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Darren Galesi is a self-taught chef who puts passion in every plate, sharing the benefits of organic foods.
Darren Galesi is an accomplished chef who enjoys cooking in his personal and professional life. He believes that an excellent culinary experience can bring joy and creativity, and his love of food pushes him to new heights in his profession. He strives to use organic materials and inventive styles, educating people on the advantages of a healthy and delicious meal. As a food-enthusiast, Galesi aims to create new ingredients and flavors to inspire authentic recipes.

With more than 20 years of experience and an ever-growing passion for food, Darren Galesi has the motivation to turn every meal into a masterpiece. As a personal chef and entrepreneur, Galesi is a leader in the community who strives to create meaningful experiences through food. He brings knowledge and originality to every client, ultimately sparking positive change in people’s lives. His personal chef services thrive on referrals and word-of-mouth, which is why Galesi values a personable approach and aims to fulfill community needs.

He embraces a high level of personal, professional and financial risk to pursue his dreams as a successful cook. As a private chef, he is equipped to travel to meet the needs of his clients. He takes charge organizing meals for every client, demonstrating creativity and insight.

Galesi also raises awareness for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and how the disorder is controlled with food. He knows firsthand how food can help curb some of the symptoms of ADD both internally and externally. He works with an association to find children in his area who suffer from ADD, offering classes to families as a way to teach about food health and safety as well as coping with ADD symptoms.
Darren Galesi is passionate about influencing the food of tomorrow because he has worked in the food industry all of his life. As a child, he spent time in the kitchen where his mother cooked meals every night and as a teenager he waited tables at the restaurant of a family friend. The kitchen was always a place of refuge for Galesi, and he harnessed his cooking skills in college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he spent more time creating meals for his friends than he did on his class work.
Darren Galesi spent most of the time after college immersing himself in the food world, learning the intricacies of how to perfect various cuisines. He read books by master chefs around the world, picking up on some of the best tricks and tips in the food industry. He tried food and wine with gusto in order to become an expert. He took cooking classes in Italian, Spanish and French, and he saved money working several jobs in order to travel to Italy and Spain for the authentic cuisine experience.

Food quickly became his life, and he began to explore his culinary passions.
Darren Galesi spent time abroad, providing him with the opportunity to develop his palate further and refine his skills. He took notes on everything he ate so that when he returned home, he could begin recreating meals and inventing new ones. Currently, he prepares meals for clients in Nevada using all organic and local ingredients. His travels, experience and dedication make it possible to supply clients with high quality culinary experiences. No food combination is out of the question, and he looks forward to sharing new recipes with others. Whether he is preparing pork loin with sriracha peanut butter sauce or smoked gouda macaroni cheese with habanero peppers, Galesi strives to perfect every dish; enjoying the reward of a pleasantly surprised client and an incredible overall presentation.

The link between food and ADD

Because Darren Galesi is a thought leader in the food industry and a chef who is personally invested in his community, he is always looking for new ways to improve the lives of people through food and a well-balanced, healthy diet. He is dedicated to educating individuals struggling with ADD, along with their families, sharing how they can cope with attention deficit disorder and its symptoms through food and a healthy lifestyle.

He frequently refers to the Attention Deficit Disorder Association to gather resources, networking opportunities and information for his clients, particularly for adults suffering with ADD. In helping them lead better lives, Galesi has an undeniable impact on those coping with ADD, helping them go out into the world and overcome obstacles that this disorder brings. Darren Galesi offers cooking classes as a way to teach children how to focus and learn a task while having fun in the kitchen.
According to Galesi, foods can heighten the symptoms of ADD. He extends helpful tips to make the symptoms manageable. His advice includes:

• Avoid processed foods that contain sugar.
• Implement hummus, almond butter and carrot sticks into an enriched diet.
• Sweeten breads and cookies with agave or Stevia.
• Include an abundance of beans and grilled vegetables into an enriched diet.
• Seek out milk and dairy alternatives, such as almond milk.
• Avoid junk food and candy at all costs.
• Remove simple carbohydrates.
• Use natural methods to control symptoms instead of harsh medical prescriptions.
• Take fish oil supplements, as they are control symptoms due to the amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil improves mental skill and helps children organize their thoughts better.
• Increase the amount of salmon, tuna and trout into an enriched diet as a natural way to boost the amount of fatty acids required for brain processing.

Galesi partners with the association to raise awareness about ADD and the ways individuals can improve their condition and the overall quality of their lives. Darren Galesi believes awareness is only successful through collaboration and support; generating creative solutions and approaches to those struggling with ADD.

The association’s mission

The group is dedicated to extending behavior and cognitive therapy, which is why Galesi instills cooking classes that will get children interested in taking charge of their own conditions. He aims to align his mission and vision to the association’s goals, working with individuals to help them manage leading problems in their lives and enhance skills and productivity.

By focusing on a task and working with their hands, he believes children are able to improve their cognitive skills and perform activities with a better sense of control.

Personalized cooking services

Darren Galesi enjoys serving as a personal chef, offering homemade organic meals to improve the lives of his clients and the overall community. He cooks for families as well as intimate home events. The passion he displays while preparing his diverse range of dishes comes alive with every bite. He is not professionally trained, but his experience and time abroad make his services desirable to numerous clients.

Organic foods

Galesi only uses organic food to prepare his meals, as he believes it is always worth the extra money and that an organic diet increases consumption of vitamins, minerals and necessary fatty acids. According to Galesi, health and safety does not directly translate to nutrition. He believes pesticides are dangerous, and that non-organic foods often contain hormones and pesticides. The poisonous chemicals cause neurological problems, cancer, nausea, vomiting and birth defects.

Galesi also asserts that organic foods keep water clean. While pesticides and chemicals don’t belong in drinking water, lakes or oceans, most of the water we drink is at risk. He educates people on this shocking reality, noting that surface water runoff from non-organic farms and other non-organic food operations deposit pesticides into lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

One of the reasons he only uses organic foods is to raise awareness of the companies that dispose of pesticides incorrectly, thereby contaminating soil and drinking water supplies that we regularly consume. Some pesticides do not break down in water and remain the water system for years. Darren Galesi points out to his clients that organic food farming methods help to keep water clean and they use less water which preserves the water supply.
Darren Galesi hopes to continue leveraging his love for food and organic alternatives to support various causes, extending help for those coping with attention deficit disorder and those in need of a healthier, more nutritious diet. He plans to use his intentional model for cooking classes to foster not only a love for preparing delicious, healthy food, but also to build character in young children learning to focus and conquer new skills. He enjoys teaching boys the value of the food profession, inspiring those young adolescents and children who may think cooking is an activity primarily for women.

The future of organic foods

Darren Galesi is intensely aware of the food to fork movement and the call spreading across the world to shop local and buy organic. He celebrates the new strides made in the organic food industry, particularly the full-service, fresh food markets that are defying the traditional methods of purchasing, transporting and selling processed foods. He believes the future of organic foods and healthier cooking alternatives is a bright one, as many markets, nutrition experts and chefs are turning to healthier options and seasonal, fresh foods in their meals.

He also believes organic foods will continue to impact their communities, creating healthier neighborhoods filled with informed residents. The more communities that buy local and support local fresh markets, the more self-sufficient communities flood the area. He is passionate about sharing the true benefits of organic foods, on a personal level with his clients and on a much larger scale.

The protection of wildlife

Because the organic movement is flourishing throughout the country, Galesi believes the protection of animals will be a positive side effect. Wild animals, fish and birds depend on healthy plants, streams and rivers for their habitat. When pesticides infiltrate habitats, creatures suffer the consequences. According to Galesi, policies surrounding livestock care is far from ideal. Organic livestock rules revolve less on a happy lifestyle and more on how animals are fed and treated medically. Organic livestock are also treated better than non-organic livestock. The more individuals buy organic, the more animals are positively affected. Galesi believes the emphasis on organic, local foods will generate a greater sense of mindful spending, as consumers begin to understand the power behind their dollars and the impact of their purchases.

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