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Roger Hamilton is a successful entrepreneurial mastermind.
Roger Hamilton is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. He has founded several companies and has also invented an amazing wealth creation assistance tool known as Wealth Dynamics. Roger believes that making a lot of money does not have to involve a lot of unnecessary hard work. His Wealth Dynamics program can help any beginning entrepreneur to unlock their hidden potential in only a short time.

Hamilton believes that the key to success involves much more than numbers and bottom lines. He has learned through his years of experience in the business world that generating wealth is about understanding what you are good at. It is useless to try to change your nature; it will only lead to frustration and disappointment. The trick is to make your natural inclinations work towards your own benefit. Mr. Hamilton has also published many books on the subject of wealth creation. He very much enjoys having the opportunity to help ordinary people master the trade secrets of billionaires. Anyone who reads one of his works feels instantly inspired to get out into the world and make money!

Roger Hamilton also cares about a variety of causes. He is an avid crusader for human rights agendas; and he invests much of his time and energy into protecting the environment. Roger knows that we only have one planet; therefore, we must all do our best to take care of it. He thinks that the best way to accomplish this goal is to encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to adopt socially responsible and eco-friendly business practices.
In 1968, entrepreneurial champion and humanitarian Roger Hamilton was born in Hong, Kong, China. He attended the King George V School, where he received a fine education. Hamilton soon left Hong Kong for the nation of Papua New Guinea. He continued his studies at the Loreto School in Edinburgh, Scotland and later graduated from the world-renowned Cambridge University with a degree in architecture.

His first business at age 21

After he had barely turned 21-years-old, Roger Hamilton co-founded his first business—Footprints. This avant-garde publishing company produced pictorial maps of more than 42 cities in the United Kingdom. Although it achieved great success initially, Footprints was sold to another company within a few years of opening.

Mr. Hamilton founds Hand Technologies

After the sale of the Footprints company in the mid-1990s, Mr. Hamilton embarked upon a new wealth-creation adventure. He created a new project called Hand Technologies. This ground-breaking company was one of the first businesses to specialize in Internet sales. Hand Technologies sold mainly Microsoft, Apple, and HP products.

Wealth Dynamics

Hamilton is probably best-known for his innovative Wealth Dynamics system. This remarkable entrepreneurial test allows users to determine which areas of business they are best suited for. One of the main reasons that Wealth Dynamics is so effective and so user-friendly is because it does not encourage individuals to change their natural inclinations. The system simply illuminates followers’ strengths and teaches them how to use the newly discovered information to their benefit.

Mr. Hamilton based his Wealth Dynamics technique on the psychological discoveries of analytical therapist Carl Jung. After helping users to identify their own entrepreneurial archetypes, Hamilton’s system matches users with one of his eight techniques for wealth creation. To date, more than 40,000 entrepreneurs have discovered the many benefits of the Wealth Dynamics program. Because of his highly effective system, Mr. Hamilton has earned the praise and respect of countless well-known business giants.

Roger Hamilton’s books

Mr. Hamilton has written a wealth of informative books on business practices. His works Wink and Grow Rich, Fast Forward Your Business, and Your Life, Your Legacy have sold countless copies. Mr. Hamilton has a remarkable for gift for helping misguided entrepreneurs to discover their hidden talents. In his published works, he reminds businesspersons that creating wealth should not feel like work. According to Roger, the best way to succeed in the business world is to use the skills that come naturally.

Expanding to Talent Dynamics

Roger Hamilton decided to take the same techniques that he pioneered in his Wealth Dynamics program and tailor them to suit the corporate world; thus, Talent Dynamics is born. Talent Dynamics is designed to help corporate leaders to assemble the perfect team. This program focuses on identifying the strengths and weakness of each team member.

Contributing to the John Fawcett Foundation

Roger Hamilton is a proud contributor to the John Fawcett Foundation. This charitable endeavor benefits many underprivileged citizens in Bali and Indonesia. Although the John Fawcett Foundation offers many assistance programs, it is renowned for its Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention Project. This program provides surgeries and treatments for Indonesians who have cataracts or other eye-related conditions. The John Fawcett Foundation also provides educational resources for children in Bali and Indonesia. The key to ending poverty and social injustice worldwide is unlocking the potential of young minds and providing children with as many opportunities as possible.

Mr. Hamilton supports the United Nations Global Compact

Although Mr. Hamilton is very shrewd when it comes to business, he believes in employing honest and socially responsible entrepreneurial practices. He contributes to the United Nations Global Compact in order to set an example for other entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, as more companies expand their markets to developing countries, there is a greater potential for abuse and corruption. The United Nations Global Compact encourages companies to adopt respectful business practices and to become champions of human rights causes.

Joining the Pachamama Alliance

The Amazon rainforest is currently in danger of ceasing to exist altogether. Every year, more rainforest area is cleared for lumber or to make way for new building projects. In addition, the native tribes of Amazonia are often forced off of their land and thereby robbed of their culture and their heritage. Fortunately, Roger Hamilton has joined forces with the Pachamama Alliance in order to prevent such atrocities from happening in the future. The Pachamama Alliance encourages businesses and individuals to commit to the cause of protecting the Amazon rainforest and her native peoples. It is difficult for Mr. Hamilton to imagine a world without such treasures; therefore, he will do everything that he can to ensure conservation in South America.

Roger supports the Plant a Tree Today Foundation

In addition to supporting the Pachamama Alliance, Mr. Hamilton also contributes to the Plant a Tree Today Foundation. This ecological agenda encourages people worldwide to not only plant trees, but to take better care of the planet in general. Sadly, our planet is becoming more polluted every day. Carbon emissions and industrial waste are robbing the globe of its beautiful and purity.

If we wait much longer to act, future generations will grow up to know a much gloomier version of the world. For this reason, we need more businesses and individuals to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions. With his involvement in the Plant a Tree Today Foundation and other conservation agendas, Roger Hamilton is doing his part to help the green initiative.
Roger Hamilton is currently involved in a variety of charitable organizations and is determined to help as many needy individuals as possible. Through his efforts with organizations such as the United Nations Global Compact, the John Fawcett Foundation, and Pachamama Alliance, he has demonstrated his commitment to making the world a better place. Roger plans to expand his giving to include more locations in the near future.

The future of Wealth Dynamics

Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics system has already helped more than 40,000 entrepreneurs to achieve great success in business. This amazing program is so appealing because it does not demand that users morph into different people. Wealth Dynamics identifies a person’s individual strengths and helps them to determine how to implement their talents into the right wealth creation strategy. Although many copies of this innovative system have already flown off the shelves, Mr. Hamilton is sure to see many more customers purchase his product in the future.

Mr. Hamilton’s future

As he has always done in the past, Mr. Hamilton will continue to explore new entrepreneurial and charitable opportunities. He also hopes to schedule more seminars worldwide.

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