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John C. Littleford is the Founder and Senior Partner of Littleford & Associates, LLC, a consulting firm for schools and nonprofits.
John Littleford is both the Founder of the consulting firm Littleford & Associates, LLC and its Senior Partner. The firm is a worldwide leading management consulting firm to international and independent schools as well as nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies. They are also experts on both benchmarking head contracts and faculty compensation, among many other areas.

Littleford & Associates offers their clients a wide range of services in many different areas. Examples of these services include the following:

- Board Governance
- CEO Mentoring
- Executive Searches
- Faculty Compensation
- Faculty Evaluation
- Financial Management Audits
- Head Compensation
- Leadership Transitions
- Mandarin Recruitment and Studies
- Marketing and Fundraising
- Organization Climate Improvement
- Safe Harbors Compliance
- Strategic Planning
- And More

John and his firm enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation and he is a very popular and frequent public speaker at professional conferences across the globe. They are also extremely responsive and present their clients with a customized approach to their issues rather than a canned response.

The consulting firm is also a corporate member in the National Association of Independent Schools and is listed on the Association’s website. Here, they fall under the service categories of board services, administration, management, and teaching. With their excellent international reputation, Littleford & Associates now boasts more than 6,000 clients in countries all over the world, including in Canada, Central America, Southern America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

As the Senior Partner, John Littleford is in charge of conducting all on-site visits, workshops, and contract evaluations for the CEOs and heads of nonprofit organizations.
In addition to being the Founder of Littleford & Associates, John also has 25 years of experience teaching and 18 years of experience as the head of a school under his belt. John also holds several degrees and a number of professional achievements throughout his career history.


John C. Littleford has received extensive education and training through a number of different schools and universities. He started out at Dickinson College, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in both History and the Russian language.

After this, he enrolled at Princeton University, where he received his Critical Language Degree in East Asian Studies. Here he was also the recipient of both the Carnegie Foundation and the United States government grants to study Chinese and Russian. His senior thesis, “Stalin and the Nazi-Soviet Pact,” contained excerpts included in renowned author and historian Robert C. Tucker’s critically acclaimed biography of Joseph Stalin.

After Princeton, John Littleford attended Harvard University, where he earned his Masters of Arts degree in East Asian Studies. His Master’s thesis, “The Power Behind the Throne,” was researched under Harvard University’s East Asian and Chinese historians Ezra Vogel, Edwin O. Reischauer, and John King Fairbank.

He later attended the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. During this year, he earned his Certificate of Advanced Study in Administration and Leadership. He also conducted research with Valerie C. Lee, a Professor of Education from the University of Michigan, as well as several professors at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

John has also performed additional graduate work at both Princeton and Stanford in the areas of Chinese government and language.

Littleford’s Career as an Educator

Beginning in 1967, he spent the next 25 years as a teacher, headmaster, and/or department head at a variety of independent schools. During this time he taught middle and upper school history, seventh grade English and French, first grade, and served as a department head for both Chinese and Russian language studies.

Beginning in 1974, he became the headmaster of three different schools. In all of these schools, John accomplished such achievements as increasing annual and endowment fundraising, increasing student retention and enrollment, and launching foreign exchange and Mandarin language programs. He also implemented creative approaches to the design of faculty evaluation, benefits, and compensation systems.

John’s Career as a Consultant

In 1982, after 15 years in the field of education as both teacher and administrator, John C. Littleford expanded his professional expertise to become a part-time independent consultant to international schools, independent schools, and other nonprofit organizations. After 10 years of independent consultation, he founded Littleford & Associates in Baton Rouge, LA in 1992, becoming a full-time consultant.

Since the founding of the consultation firm more than 21 years ago, his firm has served 6,000 clients. These clients have included the following:

- More than 2,000 board presidents of independent agencies and schools consulted on the topic of head compensation
- An additional 4,000 clients from around the world consulted on the topics of faculty evaluation and compensation
- More than 1,000 clients consulted on topics of board governance
- More than 600 clients consulted on matters of executive search, fundraising, marketing, financial management, strategic planning, and climate issues facing both schools and communities

These clients stem from all over the globe, from continents such as Asia, Europe, and South America; from regions such as Central America and the Middle East; and from countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Many of these clients contract for more than one service and/or are repeat clients on the same topic.

John’s Achievements in Publishing

On top of his consultation work, John has also spoken and written extensively worldwide. LIttleford is the co-author of the landmark book “Faculty Salary Systems in Independent Schools, which was published by the National Association of Independent Schools. John Littleford has also had many professional articles published on various educational and consultative topics in publications such as the New York Times, Fortune, and Christian Science Monitor.
John C. Littleford has plans to continue his current consultation work indefinitely.

With Littleford & Associates specifically, he is planning on making their global services easier to access through the implementation of more webinars. The firm’s first webinar is scheduled for this February, and from there they hope to continue doing even more. For those international clients that they have who may not be able to easily afford the cost of travel, this will present them with another way to make their schools successful by granting them access to the tools that they need.

In general, onsite consultation is much more preferable and allows their clients to reap the greatest benefits. For some smaller clients, though, these webinars might prove to be more cost effective.

Littleford’s industry is showing every sign of becoming increasingly competitive in the future. As more and more heads of schools retire from educational administration, they are realizing that they have both the experience and skills to offer consultation services. The result has been an increased number of professional consultants in the field, which presents new challenges for Littleford & Associates. As he and his firm continue in their work, they know that they also need to continue to prove their expertise in the industry.

Luckily for John Littleford, he knows that he is one of the best that the industry has to offer, and he has the necessary experience to back up this claim.

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  • Harvard University , United States , Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Master of Arts, East Asian Studies
  • Princeton University , United States , Princeton, New Jersey

    Critical Language, East Asian Studies
  • Dickinson College , United States , Carlisle, Pennsylvania

    Bachelor of Arts, History and Russian Language
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education , United States , Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Administration and Leadership
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  • Founder & Senior Partner , United States , Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    09/1992 to 12/2099
  • Teacher; Department Head; Headmaster , United States

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    01/1967 to 06/1992
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