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Adam ElAwany

United States
Age: N/A | Profile views: 44
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Adam El Awany is the CEO of MedGap Direct, a comprehensive health insurance resource for providers and independent agents.

As the CEO of MedGap Direct, Adam El Awany continues to prove a progressive business leader who is focused on both amplifying customer service and improving technological resources within the health insurance industry. Under his direction, MedGap Direct has become recognized for its expansive array of services, including its unique one-system service that was developed to help individual agents improve their professional experiences.

While MedGap Direct has gained praised for its impressive approach to delivering customer satisfaction and its tech innovation model, Awany remains concentrated on new opportunities to expand the company and its services. Today, MedGap Direct is credited for its commitment to leading the industry as a trustworthy provider of insurance products and services. As the health insurance market in the United States experiences significant changes, Awany believes that MedGap Direct is helping deliver greater independence to both the consumers and the professionals who seek progress in this distinct market.

According to Adam, MedGap Direct has introduced systems and services that allow modern consumers to explore new products and discover new possibilities in making their own decisions when it comes to selecting health insurance coverage. With innovative technological systems and a compassionate customer service model, MedGap Direct users are able to benefit from a trustworthy resource that can be relied upon 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to its progressive nature, MedGap Direct also features competitive prices and a hassle-free experience.

According to Adam El Awany, MedGap is positioned to grow and offer even greater solutions to customers, as the company utilizes in-depth research and feedback practices to gain greater insight on how to improve the health insurance experience.

Before Adam El Awany became the CEO of MedGap Direct, he developed a considerable amount of beneficial skills that have allowed him to lead and transform the health insurance industry for the better.

As an individual who is committed to education, Mr. Awany began his professional development at the noted Florida International University, which is located within Miami, Florida. From 2000 to 2004, Awany made several accomplishments at FIU as an undergraduate, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. This comprehensive understanding and formal academic background in finance gave Awany the insight necessary to gain a knack for business. While this was just the beginning of his professional journey, Awany continues to utilize his knowledge in finance to lead a business that is cost-effective and provides economic options to its customers.

After graduating, Adam started his career full-force when he joined New Horizons Abstract in 2004, also located in Miami, Florida. Here, Awany began to refine his financial prowess within the home insurance and real estate markets. For three years, Awany contributed a great deal to New Horizons Abstract as vice president and director of operations. Some of his major accomplishments included spearheading the Title Insurance division of the New Horizons Group, where he also specialized in acquiring the Title Insurance underwriting appointment. In addition, Awany is credited with managing escrow account and all disbursements made through the company.

At New Horizons Abstract, Adam El Awany also gained essential skills as a business leader committed to delivering personal, compassionate service. For example, he personally generated all HUDs for every closing that the company was involved with to ensure accuracy for the business and its clients. In addition, he managed a comprehensive sales staff that consisted of more than 30 account executives and mortgage brokers.

While Awany had proven a forward-moving professional within the real estate industry, he found that the market’s downturn in 2007 warranted a move to another field. Seeing the potential in renewable energy, Awany returned to his alma mater and earned a degree in petroleum engineering in 2009. Although Awany had gained the education in the field of biodiesel production, he once again found that investment opportunities and market changes positioned the energy industry as one that involved too much risk.

Although Awany recognizes that both the real estate and energy industries did not deliver long-lasting success, working in these fields allowed him to learn a very important lesson in business. Specifically, he found that it was putting his professional and financial development at risk by participating in volatile industries. As such, he made a bold decision to contribute to the health insurance industry—one that has offered security and an opportunity to introduce innovation.

Adam El Awany found that while his academic and professional experience provided him with the skills to succeed in insurance, he needed to learn more about the specific nature of the health coverage market. For this reason, he began working for different insurance agencies to master the particular lessons that were necessary to achieve success. In addition to developing these vital professional skills, Awany committed himself to networking and building relationships with other leaders and agencies in the market.

After managing an insurance agency for some time, Adam decided that it was time to break out and become a leader in this expanding, evolving market. It was this move that motivated him to open his own agency and introduce his own ideas to the field. While his insurance firm started off a humble size, Awany quickly grew his company to attract the top talent in the field. Backed by a team of leading professionals and years of comprehensive experience in challenging industries, Awany helped transform his company into the successful enterprise that it is today.

Although his professional journey is one defined by many accomplishments, as well as obstacles, Adam El Awany credits his experiences as beneficial ones, noting that they have helped him transform his business philosophy and become a forward-thinking leader in a competitive field.

Despite his high level of experience and professional accomplishments, Adam El Awany believes that his journey as a business leader has only just begun. As the CEO of MedGap Direct, Awany hopes to stimulate incredible new possibilities for consumers, agents and providers within the health insurance market. While he remains focused on navigating the particulars of health insurance and the consumers his company serves, Awany is also committed to exploring, adopting and developing innovative technologies to use within his company.
According to Awany, innovation in business technology—no matter what industry it occurs in—is essential to improving the consumer experience, growing economic potential across the country and transforming the way that companies operate. Based on his experiences in customer service and tech innovation, Awany believes that MedGap Direct will continue to make a strong impact in its industry—and beyond—by creating higher expectations in customer service and delivering accurate insurance information to consumers in real-time.
As an individual who has had many unique experiences as a young professional, Adam is also passionate about encouraging others to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Having found success as a business leader, Awany hopes to inspire other professionals to adopt sustainable practices that are aimed at creating more efficient processes, better products and enhanced services in the future.
According to Awany, America’s current economic recovery presents a great deal of opportunity for those who want to succeed as business owners and innovators. As a result of this resurgence of industry and innovation within the country, Adam El Awany hopes that tomorrow’s business leaders will not only be focused on generating profit, but also delivering a human connection to the brands they represent.

  • 08/2000 to 05/2004
    : Florida International University
    : Bachelor of Finance
    : United States
    : 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, Florida 33174
  • N/A to N/A
    : Florida International University
    : Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering
    : United States
    : 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, Florida 33174
Career History
  • 01/2004 to 01/2007
    : Vice President and Director of Operations
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Miami, Florida
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : CEO
    : United States
    : 139 NE 1st St, Miami, Florida 33132
Core Competencies
  • Health Insurance
  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Sales Management
  • Innovation
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