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Jonathan Soresi is a gifted actor, business owner, and equestrian who has found his true purpose in teaching.
Jonathan Soresi is a very accomplished riding instructor, horse trainer, and actor who owns American Stable in Boonton, New Jersey. Although he has always excelled at riding, his true talents shine through when he teaches his clients. From the time that he was a young man, his mentor, the famed George H. Morris, recognized his incredible ability to make riding tangible for his pupils. To date, Jonathan has molded countless ordinary individuals and celebrities into world class equestrians.

Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center

When he is not working with his students, Jonathan Soresi often volunteers his services as a riding instructor for the Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center in Florida. This amazing facility provides equestrian training for children and adults who are suffering from developmental, physical, and psychological disabilities. Whenever he teaches at the Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center, Jon is filled with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

The therapeutic benefits of riding horses

Although riding a horse is a very enjoyable pastime, it is also shown to help individuals who are suffering from certain conditions. For many people who have developmental or physical disabilities, riding a horse can serve as a valuable form of therapy.

Equestrian training for autistic children

Many studies have shown that autistic children can greatly benefit from learning to ride a horse. Equestrian activities allow children with autism the opportunity to interact with other individuals in an upbeat and friendly atmosphere. Many times, the horses serve as a valuable distraction, allowing patients to feel more comfortable around other people.
Jonathan Soresi is an incredibly experienced rider and horse trainer who currently owns American Stable in Boonton, New Jersey. For the last 25 years, Soresi has become a force in the show circuit. He has successfully trained and coached quite a few hunter and equitation riders, preparing them to succeed at high-level competitions. Every day, Mr. Soresi uses his spot-on instincts and his years of equestrian training to teach beginners, experts, celebrities, and the disabled to handle a horse like a professional.

Mr. Soresi meets George H. Morris

Although he has always possessed a remarkable talent when it comes to riding horses and training others, Sorensi's equestrian skills were honed by none other than the renowned George H. Morris. Mr. Morris is thought of as one of the world’s best trainers. He was even named the United States of America’s Equestrian Show Jumping Chef d’Equipe. Through the process of working closely with Mr. Morris, he learned the fundamentals of teaching others how to ride. Jonathan feels that were it not for his time with Mr. Morris, he would not have evolved into the world class instructor that he is today.

Paving the way for many top riders

While Soresi was working as George H. Morris’ assistant trainer, he helped to mold many of today’s top riders. Some of his former pupils include Lisa Tarnapol, Katherine Burdsall, Francie Steinwedell, Peter Leone, and Mark Leone. The impressive accomplishments of his previous students stand as a true testament to his teaching ability. Over the years, Soresi has discovered that the secret to turning out remarkable riders is honing his students’ natural talents as much as possible. He has learned that riding well requires the right combination of instincts and technical skill.

Training champions at Twelfth of Never Farm

After serving as George H. Morris’ assistant trainer, Mr. Soresi decided to go to work at his family’s business, Twelfth of Never Farm, which is located in Middleburg, Virginia. While working as this location, he molded several champion horses, such as Thunder Road, Formaggio, and Zanzibar. Formaggio was even named Amateur Owner Jumper of the Year, and Zanzibar earned the title of National Horse Show Working Hunter Champion. While training these world class horses, Mr. Soresi also worked with a variety of clients along the East Coast.

Changing directions at age 27

When he was only 27 years old, Jonathan decided that he needed a break from the world of horse training. He decided that he would completely change directions and pursue a career in acting. After completing extensive, high-quality training at the world-renowned London Academy of Dramatic Arts, Mr. Soresi immediately found work in a plethora of movies and plays. He was particularly noted for his roles in Batman and in a West End production of Bent.

Opening Arbor Lane Farm in Southern California

After an impressive stint in acting, Jonathan Soresi felt homesick for the United States. As a result, he decided to move to Southern California and start his own business. Thus was born Arbor Lane Farm. This outstanding stable offered high-quality instruction to many celebrities who wanted to learn to ride like a pro but had no time to compete in equestrian competitions. At his Arbor Lane Farm, Mr. Soresi had the opportunity to work with Jon Peters, Uma Thurman, Bree Walker, and Tom Cruise. Jonathan very much enjoyed having the opportunity to share his love of horses and riding with other individuals who could understand his passion for the stage and screen.

The beginning of Soresi Show Stables

After settling in Southern California, Jonathan’s friends and family soon began to urge him to move back to the East Coast. He eventually heeded their advice and founded Soresi Show Stables in the state of New Jersey. At this location, Jonathan worked closely with both adult and junior riders, teaching them all of the tricks of the trade. Opening the Stables allowed Jonathan to get back to what he loves most in the world--teaching.

The difference at American Stable

At his own stables, Jonathan Soresi provides a very unique service for his wide array of clientele. While many training facilities use the same curriculum for all riders regardless of their background, American Stable provides clients with the individual attention that they deserve. By designing a personalized training program for each of his pupils, he inspires excellence and ensures success. Jonathan’s stables also use a training technique that benefits both riders and horses.

Teaching at riding clinics

When Mr. Soresi is not occupied with his students, he always enjoys teaching at riding clinics. So far, he has served as an expert instructor for events held in England, Canada, Europe, the Bahamas, and the United States. At these riding clinics, Jonathan is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with other individuals who share his passion for horses and for riding.

Client testimonials

Through the years, Jonathan Soresi has helped many of his pupils to succeed at equestrian competitions. His dedication to each of his clients and his careful attention to technique has honed some of this country’s top riding talents. Read what some of his high-achieving clients had to say about his teaching ability:

George H. Morris, a US Olympic Show Jumping Team Coach and an Olympic Medalist, said, “Jonathan was first my student. Then, he became my assistant. He turned into a good rider. He has great judgment, but his real talent became apparent when he started teaching. He is one of the most talented and educated teachers in this country.”

Peter Leone, who won an Olympic medal in 1996, remarks, “Jonathan has a natural teaching style, a technical approach, and a wicked sense of humor--all of which combine to educate and, at times, entertain.”

Anthony D‘Ambrosio, an International Show Jumping veteran and a course designer, says, “His ability to communicate to the rider the art of riding is like no one else's.
Jon takes a lot of the mystery out of riding and out of the teaching of it."
Jonathan Soresi is sure to continue pursuing his passion for horses in the future. He continues to find teaching equestrian sports very rewarding. In fact, whenever Soresi has the chance to share his love of riding and training, he is sure to do so.

The future of horseback riding in movies

As a world class riding instructor and an accomplished actor, Jonathan Soresi understands that audiences will always find horseback riding in movies fascinating. Because period films and historical dramas are becoming increasingly popular genres among movie-going audiences, many actors are choosing to beef up their riding skills.

The benefits of learning to ride for screen actors

Screen actors are used to working under very tight deadlines. Many times they find themselves auditioning for a role without first understanding exactly what skills are required to perform in it. In many cases, it is safe to assume that a lead actor in a Western or period film will be required to ride a horse in at least a few scenes. For this reason, many actors choose to improve their riding skills in their downtime. Doing so cuts down on the amount of training that is necessary before shooting a film and even saves the studio quite a bit of money in riding lessons.

The future of equestrian therapy

Today, more and more parents of physically or mentally disabled children are discovering the benefits of therapeutic riding programs. In many of Jonathan Soresi's cases, these types of therapies provided by are proven effective, when more traditional forms of treatment have consistently failed.

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