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Raymond Hryczyk

United States
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Raymond Hryczyk is a Seattle-based event , commercial, and portrait who also holds community arts classes.

Raymond Hryczyk of Raymond Hryczyk Photography, owns and operates his own private photography business, based in Seattle, where he covers live events, holds portrait sessions, caters to corporate photography needs, and offers photo classes to the community. He created his company with the "Three P's" in mind. His work is consumer focused, and is founded on Personality, Photography, and Price.
To Raymond, personality is the most important component. At long events, like weddings, subjects get frazzled in the chaos. Hryczyk is there through it all, keeping emotions settled, and keeping subjects in the right places at the right times. He believes in the importance of forging a strong relationship with his clients because of all the time they will spend together.
Hryczyk's photography is all about capturing the real, honest version of his subjects. If personalities do not mesh, the quality of photography may suffer because a client's guard is up. He takes great care in spending time with his clients in order to get to know them on a deeper level, so they can create timeless portraits of memorable events, like weddings, anniversaries, and other important celebrations.
Raymond takes great pride in putting all of his subjects at ease. He wants them to feel happy that he is there as a part of their big day. In many cases, especially during weddings, he is the first to arrive and the last to leave. This means he spends more time than anyone else with his subjects. Raymond Hryczyk's emphasis on creating and cultivating relationships shines through in his artwork and captures the true essence of his clients' biggest days.

Raymond Hryczyk grew up in the Buffalo, N.Y. region. He was first inspired to capture images during one autumn season as a teenager. The Western New York fall skyline was lit up with brilliant colors. It was then that he asked his parents for his very first camera. During high school, Raymond took a photography class and enrolled in a community class, as well. He grew his skills, as well as his passion, and knew he wanted to make photography his career.
After graduation, Hryczyk attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied photography full-time. In 2000, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Rochester, Kodak's hometown, was a region heavily influenced by the art. Here, Raymond honed his skills and grew his excitement and love for the work.
After receiving his degree, Hryczyk remained in Rochester for the next few years. He began working with a local free paper, where he covered music events, art festivals, and other performing arts acts. During this time, he began working with his now wife, Juliette, a journalist, who attended many of the same events.
In 2002, the two were married, and they relocated to Seattle, where Juliette grew up. Once on the West Coast, Raymond continued to work with local papers, but knew something was lacking. While he loved covering these live events, he embraced the freedom and control that came with entrepreneurship. In 2004, he founded his current business, Raymond Hryczyk Photography.
His business was created with the belief that relationships are the key to a successful photo. Whether the client and photographer appreciate or dislike each other, the emotion is always conveyed in the image. He took great strides to improve his skill set by enrolling in small business and communication classes at North Seattle Community College.
Here, Raymond gained a deeper appreciation for cultivating relationships and managing a successful business. In the following months after completing his courses, Hryczyk's business took off faster than expected. He began receiving client requests for weddings and portraits, in addition to his long-time passion of covering performing arts events.
Not long after, the majority of his work was photographing weddings. He found that his enhanced communication came in handy at these events. Weddings are incredibly high-pressure environments. Brides, grooms, wedding parties, and family members are all racing to get everything done in time. Hryczyk discovered that by capturing these intense moments that most people gloss over, he could capture some of the most emotive images that many photographers ignore. Word of mouth about these elegantly photographed moments continued to gain him popularity.

As his business evolved, he began offering classes to the Seattle community. At its inception, the class was held only one night a week. At present, Raymond now holds two alternating classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to accommodate a growing group of photo students.

Many photographers are experts in one area. However, Raymond made it his unique selling point that he was versatile and strongly experienced in a variety of photo areas. This made him more available, more accessible, and more flexible with the types of jobs he took on. In turn, he never grew bored with his work. His clients say that passion and excitement consistently shines through in each of his photos.

In time, Raymond Hryczyk Photography grew large enough that he had to hire on new staff members. At present, he employs one other photographer, as well as a professional retoucher. Hryczyk's business now offers a wide variety of services, including:
• Wedding coverage
• Party photography
• Concert and live performance photography
• Special event coverage
• Professional image retouching
• Senior pictures
• Engagement photography
• Maternity portrait sessions
• Family photography
• Weekly photography classes
Last year, he leveraged his larger staff to begin accommodating commercial requests, such as food photography for restaurants, structural photography for new businesses, and interior photography for venues.

As Raymond Hryczyk's business expands, he expects to take on more staff members to better serve his growing customer base. His newest addition, commercial photography, is still in its early stages. Hryczyk hopes to continue to develop his staff and expand his commercial work.
As he plans to hire on new photographers, Hryczyk continues to take refresher courses at North Seattle Community College to hone his small business and photography skills. His ultimate goal is to become the go-to photographer in the greater Seattle region. To reach this, Hryczyk is undergoing a lifelong learning process. As he continues to further his education, he plans to start offering educational benefits to his staff.
Trends are constantly evolving, and Hryczyk wants his team to become the most up-to-date photographers in the region. He places great emphasis on ongoing education, and is proud to install plans to offer these benefits to his staff.
In the same light, Hryczyk aims to continue teaching his community photography classes. He believes that arts education is one of the best ways for people to achieve their creative potential, and is proud to take part in the process.
As his company grows, he hopes to develop deeper connections with each of his clients, and create ongoing relationships across the community. Some of his most enjoyed jobs were those that happened because of referrals from his past clients.
At present, Raymond does not have any traditional advertising or marketing programs. He has found success largely due to word of mouth and fantastic customer reviews. He takes pride in this achievement. However, Raymond Hryczyk has future plans to undergo a marketing campaign to assist his goal of becoming the go-to photographer in Seattle.

  • 08/1996 to 05/2000
    : Rochester Institute of Technology
    : Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
    : United States
    : 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, New York
Career History
  • 01/2004 to 12/2099
    : Owner & Operator
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Seattle, Washington
    : Raymond Hryczyk takes care of any photography event imaginable.
Core Competencies
  • Wedding coverage
  • Party photography
  • Concert and live performance photography
  • Special event coverage
  • Professional image retouching
  • Senior pictures
  • Engagement photography
  • Maternity portrait sessions
  • Family photography
  • Weekly photography classes
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