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Russell Ferstandig is a practicing psychiatrist addiction specialist, in Brick New Jersey. He is the founder of Mobius Research and played a large role in transitioning the movie industry from analog film to digital.
Russell Ferstandig runs a private behavioral medicine and psychiatry practice with a strong focus on addiction treatment. While operating his practice, he acts as president and founder of Mobius Research. The company offers consulting services for proprietary market research for globally recognized clients. As a human behavior consultant at Mobius Research, he offers services to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, which have included Procter & Gamble, AT&T, Miramax Films and Sony. The company applies the same human behavior skills he uses in his psychiatric practice to develop a wide line of offerings to clients, such as market research, brand development, advertising and packaging consulting.
His experience in medical and clinical practice has led to developments in data collection and interpretation methods. Serving as a repository for intellectual property, Mobius Research supports his biofeedback endeavors. He is working to perfect physiologic algorithms and interfaces that will help his behavioral medicine treatment approaches and successes as well as implement his Internet project. This undertaking is at the heart of his medical research.
To date, he continues private practice as a means to fund his large biofeedback research project. This year, Russell a seasoned psychiatrist expanded his practice as well. The new efforts include key areas of growth:
• Implementing a stronger focus on in-depth psychiatry
• Eliminating programs, including straight opiate cessation
• Including comprehensive addiction treatment efforts, as well as behavior modification programs
• Training on biofeedback and neurophysiology
• Additional education programs
• Group, family and couples therapy programs
• Video feedback training
• Individualized personality modification therapy
• Community speaking efforts
In addition, he has identified a new challenge. Recently, Russell Ferstandig has undertaken a writing project and is working on a novel and developing a radio talk show to provide accurate information and help for people with addiction problems.
Dr. Russell Ferstandig of Brick New Jersey has spent the past 30 years practicing psychiatry, studying biofeedback and working with behavioral and addiction medicine.
His education began at the University of Rochester, in Rochester, New York. Here, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in General Science with the honors level of “distinction.” Upon completion, he applied to medical schools and was accepted to several, but attended the New Jersey Medical School. In 1975, he graduated medical school in the top 5% of his class and also received the David R. Lyons Award and was named "Best Medical Student in Psychiatry." To complete his initial education, he then finished his Psychiatry Residency and Internship with Honors at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.
Expanding on his medical and psychiatric studies, Ferstandig took a position as a medical-surgical emergency room doctor in smaller hospital emergency rooms, as well as the fast-paced Main Admitting Room (MAR) in the central Emergency Medicine Department at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.
Upon graduation from his residency in psychiatry, Russell started working full-time in medical surgical emergency rooms in community hospitals as the lead ER doctor so that he could better understand how people react under stress. He believed and still believes that humans are least able to put on a front when scared as most are in an ER.
Emergency medicine practitioners differ from general practitioners, in that the job demands more on-the-spot thinking. They are trained to search for the most immediate and life-threatening issues above all else. In addition, they require familiarity with nearly every medical field, as well as surgery, to handle seemingly unpredictable situations.
His time spent as a medical-surgical emergency room doctor vastly expanded his understanding within his field. Russell developed elaborate knowledge on the mind-body connection, far surpassing the average psychiatrist skill set. This experience led to superior treatment capabilities when working with patients who cope with physical ailments due to stress, anxiety and depression.

In 1979, Ferstandig created, founded and ran a highly regarded outpatient treatment service. Ridgewood Behavioral Medicine Center which used computer-based interactive programs to provide real-time physiologic feedback, audio and video monitoring, and hormonal evaluations to improve dynamically and behaviorally-oriented therapy sessions.
In 1981, he received his first board certification in psychiatry. In 1994, he received a certification in addiction medicine, and in 2006, a waiver and certification for Suboxone from the Drug Enforcement Agency. In March 2010, he was one of 537 people to become Board Certified in addiction medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.
Suboxone is a drug containing buprenorphine and naloxone, which helps patients cope with opiate addiction by blocking the symptoms of withdrawal. Suboxone certification, has helped him properly manage otherwise unmanageable addiction conditions. Since then he has created and led opiate treatment plans for more than 850 patients.
In the late 80’s he challenged himself yet again. He understood how his practice could improve if he expanded his knowledge on cutting-edge communication technologies. Putting his medical work on hold, he attended school full-time and earned a Masters in Interactive Electronic Communications from the Tisch School of Arts at New York University. This proved helpful in understanding the ways people relate to the Internet and other growing interactive products and services.
Although he originally planned to return to medical practice after his time at NYU, during his time as a student at New York University, he began working as a human behavior consultant to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, including Procter & Gamble. The company is an American consumer goods provider that reaches countries across the globe. It was also given a spot on Fortune magazine's "Global Top Companies for Leaders" list, as well as recognition as one of the "World's Most Admired Companies."
His unique combination of experience and expertise led to a teaching opportunity at the Fordham Business School. He also accepted a role as an expert at Touro University Worldwide, and assisted in their psychology, family and marriage study programs. In addition, Russell took on speaking engagements regarding human behavior topics.
Moreover, his time spent with globally recognized companies led to continued inspiration, as well as opportunities in media. Russell Ferstandig was tasked with using his medical knowledge, understanding of pharmacology and training in communication to act as a human behavior consultant and creative strategist. In these two roles, Ferstandig worked closely with marketing campaigns, TV commercials and trailers for over 300 Miramax and Dimensions Films movies.
His experience and involvement with multi-million dollar projects inspired him to fulfill emotional needs in consumers. His consulting service, Mobius Research, was quickly recognized as a valuable resource for many corporations. This led to more involved project opportunities and increased his status as a consulting expert in the field. Clients such as General Mills, Sony and Columbia Pictures had quickly become part of his consulting work.
This highly diverse experience helped him create a basic set of rules for all human behavior. Ferstandig realized that he could work with and apply his knowledge to human interaction across nearly all environments. This new set of rules worked to complement his role at Miramax Films, as well.
Since the mid-90s, Dr. Russell Ferstandig has striven to improve his field. He has focused on combining human behavior, mass media technology, communication methods and consumer products and services. After all of this uniquely combined work, he saw an opportunity to enhance the entire film industry. While at Miramax Films, his passion for media, particularly digital cinema, gave him the chance to shine once again. Russell was given the responsibility of transitioning the company from analog film to digital.
It was merely a matter of time before companies started to explore digital options. Russell Ferstandig recognized its improved quality, as it provides six extra frames per second, and its reduced cost. Digital films typically include 30 frames per second, while film can only capture 24. This results in a cleaner, sharper and brighter product for viewing audiences.
In addition to improved quality, he saw opportunities for businesses if they made the switch to digital. A digital film is essentially a computer file, which are more easily transported, handled and played. It also makes the addition and removal of scenes much easier, even after the file has reached the hands of theaters or other recipients. Another important benefit to note is the longevity of the product. Analog film wears out after repeated use, but a digital product will retain the same quality, despite how many times it is played. His contribution and keen eye for opportunity has inspired cinema giant Miramax Films to complete the switch from analog film to digital.
In 2004, Russell Ferstandig returned to his private practice, where he offered behavioral health services to both new and old patients for the next two years. From 2006 to 2009, he offered services to facilities, acting as a Psychiatrist and Medical Director. He then returned to private practice to focus on addiction therapy. At Russell Ferstandig, M.D., LLC, he worked with a team of neuro/clinical psychologists and therapists specializing in biofeedback.
Since 2011, Russell Ferstandig of Brick, New Jersey has worked to improve his practice so it includes specialized services and individualized treatment programs. As Medical Director and Owner of his practice, he plans to continue growth and expansion of his services. The future is dedicated to providing even more specialized offerings to patients. These specializations include:
• Increased focus and expansion on psychiatric services
• Reducing and removing focus from straight opiate cessation programs
• More inclusive addiction treatment programs
• Behavior Modification programs
• Biofeedback and neurophysiologic training
In addition, plans include offering new educational opportunities and programs, and working with families, couples and groups to provide superior therapy. He also plans to expand his use of video feedback training and in-depth personality modification therapy. To complement his work, he also plans to include more community speaking engagements.
Russell Ferstandig continually grows his passion for psychiatry with every opportunity he encounters. Future plans include working with his private practice, as well as ongoing work with Mobius Research. Russell Ferstandig will continue to act as a part-time behavior consultant to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Through the commonalities and interactions between private practice and business efforts, and by continually enhancing his psychiatric and general human behavior skills, he intends to continue to work to improve and expand the overall quality and efficacy of market research, brand development marketing, advertising and packaging efforts available to Mobius Research clients.
As he works to expand his private practice and hopefully develop a radio talk show about addictions and how to overcome them, he also works to improve his personal life. Ferstandig plans to release a novel in the near future. In addition, he intends on continuing to study and embrace the human experience. Through his love of music and audio, nautical adventures, like boating and whitewater rafting, and land-based adventures as a go-kart racing, Russell Ferstandig expects to expand his general passion for psychiatry in Brick New Jersey, and understanding about how people interact with each other and their environments.

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  • University of Rochester , United States , Rochester, New York

    Bachelor of Arts in General Science , Russell graduated with honors from Rochester.
  • New Jersey Medical School , United States , Newark, New Jersey

    - 01/1975
  • University of Southern California , United States , Los Angeles, California

    Psychiatry Residency , Russell also completed an internship with honors.
  • Tisch School of Arts , United States , New York City, New York

    Masters in Interactive Electronic Communications
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