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Marco Bitran

United States
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Marco Bitran has used his background in engineering and finance to help him in his career with building multi-family properties.

A lot can be said about the work that Marco Bitran is currently doing. He is part of a small practice that helps develop and manage multi-family properties, but he does much more than construct and run residential buildings. The buildings that are designed by him and his family are special because they focus on two things that are becoming the way of the future: construction techniques that are environmentally friendly that, in turn, make the properties run more efficiently, and integrating technological features that bring an upgraded feel to the properties while making them more youth-friendly all at the same time.

There are a few reasons why Marco Bitran felt real estate was the right move for him. He feels that it combines both innovation and finance because it gives him an opportunity to look for good investments while still satisfying his entrepreneurial side. He also enjoys how the field of real estate does not keep him cooped up in an office and has him meeting and dealing with different people on a day to day basis. He has brought a lot to his family business through his engineering background, which has opened the door to many of the advances made in the properties his firm designs and manages. He’s also saved the business a good chunk of money since he has been able to sniff out which properties are a good idea to invest in and which are better off left alone. He’s also helped the business structure other investments wisely.

To get a good idea of what made Marco Bitran into the innovative real estate mind that he is today, one must start with his educational background. Wanting to gain the best education he possibly could, he found himself in Cambridge, MA, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT graduates some of the best thinkers in the world with specializations in multiple industries. The teaching he was exposed to at MIT encouraged him to be an engineer.

Marco Bitran has always been a philanthropist, so it makes sense that he wanted to use his engineering techniques as well as his mind for investing in a way that can help people. It just so happens that he didn’t have to look far since his family is involved with a business that develops and manages properties that house multiple families. Some of the technological innovations that Bitran has brought to the table through his engineering experience have been life-changing for the families that live in the properties the business manages.

First, he brought in Navien water heaters. These are tankless water heaters that work off of condensing technology. In most tankless water heaters, the condensation that occurs when cold water hits the heat exchanger would be lost to steam or vapor. Navien captures this condensation and uses it, making the water heater extra efficient. This efficient and economical option saves every tenant money. It also has Eco Burner technology, which means the amount of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide are both lowered substantially, which makes Navien water heaters a better choice for the environment.

The next improvement Marco Bitran made was using cellulosic foam insulation in the walls of the buildings instead of fiberglass insulation. The use of cellulosic foam insulation benefits the tenants in multiple ways. First, cellulosic foam insulation offers a far greater amount of heat retention and overall insulation than fiberglass insulation ever could. This means that the cost of heating and cooling over the winter and summer months drops drastically. The second benefit is one of safety. While fiberglass insulation has been proven to basically act as adding fuel to a fire whenever a building using fiberglass insulation erupts into flames, cellulosic foam insulation will not ignite as easily. In fact, cellulosic foam insulation is actually used in many buildings because it slows the spread of fire. This is one improvement made by Marco Bitran that is not seen by his tenants every day but clearly makes a big difference in their lives.

One improvement that is seen, used and loved every day by the families that live in buildings designed and managed by Marco Bitran are the code locks on the outside of dwellings instead of key locks. Families quickly jumped on board with this option because it gives them one less key to fumble with on their key rings and makes it easier for kids to get in and out of the house. Parents are no longer left worrying whether their son or daughter will misplace their house keys because all they have to do is remember a simple code to get in and out of the house.

This also eliminates a lot of opportunities for burglaries. The code locks are harder to get through than keyed locks and cannot simply be picked. This also eliminates the need to leave a backup key somewhere near the house, which burglars could easily find and use for themselves. This also makes it easier for landlords to gain access to the apartments or condos and gives brokers an easy way to show homes when the owners are not available.

Finally, one of the most appealing features to both the tenants and their children are the SONOS speaker systems installed throughout the dwellings. These are high-tech speakers that work through wireless technology and allow users to stream music from anywhere in their home from just about any device: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players and more. With the prevalence of iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, tenants can download an app that will allow them to create playlists and play them throughout their home with the touch of the button.

When Marco Bitran is not designing and managing properties and improving the lives of the people that live in those properties, he still finds ways to tap into his philanthropic side. He has volunteered with the Somerville Homeless Coalition for years now in an attempt to help those who cannot provide shelter for themselves and their families. The organization has provided families with shelter, support and various other services since it was founded in 1985. It is made up of neighbors, faith-based leaders, students, business owners, community activists and others who uphold the same message that was instilled when the organization was started as a grassroots movement by the community nearly three decades ago: address ways to end the escalating homeless problem throughout Somerville. Through the work of this organization and volunteers such as Marco Bitran, the city of Somerville opened its first emergency shelter.

A few of his favorite hobbies in the past have included running in road races, playing squash and taking pictures. Squash may be played in a confined area but it actually is one of the best sports for people of all ages. It promotes cardiovascular health because players are constantly running, leaping and diving to hit the ball. It can increase overall strength and fitness while helping keep frequent players at a healthy weight. Since Marco Bitran ran road races for his whole life, picking up a physically challenging sport such as squash makes sense for his lifestyle now.

Marco Bitran looks forward to seeing the business which his family is involved in improve and grow over the years. He has helped with so many technological advances over the past few years and cannot wait to see what else comes along that he can incorporate into building designs. Keeping up with the latest technology will not only make these properties attractive ones to live in but will ensure that they are environmentally friendly. Upgrading dwellings with technology that runs more efficiently will also give current tenants a reason to stick around, and new customers an incentive to move in.

Marco Bitran is also a family man and is excited to spend time with his wife and young children. With his focus on the environment and sustainability, he intends to spend a lot of time teaching his children how to garden through composting. Bitran is a fan of the process because he is bothered by the food culture of the United States, which encourages consumers to buy more than they need so they do not run out of food, wasting whatever is left. Composting helps create nutrient-rich soil from any leftover food, which can produce great vegetable crops. He also hopes to instill a love of physical activity in his children and plans to take both of them on biking trips with him and his wife as soon as

  • 01/2001 to 01/2003
    : Harvard Business School
    : Graduate Studies
    : United States
  • 08/1999 to 05/2003
    : Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    : Electrical Engineering, Minor in Economics
    : United States
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  • 01/2011 to 12/2099
    : Founder
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    : United States
    : Boston, MA
  • 05/2006 to 12/2099
    : Manager
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    : United States
  • 01/2006 to 01/2011
    : Portfolio Manager
    : United States
  • 01/2003 to 01/2006
    : Wellington Management
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    : United States
  • 01/1998 to 01/2001
    : Corporate Finance Analyst
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    : United States
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