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Mike Kirkeby is the owner of Kirkeby Limousine Services, which is dedicated to providing clients with clean and reliable transportation to and from a wide range of events.
Mike Kirkeby oversees a professional team that is both licensed and insured. As a family-owned business, Mike Kirkeby employs both his son and nephew. Together with his team at Kirkeby Limousine Services, they provide exceptional transportation to and from weddings, proms, the airport, conferences and other events. In addition, the group offers boat services, which are ideal for dinner cruises, family reunions and romantic dates.

Although many organizations offer professional chauffeur services, the services provided Kirkeby Limousine Services surpass many of these companies. Kirkeby ensures that his drivers are exceptional and reliable, making them go through an extensive hiring process to ensure they have impeccable skills. He also makes sure the drivers continue their education in order to continually sharpen their abilities. The professionals have all received extensive training and are experts in getting clients to and from their destinations safely and efficiently.

Today, Mike Kirkeby employs ten drivers who operate a fleet of Lincoln Town Cars, limousines and a vintage Bentley. They service clients throughout the state of Rhode Island and are extensively knowledgeable of the area. Pricing is extremely reasonable, as clients are ensured that they will be picked up and dropped off in a timely fashion, by means of a comfortable and tidy car. When the driver shows up, he is professionally dressed in a suit and tie. If a client is attending a formal event, staff members can wear tuxedos upon request. Cars are also always properly marked for easy identification.

With other companies, customers often have to deal with operators and answering services, which can be confusing and time-consuming. To avoid these issues, Kirkeby Limousine has a full-time receptionist, so clients can always have a personalized experience and make reservations with a knowledgeable, helpful individual.

Mike Kirkeby began his limousine service company while caring for his elderly aunt. When she could no longer drive, she often relied on taxis to get her to and from her daily routine, which included doctor’s appointments and lunches with friends. Kirkeby began to realize that these cab drivers often left his aunt waiting for long periods of time, or picked her up in worn down vehicles with no air conditioning.

His aunt consistently discussed her unpleasant trips, which led Mike Kirkeby to begin driving his aunt himself. By doing so, he ensured that his aunt would have a comfortable and prompt ride. He would pick her up in his own Lincoln Town Car and kept the car in optimal condition. He kept the rides comfortable and cool, playing his aunt’s favorite tunes. Soon after, Kirkeby’s aunt began raving about her fantastic trips to all of her friends, who then began asking Kirkeby for rides. They paid him for his hard work and efforts, and he quickly began building up a lengthy list of clientele.

Mike Kirkeby realized that he could turn his generous services into an actual business. It was starting to become hard to juggle all his rides, since he was still maintaining his job as a customer service representative. When it was well established that the need for a car service was in high demand, he quit his job and began driving full time. With many satisfied customers, word of the company spread like wildfire. He also advertised in the local newspaper. With continued advertising and word-of-mouth, Kirkeby was able to see his business begin to flourish.

Over the years, Kirkeby and his team at Kirkeby Limousine Services have improved and expanded their services, most notably in the following areas:

Conference Transportation
Many people have to go to business conferences in areas far from home. Kirkeby and his drivers understand how stressful this can be. Business travel can be tedious and stressful as it is. When a businessperson has to deal with renting a car and navigating through unfamiliar areas, this only adds to the problem. Kirkeby’s drivers ensure that their business clients get to and from their destinations without any hassle. These professionals go above and beyond to make their business clients feel comfortable and welcome.

Prom Packages
For many high school students, prom is the biggest night of their lives. Kirkeby’s team helps make this night as special as it should be by providing students with a safe, clean ride to and from their high school prom. The drivers will also be able to jam out to their favorite music along the way. Prom goers are sure to feel like superstars as the pull up to a glitzy night they’ve long awaited.

Day-to-Day Errands
Some clients need help getting around town to run their day-to-day errands. The drivers at Kirkeby Limousine Services are there to help, whether it be simply visiting a family member or friend; heading into town for a doctor’s appointment; or going to the mall. This service is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a vehicle or anyone who does have a vehicle, but no longer feels comfortable driving. It allows these individuals to go about their daily lives without worrying about hiring a taxi that is not fit.

Airport Transportation
For many people, flying is at the bottom of things they like to do, especially around any holiday season. Finding parking at an airport can take an extended amount of time, which flyers often don’t have. And once they find parking, the next hurdle is lugging their heavy suitcases across the garage and into the airport. Mike Kirkeby and his drivers take the hassle out of this entire process. They help clients with their bags and keep up-to-date flight information so clients can arrive promptly for their flights. Drivers also remain in close contact with clients, to ensure they know where their ride is and change in flight times.

Boat Charters
Boat charters are the perfect choice for individuals looking to spend a relaxing, enchanting evening on the water. Mike Kirkeby and his team handle dinner parties, sunset cruises, and many other celebrations. Boats can accommodate many customer demands including snacks and drinks.

Wedding Services
For many people, weddings are amongst the most important events in their lives. As so, clients want to ensure that these events, as well as any events leading up the wedding, are picture perfect. Mike Kirkeby and his team ensure the use of clean and well cared for cars, driven by a team that will dress appropriately in tuxedos, helping make this day perfect for all in attendance.

Special Events Transportation
When attending sporting events and other entertainment in and around your city, parking could be dreadful and expensive. Instead of dealing with all the hassle, which can really put a damper on a night out, Kirkeby’s team promises a prompt arrival, right to the door of the venue.

Environmentally Conscious
Mike Kirkeby runs his company with the environment in mind. He understands that cars do a significant amount of damage to the environment and works towards making his fleet as eco-friendly as possible. All the cars run on synthetic oils and fluids that are free of petroleum. He selects car with great gas mileage and cars that accommodate large numbers of people, so using two cars can be avoided if possible. Kirkeby also checks to make sure that the tire pressure is always maintained, as to get the best gas mileage possible. All in all, reducing the company’s impact on the planet is extremely important to Mike Kirkeby and his team.

There are a few things Mike Kirkeby promises all of his clients. As he resumes gaining knowledge towards bettering his company and the experience of his clients, here are some aspects Kirkeby continues to ensure his clients:

The Safety and Cleanliness of Vehicles
Professional drivers place heavy emphasis on the safety and cleanliness of their vehicles. Kirkeby’s cars regularly get fluid changes and are taken in for inspection. This ensures that they will properly operate and transport clients safely to their destination. Many other taxi services regularly have malfunctions within the vehicles, like faulty air conditioners.

Knowing the Area
Drivers spend all day navigating particular areas, so soon enough they know the ins and outs of how to get around. This means they will know which areas are jammed with traffic at certain times, enabling clients to get to their destinations more quickly and efficiently. If a client is in an unfamiliar area, drivers are able to give guidance about must-see places to help the client become more comfortable.

Knowledgeable Drivers
Interested drivers go through a rigorous hiring process. Not anyone can get behind the wheel and call him or herself a chauffeur. Interested individuals must have a license, in addition to a clean driving record. They will then go through tough training that will make them prove that they indeed have impeccable driving skills.

Different Vehicles
Professional car services can provide clients with a more elegant alternative to your everyday yellow-painted taxicab. Clients can choose from a variety of vehicles including limousines, town cars, and special models. This is perfect for unique events like weddings and proms.

Hiring a professional car service helps save time and makes clients trips to and from a destination more enjoyable. Every day, Mike Kirkeby and his team of professionals work towards enhancing the lives of their clients.

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