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Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur. In fact, he is someone who is keenly devoted to the very concept of entrepreneurship, and his passion is to do whatever he can to foster independent business ownership throughout the country. This much is evident from his work at Skolkovo Foundation, which has done much to galvanize Russia’s hi tech sector.

Beltyukov was chosen for The Skolkovo Foundation out of his desire to help other businesses succeed. The Foundation works with aspiring and experienced technology entrepreneurs, helping them turn their inventions into thriving businesses. The Foundation was established with the assistance of the federal government, with the intent of spurring entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The Foundation has received thousands of applications to date. Alexei and his team have set up a private application process designed to ensure complete fairness and objectivity. Review of applications is formalized and completed by outside experts. The Skolkovo Foundation offers grants and tax incentives to help these companies innovate.

The Foundation has understandably caused much excitement and celebration in the Technologic and Entrepreneurial Sectors. In spite of this celebration, the Foundation works hard to stay focused on its goals. One of its top priorities is avoiding corruption. It works only with trustworthy organizations and abides by the highest standards of transparency.

The Foundation continues to accept new applications, and is excited to work with more promising business owners in the future. In addition, Alexei Beltyukov has amassed much experience with his other enterprises and business interests.
Alexei Beltyukov has led a varied life—and all of his past experiences have shaped his current endeavors. A Russian entrepreneur, Beltyukov has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and earned immense success through trial and error. Now, he works to provide unique opportunities for young business professionals in his native land—opportunities that he himself never had.

He hails from a modest background. Alexei Beltyukov comes from the city of Ekaterinburg, where he was initially educated as an MD. Then the Soviet Union collapsed and everything changed for Beltyukov and his countrymen.

Specifically, independent business ownership came to be a viable career avenue. During the days of the Soviet Union, entrepreneurship was a crime. Upon its collapse, however, entrepreneurship became legal once again. As such, men like Alexei Beltyukov were enabled to pursue what he now refers to as “the Russian equivalent of the American dream.”

Beltyukov did exactly that: launching a number of small business endeavors, learning the tricks of the trade as he went along. He sold things on the street. He started his own translation business. Many of these businesses were modestly successful, but they are most important for paving the way for what Beltyukov was to do later.

Throughout this time, Alexei briefly worked as a schoolteacher before eventually moving his family to Moscow. In Moscow, he spent two years working as the marketing coordinator for a Dutch drug company, learning further skills that would serve him well in later endeavors.

While succeeding in his marketing job, Alexei also took the time to pursue formal education. He ultimately earned his MBA from a French business school, INSEAD. Prior to enrolling in the school—which was ranked as one of the top business schools in Europe—Beltyukov had to spend a full year, with his wife, learning French.

After school, he began working for McKinsey, specifically as an associate in the company’s oil, gas, and metals mining endeavors. He ultimately rose to the ranks of manager and was offered a partnership, but turned it down to pursue other professional interests.

While at McKinsey, however, he accomplished much. Working in both Norway and the United States, he was involved in such projects as:

-Authoring the most successful government rail reform initiative in Russian history.
-Developing corporate strategy for TNK Oil Company in 1999, which was later merged with BP’s Russian operations and sold recently for some $28 billion.
-Participating in a policy think tank.

Ultimately, he grew disinterested in all of this consultancy work and wanted to do something more practical. Thus, he left the company and moved to Brunswick. He was one of the first employees at a company called Brunswick Capital, and helped start the now-massive Brunswick Rail company.

Alexei Beltyukov was invited to join the Renova Group, a financial portfolio management company. Beltyukov was assigned assets that were underperforming, and together with an equal partner he promptly formed a team of 25 under-managers to help turn those assets profitable. The company closed 27 deals, developed seven unique management teams, and quadrupled profits of the business portfolio.

From there, he went on to work as an entrepreneur, forming his own business—something he has been invested in ever since. His first company was A-Ventures, a company that sought to turn distressed businesses into profitable ones.

He continues to do work in this regard, even beyond A-Ventures. He currently works in a leadership role with the Skolkovo Foundation. This organization awards grant money—and tax incentives—to technology businesses, seeking to bring them on to a path of explosive growth. These efforts have been instrumental in cultivating a renewed zeal for entrepreneurship in Russia.

It is a crowning achievement for Beltyukov, as it unites so many of his past experiences and the skills that he has learned over the years. To date, the Foundation has helped hundreds of business owners. Alexei Beltyukov is excited to help more still.
It is impossible for any man to say for sure what his future holds, and Alexei is no exception. He does, however, have numerous goals for his future—both for his own professional life and for the Russian economy.

Alexei Beltyukov is excited for the ways in which his work at the Skolkovo Foundation has already transformed Russian tech landscape —and he looks forward to what the future holds.

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