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Ian Terry is a student of chemical engineering at Tulane University and previous winner of reality TV show, Big Brother.
Ian Terry occupies most of his time with his studies at Tulane University. As a chemical engineering student, he focuses his attention on inorganic and organic materials, petroleum, hydrocarbons, metals, and polymers. Joined with his major are minors in mathematics and economics. The applications to strategic games and behavior involved in his minors are an exciting challenge for Terry.
As a fan of math, chemistry, and physics, and economics, Terry seemed destined for these career paths from the start. Still open to a number of opportunities, he is currently considering extending his education into graduate school, which would lead to a life in research and development. Regardless, he has already found particular interest in a number of chemical engineering firms and the field of process engineering.
This goal-oriented mindset sets Terry apart from his fellow students. He is currently working at Tulane as a resident advisor. Since this is his last year at Tulane, Terry is prepping himself for the future. He is currently living in New Orleans, where the university is located, but is willing to follow his path wherever it may lead. As a forward-thinking individual, he is aware that he must keep the future open to find that perfect opportunity.
Ian Terry is in his final year as a student of Tulane University. A chemical engineering undergraduate, Terry focuses on the structure of organic and inorganic materials. He has also extensively studied the fields of mathematics and economics. Terry enjoys the challenge of learning and the friendly competition between students.
While attending university, Ian Terry received the prestigious Herman John Janssen Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is only given to engineering students of the highest academic caliber. This fund was established in 2003 and provides a scholarship for students attending the university and studying engineering. Terry received this award for his great academic standing and achievements in chemical engineering.
Tulane University is located in historic New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally a medical college, this university now boasts over 8,000 undergraduates and a faculty of 1,140. Founded as the Medical College of Louisiana in 1834, the university was the second-ever medical school in the American Southeast. After a period of financial challenges following the Civil War, the university received a generous contribution from Paul Tulane.
Subsequently following the donation, control of the university was passed on from its board to the Tulane Educational Fund. The TEF was established after the donation and its board re-established the University of Louisiana, as it was previously called, into the Tulane University of Louisiana. The school now stands proudly on 110 acres of uptown New Orleans real estate. As a private institution, it holds a number of honors.
The university is listed in the top 150 by Forbes, 51st by U.S. News & World Report, and 61st by the Washington Monthly. Considered by the Princeton Review to have some of the happiest students, the university boasts an exceptional life outside the main campus. Its location in New Orleans gives plenty of opportunity for students to let off steam and relax in a stress-free environment.
The college experience can be overwhelming to many though, especially in a town as exciting as New Orleans. Ian Terry works at Tulane as a resident advisor, requiring him to keep his focus on academics and order. He has held this position since December of 2010 and continues to advise fellow students. His role there has given him a chance to further his skills as a leader and give back to the university.
As an RA, Terry is responsible for building community in the residence hall, giving academic and social advice, handling emergency situations, and upholding university policies. This position calls on Terry to work even more on his leadership and judgment abilities. Being responsible for other students is something he takes seriously and considers a privilege. Terry hopes his interpersonal skills from this position will aid him in his future career as a chemical engineer.
Always willing to learn, Ian Terry aims to improve himself at every opportunity. By selecting his occupations carefully, he has been able to continuously improve skills that aid him in chemical engineering. His work as an RA may not seem immediately apparent as a boost for engineering, but there are plenty of underlying traits common to both jobs. To work as a chemical engineer, he will need to properly analyze situations, uphold conditions and regulations of a lab, and work with a team of equals.
His previous role as a student research assistant, though, leaves no question of relevance. At the Ashbaugh Lab, Terry spent five months working with molecular simulations using the programs Putty and GROMACS. Furthering this opportunity, Terry used this time to learn the basics of the UNIX coding language. Having a skill with computers—all technology, really—is vital to chemical engineers. The ability to run simulations of molecular structures limits waste, reduces unnecessary risk, and gives extensive analysis.
As a student, Ian Terry has focused his education on everything related to chemical engineering. He has specialized in courses on thermodynamics, reactor design, biotechnology, transport phenomena, and plenty of others. Maintaining a high GPA all the while, Terry manages to balance this with an active social life.
His social interactions are sometimes unusual, though. While Terry is still a young student, like countless others, his life experience is a bit unique. Seizing an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Ian Terry signed up to be part of a reality television show. That show has gone on to alter his life for the better.
As a strategist and competitor, Terry stood out amongst his fellow Big Brother participants in 2012. In this 14th iteration of the series, Terry was a first-timer going up against a number of opponents, some of which had already been on the show. Terry’s confident attitude and recognition for sticking to his word kept him afloat during the season. His skills even led to tying other House Guests records of winning Head of Household the maximum four times in one season.
The show lasts about three months and contestants are kept away from the outside world. Everything they do is captured on film, and they must survive weekly eliminations. The house in which they live is specially built just for the show and is filled with microphones and cameras. Typically, the show will consist of 10-20 contestants, all from differing socio-economic groups.
The goal is to put contestants into situations outside their comfort zone and see how they react. Known for allowing 24/7 viewership online, the show stays on air for the entire duration of each season. Terry was put on-the-spot multiple times to make tough decisions. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages, and constantly aware of the weight of his actions, Terry refined his critical thinking abilities.
At just 21 years old, Ian Terry out-played all of his fellow competitors. As winner of the series, Terry became the youngest in Big Brother history to claim the title. Along with the recognition came a cash prize, which Terry plans on using to pay off his student loans and get a head start on his future career.
Just like his previous occupations, Terry worked on key skills while on Big Brother that would aid him in his field. As a strategic player, Terry was considered well-rounded and liked. He spent his downtime analyzing certain situations, looking for the best opportunity for his goal. As a chemical engineer, Ian Terry expects this strategic interactions between team members will come into play greatly.
Ian Terry is looking forward to a long career in chemical engineering. His talents have made him stand out already and he plans on continuing that success long into the future. Hoping to stay in his main branch, he expects to end up working with a chemical engineering firm or in process engineering. As to not limit his opportunities, Terry is still considering extending his education into graduate school.
Terry expects that if he continues with his schooling, he will end up in research and development. This would suit him and his current abilities well, as it requires creative planning and a careful eye for detail. Though his mind is not currently made up, both options are equally tempting and prosperous.
While he enjoyed his time on television, Terry does not plan on making a career of it. Instead, he appreciates the experience and intends to use the lessons learned in his future. By living and competing with a close-knit group of people, he feels that he has a unique experience working with a team. The leadership role he took on during Big Brother is a skill he hopes to further develop.
Ian Terry hopes that his background with mathematics and economics will also serve to further his skills in chemical engineering. Terry believes he can make a difference in the field and looks forward to the opportunity. For now though, his short-term goal is to finish university and get a start on the real world.

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