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Troy Reddell

United States
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Troy Ian Reddell is passionate about his Australian homeland and the dynamic game of golf.

Troy Ian Reddell is a professional based in Australia. He is passionate about his homeland, from the rugged terrain of the Outback to the white sands of Australia’s beaches.

Reddell enjoys highlighting Australia’s unique and diverse features for tourists and residents. He is also passionate about the game of golf, and uses his love for the game to further explore his native country.
Reddell relies on international travel to stimulate and expand his golf game. He challenges his approach to golf by venturing to unique courses in regions including the United States, Fiji, Bali and the United Kingdom.

Reddell is enthusiastic about assisting golf newcomers with their technique and perspective. If a beginner wishes to enrich their game with international challenges, Reddell recommends that he or she researches locations and travel arrangements ahead of time. The rules and layouts can vary significantly from course to course, he notes.

Reddell advises new travelers to create a strict itinerary to avoid missing out on major courses. Golfers in particular must pack wisely in order to optimize an overseas trip. Reddell recommends preparing for an oversized luggage fee to accommodate a golfing bag and clubs.

He advises travelers to invest in a hard bag to prevent damage during the flight. Pack towels into the case to protect the clubs in case of turbulence in the air.

While golf provides players with an opportunity to see unique international locations, the game can also enhance several personal and professional attributes. As Reddell explains, playing golf can enhance an individual’s patience, as well as his or her ability to make quick decisions that determine the outcome of the game.

Troy Ian Reddell confirms that golf supports self-improvement, strategy development and growth in personal etiquette.

Troy Ian Reddell built a successful career in commerce. While establishing himself professionally, Reddell developed a true passion for his native country of Australia.

Several elements of Australia’s landscape and culture began to stand out to Troy Ian Reddell as exceptional and alluring.

Reddell recognized that the country is plagued by global misconceptions about elements including its size and climate. As Reddell observed, Australia is not a country that is perpetually sweltering and sunbaked. To the contrary, Australia holds a unique geographical position. The nation’s residents experience both warm summers and colder winter temperatures.

Reddell realized that each geographical region of Australia boasted its own unique seasonal patterns. Much like the North American states on the East and West coasts, different regions of Australia differ from one another in typical temperature and weather.

Reddell has observed Australia’s dry climate. Australia acquires the least annual precipitation of any inhabited continent on Earth. In fact, 70% of Australia receives less than 20 inches of rainfall per year. As Reddell learned, the nation’s dry climate contributes to the natural disasters that develop within its borders, including cyclones, heat waves, droughts and forest fires.

Reddell realized that most global citizens have only a scant understanding of the geographical distance between Australian regions and cities. Australia is roughly the same mass as the continental United States. Reddell has advised travelers against renting a car to explore Australia. Instead, he has advised vacationing in one major city, such as Melbourne, Perth or Sydney.

Troy Ian Reddell came to celebrate the unique features of Australia’s landscape and culture. As he noted, Australia has a unique balance of city life and natural beauty.

Its metropolitan regions are world-renowned. As Reddell recognized, Australia’s government has also taken great pains to preserve the natural beauty within its borders. Environmental protection measures have ensured that natural beauties are preserved for visitors and future generations of citizens. At the same time, the nation invites individuals to enjoy these sights with respect.

Reddell realized that most Australians enjoyed cricket and tennis, but they also indulged in a variety of other athletic pursuits. Australians love the sport of horse racing, and the state of Victoria even has a government-sponsored holiday for a major horse-racing event. The Melbourne Cup race is also reverently referred to as “the race that stops the nation.”

Reddell noted that many visitors to Australia were unprepared by the presence of a certain red meat: kangaroo. While kangaroos are indeed indigenous residents of the local wilderness, they are also a popular food item across the country. Along with beef, chicken and lamb, kangaroo meat is offered in multiple Australian stores and restaurants. Kangaroo meat is leaner than beef or lamb with a lower fat percentage.

Troy Ian Reddell has encouraged global travelers to experience Australia for themselves. He has advised these adventurers to adequately prepare for a lengthy flight.

Reddell has recommended upgrading from economy to business or first class in order to experience a more comfortable flight. While upgrades can be costly, patrons will enjoy luxurious seating, expanded leg room, personal service and higher-quality meals. Some travelers might be eligible for a free or low-cost upgrade thanks to acquired travel miles.

Reddell has advised visitors to bring neck pillows, eye covers and noise-cancelling headphones on flights to Australia to assist in achieving restful sleep.

While a flight provides plenty of time for work or studying, Reddell has experienced noisy and distracting cabins that make productivity almost impossible. He has advised travelers to bring a form of personal entertainment, such as a laptop or MP3 player, to encourage relaxation and to help pass the time.

Troy Ian Reddell has gained plenty of experience in preparing for an overseas flight both mentally and physically. He has advised travelers to get plenty of sleep before a flight to discourage jetlag.

Reddell has explored and enjoyed the beaches of Australia. He grew up along the coast and has visited the country’s beaches year after year with his family.

Reddell has highlighted Coolangatta Beach to new visitors, noting that many Queensland beaches offer incredible views and memorable cultural traditions. Coolangatta was named after a vessel that shipwrecked on the coast in 1846. Coolangatta’s colorful history is supplemented by modern attractions, including celebrated seafood restaurants and the Wintersun Festival, a celebration of 1960s nostalgia.

Reddell has also enjoyed Rockingham Beach, which is located southwest of the city of Perth. Rockingham is a popular location to spot bottlenose dolphins as they play in the clear waters. Adventurous visitors can enjoy close encounters through Rockingham swimming tours. Nearby is Garden Island, the largest submarine base and naval fleet location in Australia.

A short distance further is Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, where visitors can enjoy snorkeling and shipwreck diving. Reddell and other beach visitors have spotted penguins, sea lions and dolphins at Shoalwater.

For lovers of history, Troy Ian Reddell has always recommended exploring the historical wonders of Australia’s major cities. Reddell has advised tourists to enjoy the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. Visitors have enjoyed the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of Melbourne, including the summer Suzuki Night Market and the St. Kilda Twilight Market.

Reddell enjoyed the tours of “haunted” Brisbane, and recommended the unusual view of the city to tourists and ghost-spotting enthusiasts.

Reddell has experienced the unique natural wonders of Hyams Beach in New South Wales. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hyams Beach has the whitest sand in the world. Reddell has espoused the merits of Booderee National Park and Botanical Gardens, where visitors can enjoy preserved Aboriginal historical sites as well as an up-close look at Australian flora and fauna. The Cape St. George Lighthouse has given history buffs a chance to experience real Australian ruins.

Troy Ian Reddell has noted the challenges facing cultural tourists. International travel can produce both anticipation and excitement. A new culture and an unknown language can be intimidating realities for travelers abroad.

To his travel-bound acquaintances, Troy Ian Reddell has recommended a few strategies for remaining relaxed and comfortable abroad. Remember to communicate with patience and respect, giving foreign citizens an opportunity to express their culture without judgment or frustration.

Troy Ian Reddell will continue to enhance his professional life with enriching personal passions.

Reddell loves to golf within the limits of his native country. He aims to play at every one of the top golf courses in Australia.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is on Reddell’s list of must-play courses. The Club was founded in Melbourne in 1891, and has gained international attention from competitors and golf visitors. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club boasts both a West and an East Course with unique challenges. Reddell will enjoy testing his strategy and game at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

Barnbougle Dunes Golf Links was founded in 2004 and rapidly became a top destination for golfers. A coastal setting will challenge and engage players at all experience levels. Reddell looks forward to experiencing the fescue and bent grass, the tactical challenges and the extensive dunes of Barnbougle Dunes.

Reddell will also test his game at Kooyonga Golf Club in Adelaide. This course is expertly designed, attracting golfers for its terrain challenges and carefully-crafted hole sizes. Reddell anticipates a challenging and satisfying game at Kooyonga, which is ranked as the 23rd greatest golf course in the country.

While expanding and challenging his game, Reddell will dedicate his time to participating in annual charity golf events to raise money for important causes.

Troy Ian Reddell will continue to use his passion for golf to contribute philanthropically to the Make a Wish Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and numerous other national and international charities.

  • 01/2001 to 01/2003
    : CFA Institute
    : Chartered Financial Analyst
    : United States
  • 01/1998 to 01/1999
    : Institute of Chartered Accountants
    : Accounting
    : United States
  • 01/1992 to 01/1995
    : The University of Queensland
    : Bachelor of Economics
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : The University of Queensland
    : Accounting, Finance & Commerce
    : United States
Career History
  • 08/1998 to 12/2099
    : Commerce Expert
    : not defined
    : Melbourne
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