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Zach Meints

United States
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Zachary Meints is a driven young professional who is active in his community and in the process of writing his autobiography.

Zach Meints is passionate about giving back to others and sharing his knowledge and experience with the world. As a student he was active in sports and kept up with his studies. He spent time tutoring others in science and writing and has continued to build upon these skills. He has lived an eventful life and is writing about his experiences in the form of an autobiography. “East of Mohawk” will share stories from throughout his life and give him an opportunity to share his knowledge and insight with others. Writing is something that he enjoys and is a chance for him to express himself. Many people choose to write autobiographies and share their thoughts and experiences with others.

Zach is also in the second round of applications to become a speaker for a TED talk. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Talks and conferences bring together those with fascinating stories to tell. They are well-known to people throughout the world and spread messages and ideas that can change lives. Speakers have just 18 minutes to get their message across.

Zach is no stranger to public speaking. He is an advocate for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. These are serious mental health conditions of which people should be aware. Mental health is often surrounded by a negative stigma, but there is a real need for support. The more people understand these conditions, the more help they can provide for those in need. Zachary Meints is also very active in charitable organizations and events within his community.

He has always been driven to succeed and to help others. He grew up in Louisville, Colorado, with his two brothers and one sister. Sports were something in which he was very active. He loved to play baseball, but he made sure that he put his learning first in order to earn good grades. When his family moved to a different town while he was in high school, he did not let this slow him down. He continued to do well in school and play sports. After graduating, Zachary Meints knew that he wanted to further his education. Having a strong educational background would help him to become more successful in his future.

Zach decided to attend the University of Colorado. While there, he sought to help others excel in their education as well. Working as a science and writing tutor he assisted his fellow students in developing a better grasp of the material.

Many colleges and universities employ students as tutors. They often tutor those in subjects that they know very well, or in courses that they have already taken. Sometimes it helps to hear the information from someone else. They are often able to explain things in a different way that may make more sense. Writing is a very important skill to have regardless of one’s occupation. Having a strong grasp of the English language allows people to communicate more effectively. Tutoring was one way that Zach Meints was able to give back and help others.
Becoming an Entrepreneur

Upon graduating from college, Zachary Meints and a partner decided to start their own business. They founded Skeleton Optics, a sunglasses company. Although the business was only in operation for a year and a half, he learned many important lessons along the way. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work. It requires coming up with a strong idea that will provide benefit to others. Some people explore services while others turn toward product creation. For Meints and his business partner, sunglasses were an avenue upon which they sought to improve. He built upon his previous skills and education in order to get the company up and running, learning along the way.

Supporting Others

Zachary continued his passion for giving back even after college. He is a strong advocate for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression. Raising awareness and funds for these conditions can allow more people to get the help and support they need. He is also very active in his local community, supporting a wide variety of organizations. He has spent time volunteering at the Boulder homeless shelter as well as for the Boulder County Aids Project. Following his passion and talent for sports, Meints also volunteers at Phoenix Multi-Sport, helping with outdoor events that promote sober living. He has also participated in road races such as:

• Race for the Cure (supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer)
• Color Run (supporting Children’s Hospital)
• Stadium Stampede (supporting St. Joseph’s Hospital)
• Good Sam Bike Jam (supporting Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital)
• Pink Vail (supporting Vail Valley Cancer Center)

Another way that he has helped is by sponsoring families in need by buying Christmas presents that are given anonymously. He believes in the power of giving back to others, and it helps him to know that he is doing his part to make the world a better place.
Telling His Story

After leaving the sunglasses business, Zach Meints decided to pursue writing. He began writing his autobiography, “East of Mohawk,” and sharing stories from his life. It is these experiences that have shaped him into who he is today.
TED Talks

Another one of Zachary’s pursuits is becoming a speaker at the TED talks. He is in his second round of applications. These conferences bring people together from all walks of life. Many of the presentations are available to view for free online. Speakers have just 18 minutes to share their ideas and experiences. The mission is to spread ideas from forward-thinking and inspirational people. Zachary Meints hopes to have the opportunity to participate and share his thoughts with the world.

Zach Meints plans to continue writing his autobiography. Though it may seem like a simple process to write about one’s own life, it takes a lot of time and planning to write a book. It must be well written and convey things in a way that is engaging and makes sense. Recalling stories and events and including necessary details takes time. The publication process takes time as well.
Volunteering and supporting charitable organizations is also something that he will continue to do. He is dedicated to helping others and supporting worthy causes. It gives him something to work toward and a way to make his community a better place. Volunteering is a way for people to become more involved and put their skills and talents to use. They can also develop new skills. There is a wide range of organizations that exist that gives people an opportunity to choose ones that are meaningful to them. Meints stands behind the organizations that he supports and their missions to help those in need. He also plans to continue working as an advocate for those with PTSD and depression and making people more aware of the need for quality mental health services.
In addition to his pursuits in writing and public speaking, he also makes sure that he takes time to relax. Hiking is something he really enjoys and plans to continue staying involved with. He has trekked the trails of Colorado and taken in the beautiful scenery while keeping fit and active. Connecting with nature is very beneficial. Meints also enjoys traveling to Mexico and exploring all that the unique country has to offer. It is filled with interesting and historical places, sunny beaches, and rugged mountains. Zachary Meints plans to continue traveling and making the most out of all that the future has to offer.

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    : University of Colorado
    : United States
    : Boulder, CO 80309
Career History
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    : Co-Founder
    : United States
    : 1140 US Highway 287 Suite 400-191 Broomfield, Colorado 80020
    : Zachary only ran this business for a year and a half.
Core Competencies
  • Public Speaking
  • Tutoring
  • Writing
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