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Mauro Weingarten owns Weingarten Dentistry, a dental practice dedicated to creating stunning, confident smiles.
Mauro Weingarten is committed to upholding a standard of excellence in his dental practice, generating quality staff and positive outcomes for every patient’s smile. He offers a calm and serene atmosphere, supplying patients with undivided attention and a family-oriented, peaceful approach.

Leading edge technologies

Mauro Weingarten is passionate about providing the best in dental services – helping patients achieve their optimal oral health from routine checkups to professional hygiene, tooth-colored fillings, root canals and more. The technology available at the dental practice caters to oral cancer screenings, all-porcelain crowns and so forth. All of the tools are advanced, causing Dr. Weingarten and his professional team to lead the way in cosmetic dentistry services, correcting flaws and enhancing the beauty of every smile.

Informative care

Weingarten Dentistry offers quality education and resources for every patient, no matter the complexities of their oral health. He is committed to helping individuals maintain a healthy mouth, which is why he pays close attention to preventative care and total-body wellness. As a family-oriented dentistry, Dr. Weingarten aims to instill proper brushing and flossing techniques with adults and children, pointing out methods to avoid decay and preserve a natural smile.

The dental office provides the following services:

• General and family dentistry
• Cosmetic dentistry
• Emergency dentistry
• Neuromuscular dentistry
• Oral surgery
• Gum disease treatment

The dental practice also provides dental implants services, cosmetic bonding, all-porcelain crowns, dental bridges, veneers and more. Cosmetic dentistry includes invisalign and teeth whitening. General dentistry covers TMJ/TMD therapy, sedation, athletic mouth guards, root canals and more.
Mauro Weingarten graduated from dental school at New York University and then attended Yale University to complete his residency at Yale New Haven Hospital, a level 1 Trauma Center. After his residency, he relocated to Houston, Texas to open his own practice. Weingarten was established to provide affordable treatment for Houstonians. Since he founded the dental practice, he pursued membership in a variety of organizations, including:

• Greater Houston Dental Society
• American Dental Society
• Texas Dental Association
• Las Vegas Institute

Mauro Weingarten is currently studying neuromuscular and functional aesthetic dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI).


Mauro Weingarten and his outstanding staff at Weingarten Dentistry is firmly rooted in the idea that better looking smiles grows confidence. The team contributes to Kids Smiles, a nonprofit children’s dental center in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The dentists, hygienists and educators that make up Kids Smiles are passionate about supplying quality dental care to thousands of children in desperate need, ranging in age from birth to 18. The dental centers pave the way for children to receive top-notch dental care, improving the oral health of more than 60,000 children.

• How it works: The dental experts at Kids Smile strive to spread awareness of the importance of oral health care in schools, day cares, day camps and Head Start centers, educating individuals on the dangers of tobacco and how to maintain optimal oral health. The oral hygienists teach children how to develop healthy oral health habits through free dental screenings, helping them develop secure dental services.

• Donors: Kids Smiles relies on the support of corporations, foundations and other dental practices and individuals to bridge the financial gap for children in need. Mauro Weingarten and his team are proud to promote such a worthy cause, and they continue to join them in their mission by extending sufficient education to families in the Houston, Texas area. Weingarten, like the professionals at Kids Smiles, believe that brighter smiles lead to brighter futures. The staff at Weingarten Dentistry supports the nonprofit’s health curriculums and programs, including Dental Detective Academy (KSDDA) and other prevention efforts.

General and family dentistry

Mauro Weingarten launched his dental practice in an effort to provide a friendly and affordable family-friendly practice. He consistently offers comprehensive dental services, from single visits and routine health checkups to composite fillings, dental partials, TMJ/TMD Therapy and more.

• What is TMJ?

TMJ is the temporomandibular joint, or hinge point, that attaches the lower law with the temporal bone of the skull. The muscles connected to the jaw joint and surrounding the area are what causes the jaw to reposition and move. Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is caused by jaw-associated issues, often resulting in stress, dislocated discs, grinding or clenched teeth, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and stress.

At Weingarten Dentistry, Mauro Weingarten invites individuals with TMJ pain to experience the benefits of orthotic solutions, restoring the balance of the teeth and jaw, thereby releasing stress, strain, pressure and pain. Orthotic solutions reduce pain in the jaw, face, neck, shoulders, back and other areas. Therapeutic orthotics are designed from a clear acrylic, molded to fit the lower teeth. The biting surface aims to place the teeth in proper position, relaxing the jaw muscles to pursue proper alignment in the jaw joints. The balance improves pain found in the muscular skeletal systems of the head, neck, shoulders and back.

Emphasis on women’s dental health

Mauro Weingarten is also passionate about educating patients on the importance of women’s dental health and preventative care. During various stages of a woman’s life, preventative care is vital to achieving optimal oral health. For example, women going through puberty experience high hormone levels that are potential causes for sensitive gums. Irritation from plaque and food particles can cause swelling, redness and other issues that can lead to periodontal therapy to help prevent damage to oral tissues.

Menstruation can also negatively impact oral health, as monthly hormone levels can cause bad breath. Thorough brushing practices and careful flossing, along with the use of tongue scrapers can prevent this issue. Dr. Weingarten can also recommend a chlorine-stabilized mouth rinse. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to dental health issues, such as gingivitis, plaque and benign tumors of the mouth.

Women bearing children need to consistently seek out dental health care during all trimesters, especially during the first. Aging in women can lead to periodontal disease, a condition linked with osteoporosis. After the age of 35, the disease can potentially cause permanent tooth loss due to gum disease and detachment. Dentists like Dr. Weingarten urge older women to pursue active medical and dental checkups, learning about new brushing and flossing techniques to fight against the disease.

Cosmetic dentistry

The pros at Weingarten Dentistry are committed to enhancing your confidence booster – or in other words, your smile. Through color, contour or alignment services, the team is fervent in fixing various issues like yellowing, aging or stained teeth. Some services only require a single dental procedure. Dr. Weingarten provides porcelain veneers or metal brackets and archwires, also supplying Invisalign clear braces for eligible candidates.

Emergency dentistry

Because the staff is dedicated to improving oral health care in the Houston, Texas area, they are enthusiastic about flexible scheduling and availability for emergency dental services. Dr. Weingarten understands that some dental issues cannot wait for a scheduled appointment, as many oral injuries need immediate attention. He welcomes individuals with any dental emergencies to call right away, despite the hour. He is committed to providing care and pain relief for patients in need of urgent services.

Not only will he agree to see emergency dental services patients, he is dedicated to providing intricate details on necessary procedures and what various dental services actually do. He aims to educate patients rather than simply offer them a list of treatment options. Mauro Weingarten knows that Informing individuals on the latest technologies and oral health discoveries makes all the difference in achieving optimal oral health, equipping them to continue on toward a healthier, more beautiful smile.
Mauro Weingarten is especially driven to provide impeccable dental services through advanced technologies. He strives to supply clients with cutting edge technologies, continuing to inform individuals of various new practices and trends in dental health care. The focus on technological progression is what motivates Dr. Weingarten and the rest of his staff to offer quick, reliable and comfortable treatment. He is confident that has the profession advances, leading edge technologies in cosmetic dentistry will continue to correct flaws and improve smiles seamlessly. Convenience propels the industry, making it easier and more affordable to pursue various cosmetic and general dentistry treatments.

One service that Weingarten Dentistry offers patients is Invisalign, a modern approach to straightening teeth through a series of aligners. The clear braces are ideal for perfecting smiles without the hassle of wire tightening and metal brackets. The personalized process is smooth and comfortable, adjusting and shifting the teeth in place toward a renewed smile. Clients are welcome to pursue Invisalign treatment if they have gapped teeth, overbite, underbite, openbite, overly crowded teeth or crossbite.

Advancement in women’s oral health

Mauro Weingarten believes that as dental health care progresses along with high end technologies, great strides may occur in the area of women’s oral health. He is devoted to exploring research and new practices to ensure positive oral health in women who experience poor oral hygiene throughout various stages of their lives. He also believes the future of dental health care will involve a greater emphasis on neuromuscular and functional aesthetic dentistry.

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