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Dr. George Bousamra is an experienced interventional cardiologist with a focus on helping patients.
Dr. Bousamra is a professional in the health care industry who works as an interventional cardiologist for Westmorland Vascular in Jeannette, PA. Here he offers his patients professional cardiology procedures and exams from head to toe. The keys to his success have been the attention, care, and understanding that he gives to his patients.

He also boasts professional training from some of the best medical professionals that the United States has to offer. This has given him an impressive educational foundation on which to build his current effectiveness as a heart health doctor. In his practice, he makes sure to spend a lot of time with each of his patients. He also ensures that the family members of his patients are made aware of any special needs that said patient may potentially require.

Dr. George Bousamra also holds his Pennsylvania license MD-067949L in addition to a number of board certifications. These certifications include the following:

- Flex 1993
- Cardiology 2008
- Interventional Cardiology 2009
- Nuclear Cardiology 2003
- RPVI 173762 2013

In his private life, Dr. Bousamra lives in Glenshaw, PA, with his wife and five kids. His children range in age from seven to 16, and his whole family practices the best possible diet so that they can live the healthiest lifestyle possible. This shows that, in addition to being a heart health specialist at work, he also practices the same lifestyle choices himself, which he suggests for his patients. This is because, after all of his experience, he knows the value of a healthy heart inside and out.
Like every other effective medical professional before him, Dr. George Bousamra first got his start on the road to success in his medical career thanks to a history of top quality education and vital experience in the field. All of this has since combined to make him the award-winning and effective cardiovascular doctor that he is today.

The Impressive and Extensive Medical Education of Dr. Bousamra

George was born on April 1, 1965, in the country of Lebanon. Here he grew up learning to speak both French and English, and this bilingual talent has come in exceptionally handy in his medical career ever since. Thanks to his being bilingual, he has been able to extend his work to various countries and thereby allow for a greater outreach to his patients wherever they may need him or wherever they may be from.

While still living in Lebanon, Dr. Bousamra joined Saint Joseph University in Beirut for his medical school education. His studies here lasted him from October of 1983 to September of 1990. Afterward, he graduated with his medical degree, which officially made him a medical doctor.

In November of 1990, after his graduation from Saint Joseph University, Dr. George Bousamra moved to France in order to continue his medical training at the Saint Quentin Regional Hospital. From November of 1990 to May of 1991, he worked in the area of emergency medicine.

Dr. Bousamra’s next couple of positions would also be here at Saint Quentin Regional Hospital. In May of 1991 he left emergency medicine to work instead in the field of pulmonary critical care. This lasted him until November of 1991, when he then transferred again to critical care. He then stayed here in this position until May of 1992.

The next step on the road to higher medical education and training for him came in June of 1995. This is when he joined the University of Missouri at Columbia in the United States for a fellowship in cardiology. This cardiology fellowship lasted him until June of 1998, three full years later.

After the University of Missouri at Columbia, Dr. Bousamra moved on to Brown University in July of 1998. Here he studied interventional cardiology for almost a full year, finally graduating yet again in June of 1999.

Cardiovascular Medical Experience

In July of 1999, just one month after leaving Brown University and his interventional cardiology studies, Dr. George Bousamra received a position with SWPCVA in interventional cardiology. For the next several years, he worked as an interventional cardiologist in this capacity. It was not until January of 2005, five and a half years later, that he left SWPCVA.

Just a few short months after that, Dr. Bousamra joined Westmoreland County Cardiology in March of 2005. Here he held the same title and responsibilities working in interventional cardiology for the organization’s patients. He then held this position for almost seven years until January of 2012.

Throughout all of his experiences in education, on-the-job medical training, and finally his practice in interventional cardiology, he picked up a number of important skills. Among the most professionally valuable of these skills is his experience in the areas of coronary interventions, peripheral interventions, and pacemaker implants.

The Certifications, Licensure, Honors, and Awards

Throughout his many years working in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular health care, Dr. George Bousamra has been the recipient of several different awards and honors. Among these is his award for being an Outstanding Second Year Resident in 1993. He also received the same award in 1994, this time for being an Outstanding Third Year Resident.

In addition, he also has several board certifications, including certifications in flex, cardiology, interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology, and RPVI 173762. He also holds his Pennsylvania license MD-067949L.

All of this combines to make George a very accomplished medical professional.
For Dr. George Bousamra, the most important plans for his future are less about his own personal career goals and much more about what he can do for his patients. His main priority is, has been, and will continue to be focusing only on the best possible heart health options for his patients. So long as he can assist these individuals in living the healthiest life with the best cardiovascular health possible, Dr. Bousamra will consider his future a success whatever else may happen.

In order to accomplish this, he plans to continue offering all of his current services in professional cardiology exams and procedures to all of his patients during the course of his professional medical practice. If he has one goal in mind for the future beyond providing this same level of expert cardiovascular health care, it is to spend as much time as is possible with his wife and children. By accomplishing these two things, George will have met his professional and personal goals both as a cardiologist and as a family man.

When it comes to meeting his professional goals, however, Dr. Bousamra is aided by innovative new technological breakthroughs that are changing the field of cardiology for the better. For instance, the medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic have recently devised a new type of tool to help surgeons more easily transplant stem cells into the still-beating heart of a patient. With this and other medical breakthroughs in the field of cardiovascular health, Dr. George Bousamra and his colleagues can look forward to helping even more patients with their heart health.

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  • Saint Joseph University , United States , Beirut, Lebanon

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