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Dr. Paul Salinas is a neurosurgeon, fellowship-trained in spinal surgery who practices minimally invasive and complex brain procedures at Frisco Spine in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Texas metroplex.
After training at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and completing a fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Paul Salinas returned to his home of Dallas, Texas, to expand his practice as a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon. Today, Dr. Salinas practices at Frisco Spine—a comprehensive multidisciplinary center for neck and back pain.
With an extensive background in the surgical field, Dr. Salinas is credited not only for his high rates of patient success, but also for conducting procedures with only the best and the latest technologies. Taking care and pride in his service to his patients, he provides minimally invasive surgeries, believing that a rapid recovery of clients is an important priority of his job. Patients facing a wide range of neck and back pain issues have found the approach taken by Paul to be a highly exceptional experience.
Dr. Paul Salinas provides service within his wide range of professional interests, which include both minimally invasive and complex spine surgeries. Specifically, he specializes in spinal deformities, spinal tumors and degenerative disc disease. In addition, he is credited with a specialty in treating cranial disorder, such as brain tumors, chiari malformation, and trigeminal neuralgia.
Apart from leading progressive care at Frisco Spine, Dr. Salinas is also passionate about giving back to the community. Committed to improving the surgical field and patient care, he has contributed to RESTORE—also known as Restoring Emotional Stability through Outstanding Reconstructive Efforts. He believes RESTORE is an exemplary global nonprofit, as it strives to provide free reconstructive surgeries to those facing disfiguration due to deformities, accidents or diseases.
Dr. Paul Salinas remains a proud Texan through his work as a neurosurgeon and fellowship-trained spinal surgeon. Having been born and raised in Dallas, Salinas enjoys helping his community and progressing the surgical field at Frisco Spine. However, he has an extensive history and training that has brought him to many top-notch facilities led by experts in the surgical field.
As an undergraduate, Paul left Texas to study at the University of Pennsylvania. Noted as one of the most historic and progressive ivy league institutions in the United States, the University of Pennsylvania proved a perfect fit for Salinas and his endeavors to excel in academics.
While a highly regarded surgeon today, he began his higher education in a different field; upon graduation from University of Pennsylvania, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the distinguished Wharton School of Business. Although vastly different from the medical field, this background in economics has proven instrumental in his development as a professional. For example, he has been able to understand the complex economics system that contributes to medical research and progress. This knowledge has also proven critical in his business leadership at the top-rated Frisco Spine, as well as in his philanthropic work.
After receiving a degree in economics, Dr. Paul Salinas returned to Texas to study at the University of Texas Houston Medical School. In 2000, he proudly received his MD—a landmark moment in his career. However, this accomplishment only marked the beginning of a long, challenging and rewarding training history.
Soon after graduating with his MD, he began an extensive residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Upon further exploring his potential, he became focused on brain health and the possibilities a career in surgery could offer. At the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Dr. Paul Salinas was able to concentrate on the unique nature of traumatic spine injuries. His work in this area won him recognition as “Intern of the Year” in 2000.
In 2005, he strengthened his medical knowledge in oncology cancer disease through a one-year infolded fellowship at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, located in Houston, Texas. He continued to learn from respected surgeons throughout a UTMB neurosurgery residency, completed in 2008. The neurosurgery residency program provided Dr. Salinas with the hands-on training that allowed him to gain a wide range of skills that he utilizes today.
Throughout the UTMB program, Paul performed both minimally invasive and complex spine operations, demonstrating a respectable versatility as a surgeon.
While having trained in Texas for many years, Dr. Paul Salinas began a spine fellowship in 2008 to study at one of the most noted hospitals in the world—Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He was accepted into a spinal surgery fellowship program through the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Institute of Spinal Disorder, a facility that is regarded as one of the leaders in spine research within the United States.
With an in-depth mastery of both spine and brain surgery. Dr. Salinas decided that he would start a neurosurgical practice back in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. From the very beginning, he has set out to focus on minimally invasive, as well as complex, spinal surgeries that would utilize the most advanced tools available to maximize patient care. After founding Frisco Spine in the fall of 2009, he has continued to serve patients with high-quality service.
Regarded as both very professional and extremely compassionate, Dr. Paul Salinas is recommended by the many patients he has helped at Frisco Spine. While he remains the leader and founder of this practice, he is also noted for his ability to expand and grow Frisco Spine to provide a multidisciplinary team of specialists for those suffering from neck and back pain.
With locations in Frisco, Carrollton, Denison and Plano, Frisco Spine has become recognized as one of the top multidisciplinary centers for brain and spine care throughout northern Texas. Today, this prominent network has five neurosurgeons, expanding high-quality care options for Texas residents.
In addition to growing the surgical services at Frisco Spine, Dr. Salinas has introduced physical medicine and rehab services, as well as a physical therapy clinic. Paul notes that these expanded services are central to providing complete spine care for Frisco Spine patients and ensuring they are receiving the most optimal results from therapy.
According to Dr. Paul Salinas, staying ahead in the surgical field requires having a finger on the pulse of new innovations and developments. As a proponent of utilizing advanced technology in his practice, he believes that tools and procedures will continue to move forward in the industry to make solutions more accessible to those suffering from extensive causes of neck and back pain.
With a focus on serving the Texas community, Dr. Salinas and his team are always looking to the future to introduce more minimally invasive solutions and progressive rehabilitation services. Not only will these innovations continue to improve the life-long well-being of patients, but they may also contribute to making such treatments more accessible and affordable to the public.
Having benefitted from a rich network of medical professionals, educators and specialists, Dr. Salinas will continue to work with those in the field to expand high-quality care across the country and beyond. He plans on adding a pediatric neurosurgeon in 2015 and an endovascular neurosurgeon to the practice in the summer of 2014 to compliment the existing neurosurgeons in the practice.
In addition to boosting health and surgery services to his patients, Dr. Paul Salinas is also noted for charitable work and contributions, including his support to the RESTORE nonprofit. As developing nations continue to become exposed to health care issues, he believes that programs such as RESTORE will be instrumental in training the next generation of international specialists, as well as improving quality of life among those communities in need.
As a successful surgeon, Dr. Salinas plans on continuing to offer both brain and spine procedures and looks forward to what the surgical field holds in the near future.

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