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Matthew Jasmer is the owner of Original Bay Supply Company, a retail company in San Francisco, California, that caters to the classic styles found in the music, skateboarding, surf and motorcycle communities.
Matthew Jasmer founded Original Bay Supply Company nine years ago, a unique shop of hand-selected apparel focusing on men’s clothing, footwear and accessories that fit the lifestyles associated with vintage motorcycles, skateboarding and bicycles. The main room showcases a variety of men’s apparel that is minimalistic and quality-made.

Matthew Jasmer emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship in all of Original Bay’s products, featuring a collection of rugged styles and classic designs. The shop has built a reputation because of the way Jasmer honors homemade goods.

➢ Apparel: The retail store is stocked with a rich supply of vintage fit shirts, tapered and cut slimmer throughout the chest and shoulders. The shop also carries brands’ regular fit patterns and practical, high end products for musicians, skateboarders, surfers and motorcyclists.

➢ Footwear: Original pay carries a plethora of brands ranging from skate shoes to casual boots. Jasmer is particularly fond of Red Wing, as the brand values quality craftsmanship and builds each shoe with triple stitch and waxed thread. Original Bay showcases the Heritage Collection along with many other like-minded companies.

➢ Denim: the classic apparel company carries raw and selvedge denim brands such as Raleigh Denim, Naked and Famous and A.P.C. The Tellason denim brand is sewn in the heart of San Francisco, and Jasmer is proud to support the high quality company. Tellason is in high demand in the Bay area, and Original Bay is one of the few stores in the area that carries the brand. He strives to preserve quality crafted goods, sharing the histories of how products are made and distributed.
Matthew Jasmer and his wife started Original Bay Supply Company because of Jasmer’s special interest in handmade, high quality goods and a specialized design in men’s clothing. He is passionate about a variety of brands and products that foster intentional, minimalist living that are typically linked with the lifestyles of motorcyclists, skateboarders and bicyclists. After exploring the retail industry and developing a detailed approach to selling classic, rugged styles and high quality goods, Jasmer and his wife jumped into the world of entrepreneurship with every intention to foster community and a love for handmade goods.

A love for handmade

Original Bay Supply Company would not exist without Matthew Jasmer and his passion for supporting the handmade movement. The grassroots organization was built on the principle of advocating goods made in the USA, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and community that evolves from purchasing something made by another individual. He is enthusiastic about informing consumers of the benefits of handmade products, including:

• Quality versus cheap, manufactured alternatives
• An opportunity to practice intentional spending, understanding the impact behind every dollar
• The ability to purchase something that creates a ripple effect of support and love for creative individuals
• Authentic and original items versus what is found in mass produced goods
• An opportunity to take part in a new economic model
• The ability to support the continual use of recycled materials
• The opportunity to support the artisan directly
• Experiencing the effects handmade goods have on the local community

Matthew Jasmer selects each of his products uniquely - reflecting the desires and needs of Original Bay consumers. All of the products and accessories are hand-chosen to fit a specific design concept.

A love for small businesses

Small businesses and the handmade goods movement often go hand in hand. As a supporter of handmade artisans and high quality goods, Matthew Jasmer also educates consumers on the benefits of supporting small business ownership.

➢ Entrepreneur mentorship: When Jasmer first decided to dive into the challenges of small business ownership, he was immensely lucky to have the support of successful business leaders in his community to point him toward the right direction and a larger network of entrepreneurs. Without their direction, Original Bay would not sustain a smooth and successful business. Because of the guidance he received as a young entrepreneur, he is passionate about mentoring new small business owners, advising them on tricks and trends in the retail industry.

Matthew Jasmer recommends that all small business owners consider selecting their merchandise wisely, making sure the products and services are the best fit for the area. While this is a time-consuming and expensive area to invest in, he implores other business leaders to consider how this may positively affect their business. He also strives to encourage entrepreneurs and retailers to discuss product selection with other knowledgeable professionals in the area. He notes that many people are surprised at how many community leaders are willing to help them establish and grow their businesses.

Jasmer is a small business advocate because he believes the presence of independently-owned and operated stores is immensely vital to the health of a community. He is a proud member of the Small Business Network of San Francisco (SBN), a network that serves to unify the voice of the small business community in San Francisco. The group represents more than 19,000 small businesses throughout San Francisco, providing a large pool of resources and benefits.

Additional products

Matthew Jasmer selects a diverse range of quality watches, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets, hats, goggles, bags, belts and wallets. All of the products he delivers come from high end, reputable organizations. They frequently feature Ray-Ban sunglasses and bags from Brixton, among many other desirable brands. They also carry various publications that reach out to motorcyclist and skateboarder audiences.

Vintage motorcycles

Original Bay Supply Company has a rich past in vintage motorcycles, a design concept that has given the retail shop its unique character. The store is currently featuring one Triumph, a café Honda twin and a vintage Norton display. He restores vintage bicycles and motorcycles in his free time, putting them on display and selling them when available. Building custom motorcycles is a hobby of his, and it also draws in a unique crowd of vintage bike lovers.


Matthew Jasmer also tapped into the skateboarding community, displaying a diverse range of skateboards and longboards. The selections and brands are constantly changing because he selects each product based on what is available and the interests of the community. He is constantly praised because of his attention to high quality customer service and an effort to help skateboarders find specific, customized products.

San Francisco Motorcycle Club

Jasmer is a member of the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (SFMC), a group commonly referred to as one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the world. It was established in 1904 and the club represents enthusiasts with all brands of motorcycles, including Harleys, Triumphs, BMWs, Hondas, Kawasakis, Yamahas Suzukis and KTMs. There are even members with dirt bikes and race bikes, and the group ranges in age from 18 to 80, with a median of approximately 33 years.

Jasmer is devoted to maintaining a strong presence in the motorcycle community, a decision that results in a thriving business. He is passionate about creating a sense of community in Original Bay Supply, which is why he frequently hosts events and encourages community interaction. The SFMC invites new-comers to experience what meetings are like, allowing them to participate in official and unofficial rides, welcoming them into the clubhouse and the “wall of fame” – which includes an impressive amount of awards, trophies and documents outlining the history of San Francisco motorcycling. Meetings take place every Thursday at 8:15 p.m., and official rides take place from March to October with unofficial rides throughout the year. Many of the motorcyclist members are frequent supporters of the Original Bay Supply Company. Matthew Jasmer is proud to participate in such a vivacious community of motorcyclists.
Matthew Jasmer firmly believes that America’s entrepreneurial spirit will continue in the direction of handmade, high quality goods, introducing consumers to the benefits of supporting artisans that value craftsmanship and authenticity. He is dedicated to furthering the homemade goods movement, educating Americans on intentional or mindful spending, and why consumers should not view their spending as a far-removed activity.

What is mindful spending?

Mindful spending is a term used to describe buying handmade or local products and services when possible and appropriate. People who practice mindful spending are intentional about supporting fair industry practices around the work, treating themselves, various communities and money with deserved respect. This method drives people to consider each dollar spent as an extension of personal values, creating an individual economy that revolves around what you value – not what society determines you value. Choosing to spend on high quality goods supports the communities and allows you to spend less on items commercialism has unjustly priced.

• Tuning out the hum of society: Mindful spending allows you to view money consciously rather than subconsciously, motivating you not to simply purchase something because you were told to. Matthew Jasmer chooses to ignore the voice of media that constantly calls out for, “More cheap meals! More cheap toys! More cheap clothes, services and products!” until “cheap” has become more expensive than quality craftsmanship.

• Following the dollar: Mindful spending means knowing where your money goes and learning about how your purchases affect your surrounding community. Jasmer is adamant about contributing to the future of the handmade movement and redefining mindful spending.

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