk of leaving vital things at home. The best method is to make a list for every member of the family. Necessity items like toiletries and medicines are expensive abroad, so make sure to double-check lists before setting out on a new adventure. Clothing is a different sort of problem; pack enough outfits for the trip while making sure to keep climate and variation in mind.

Startup Success

Though he enjoys traveling, science, and spending time with his family, he finds nothing more thrilling than startup businesses. This is evident in his career history, but he understands that startups have the odds stacked against them and require a thoughtful, experienced entrepreneur to pull them off.

He has found that the most successful startups have a good business plan. Business plans somewhat force future business owners to look at various aspects that they may otherwise overlook; these include projected cash-flow analysis, employee costs, transportation costs, utilities, building costs, and others. By carefully outlining a business, owners are able to project bottom-line revenues to stay afloat. If it is impossible on paper, it probably is in practice.

One of the best things about a business plan is that it helps entrepreneurs visualize what a startup will look like over time. Expansion, the main goal of any startup, is a difficult beast to tame. When a business owner is finding new contacts, hiring employees, dealing with back-end problems, and promoting, expansion is a crucial time in a business. Business plans encourage entrepreneurs to create mission statements and policies, two of many things that help keep a business focused and moving forward once expansion hits.

Startups also need to keep an eye on forming good business habits. These include aspects like communication, marketing, dedication, and other indefinable variables. The best startups create business environments that foster good communication in order to share ideas, stay on track, and keep employees in the loop. An entrepreneur’s employees are the lifeblood of a business even more so than products and services; it is important to make them feel appreciated and find a home with a startup.

Marketing is also a complicated process that is easier to do poorly than successfully. Whether a company is Web-based or a bricks-and-mortar retailer, Scott Sacane knows that without business there is no business. Successful startups often take advantage of affordable and effective online marketing. Through social media, businesses can build up a fan base and share information to attract attention and bring in new clients. Online marketing is easy to direct to demographics, a useful function for maintaining clientele in certain areas or branching out to new customers.

Scott Sacane believes that startups, whether they sell shoes, develop nanotechnology, or write textbooks, should utilize every tool available to them to achieve success. Often, entrepreneurs and employees give everything and more to ventures. More than half of all startups fail within the first year — and Scott Sacane knows that what makes one successful is how they act and operate.

Scott Sacane is an active learner and hopes to never stop studying molecular biology. His field of study has given him opportunities never before imaginable with a variety of startups in the Boston and San Francisco area. But no matter where his career takes him, he does not like to sit still.

Though he has travelled throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, he is looking forward to the comfort of traveling wherever and whenever he wants to. Adventuring out in the world is an ever-evolving challenge, one that is attractive to almost every person alive. He believes that, over time, he will become more efficient at travel and will visit the far corners of the world.

As an active contributor to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and other charities throughout his community, Scott Sacane wishes to continue making contributions of time and capital when he can. Community events, whether they support multiple sclerosis research, humanitarian efforts, or high school dance teams, need help from local residents. Not only does this help make towns and organizations stronger, it builds bonds between participants and organizations alike.

He became an avid fly fisherman in his youth and enjoys the sport when he finds time. He is also a skier capable of tackling the most difficult terrain both at the resorts and in the backcountry. Never satisfied though, he sees room for improvement in all of his hobbies. One day, perhaps, he will find a career move that will put him in a position to travel, make use of his fly fishing and skiing abilities, and spend more time with his family and community.

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    : University of Colorado
    : Molecular Biology
    : United States
Career History
  • 01/2011 to 01/2013
    : Tax Projects Delivery Group
    : United States
  • 01/2010 to 12/2099
    : President & CEO
    : not defined
    : United States
Core Competencies
  • Biochemistry
  • Start-ups
  • Biotechnology
  • Data Mining
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